The Cure

Less than a week until I can stop strolling and begin hustling these buns again. Meanwhile, I’ve had a miserable allergy attack this week, spending several days in bed. Trying to not suddenly jerk my head in the middle of a sneezing or coughing fit has been challenging. But my eye seems to have survived all assaults.

Besides, I think I found the cure for my allergies.

First Cure Theory:
Sunday, our friend Kristina gave me a 500-gram (1-pound) box of Swedish/Finnish chocolates. I was feeling so miserable that I didn’t even unseal the box until Wednesday. I then had a couple of chocolates and was feeling much better later that day.

Second Cure Theory: 

San Geraldo came home Wednesday afternoon from the market with some chips and surprisingly good ready-made guacamole. I commented on how much better I was feeling later that afternoon.

Third Cure Theory: 
Of course, it could be that the weather changed. We went from several dry, warm, summery days, with breezes from all directions stirring up every kind of pollen and dust to a Wednesday afternoon and night of fog and humidity blowing in off the sea.

Then again, it could just be that my allergies have started to run their course, like they always do, and will return another time.

Nah! I’m going with the chocolate cure. Even if I’m wrong, what’s a little extra suffering?

Tuesday, Wednesday, stay in bed…

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