The Love Boat


In a recent conversation with an acquaintance, I was disappointed to learn how he really thinks. He said ignorant things about a particular group of fellow human beings. I told him politely that I didn’t agree. I then told him why.

He did an about-face and said that people should be allowed to live their lives as they want but he then began disparaging another group. I again politely voiced my disagreement and the subject was changed. After a while, I left feeling annoyed, resentful, and angry.

I won’t share the details. You have your own “Nasties” in your life and don’t need to be hurt by mine.

Some people are brilliant at sniping and venting comically on their blogs. It helps them get it out of their systems. It doesn’t work that way for me. I just get more angry, aggravated, and depressed.

So all I really want to tell you is no matter what difficulties or times of sadness I share with you, the stories will always be accompanied by love, humor, gratitude, and respect. I simply hope your visits here make your days a bit better. Welcome [back] to The Love Blog.

An open smile on a friendly shore…