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While enjoying lunch at Meson Salvador the other day, we commented on the music videos that were playing. It was a Reggaeton channel, which I actually like, but then Sergio and David (two members of the greatest staff), decided it would be funny to switch to a “twerking” channel. It was not funny. So, Sergio then suggested to David that he switch to a more traditional “American” channel. He did a little dance and asked me what it was. I said, “Country Western?” And that’s what we got. But it was very old Country Western. So I told them both about Bluegrass music. David found the “Bluegrass Gospel” channel. We allowed that for about 3-1/2 seconds and then he found some good old (1940s) genuine Bluegrass. Sergio danced for joy. San Geraldo yee-hawed. And I have the video to prove it.

Mientras disfrutamos de un almuerzo en Meson Salvador el otro día, comentamos los videos musicales que estaban tocando. Era un canal de Reggaeton, que me gusta, pero luego Sergio y David, decidieron que sería gracioso cambiar a un canal de “perrear.” (No era graciosa.) Por lo tanto, Sergio le sugirió a David que cambiara a un canal “americano” más tradicional. Hizo un pequeño baile y me preguntó qué era. Le dije: “¿Country Western?” Y eso es lo que conseguimos. Pero era muy viejo Country Western. Así que les dije a ambos acerca de la música Bluegrass. David encontró el canal “Bluegrass Gospel”. Lo permitimos por 3-1/2 segundos y luego encontró un buen viejo, genuino Bluegrass. Sergio bailó de alegría. San Geraldo gritó “yee-haw”! Y tengo el video para demostrarlo.

If my very short video doesn’t appear, click HERE to see Sergio dance on YouTube.
Si mi video muy corto no aparece, haz clic AQUÍ para ver a Sergio bailar en YouTube.

Bluegrass by Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatt, 1949.
Bluegrass de Earl Scruggs y Lester Flatt (realmente sus nombres), 1949.

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