Big Brother is Watching You / Gran Hermano Te Está Mirando

WE MET MY pal Luke’s little brother yesterday. To honor Kathleen’s exceptional mother, Rebecca (click here), his name is Beckett. And like, Rebecca, he’ll be called Beck for short.

By the way, Beckett is a masterpiece.

Luke has already stepped into protective big brother mode. Kathleen was holding the baby and feeling a bit warm, so San Geraldo picked up her fan and went to work while we talked. After a bit Luke walked over and told San Geraldo, “Be careful. You’re waving that too close to the baby.” Have I told you how much I love this family?

AND SPEAKING OF BEAUTIFUL BABIES (and the gift of friendship):
When we go to Mesón Salvador, we know we’ll always be treated like family. It’s not just a cup of coffee, a drink, or a great meal, it’s a social gathering. Given the warmth of the staff, it’s no surprise that we often develop warm relationships with other customers. Several months ago, a couple with a beautiful new baby sat nearby for breakfast. We all felt a connection and started talking. It turns out, they were here from Madrid, a 7-hour drive (on a good day) and are here a few times during the year. On their most recent visit (last week), we met every morning, and even went out for dinner. Cristina and Alfonso are kind, fascinating, interesting, and wonderful people. We have already become good friends and can’t wait to see them here again or in Madrid. Oh, of course, I’m in love with 6-month-old Maria.


AYER CONOCIMOS AL hermanito de mi compadre Luke. Para honrar a la excepcional madre de Kathleen, Rebecca (haz clic aquí), se llama Beckett. Y como Rebecca, se llamará Beck para abreviar.

Por cierto, Beckett es una obra maestra.

Luke ya ha entrado en el modo protector de hermano mayor. Kathleen sostenía al bebé y se sentía un poco cálida, así que San Geraldo tomó su abanico y se fue a trabajar mientras hablábamos. Después de un rato, Luke se acercó y le dijo a San Geraldo: “Ten cuidado. Lo estás saludando demasiado cerca del bebé”. ¿Te he dicho cuánto amo a esta familia?

Y HABLANDO DE BEBÉS HERMOSOS (y el regalo de la amistad):
Cuando vamos a Mesón Salvador, sabemos que siempre seremos tratados como familia. No es solo una taza de café, una bebida, o una gran comida, es una reunión social. Dada la calidez del personal, no sorprende que a menudo desarrollemos relaciones cálidas con otros clientes. Hace varios meses, una pareja con una hermosa niña nueva se sentó cerca para desayunar. Todos sentimos una conexión y comenzamos a hablar. Resulta que estaban aquí desde Madrid, un viaje de 7 horas (en un buen día) y están aquí varias veces durante el año. En su visita más reciente (la semana pasada), nos reunimos todas las mañanas e incluso salimos a cenar. Cristina y Alfonso son personas amables, fascinantes, interesantes y maravillosas. Ya nos hemos hecho buenos amigos y no puedo esperar para verlos aquí de nuevo o en Madrid. Oh, por supuesto, estoy enamorada de María, de 6 meses.

Alfonso flashes some Fuengirola fashion (because I told him to).

Alfonso muestra algo de moda de Fuengirola (porque le dije que lo hiciera).

The Love Boat


In a recent conversation with an acquaintance, I was disappointed to learn how he really thinks. He said ignorant things about a particular group of fellow human beings. I told him politely that I didn’t agree. I then told him why.

He did an about-face and said that people should be allowed to live their lives as they want but he then began disparaging another group. I again politely voiced my disagreement and the subject was changed. After a while, I left feeling annoyed, resentful, and angry.

I won’t share the details. You have your own “Nasties” in your life and don’t need to be hurt by mine.

Some people are brilliant at sniping and venting comically on their blogs. It helps them get it out of their systems. It doesn’t work that way for me. I just get more angry, aggravated, and depressed.

So all I really want to tell you is no matter what difficulties or times of sadness I share with you, the stories will always be accompanied by love, humor, gratitude, and respect. I simply hope your visits here make your days a bit better. Welcome [back] to The Love Blog.

An open smile on a friendly shore…