Eating Toothless / Comiendo Sin Diente

La versión español está después de la versión inglés.

OUT TO DINNER with visiting friends Saturday night. I had one less tooth (removed Friday morning) and a very sore mouth. There sure is a lot of good food here even if I don’t want to chew. We went to El Abrevaero Restaurante (also known by English-speaking mouths as Arrivederci, Arrivaducci, Abracadabra, Abravadura — click here for that story) and I chose a main dish of Revuelto con Gambas. Although you do scramble eggs to make a revuelto, it’s very different from what we know as scrambled eggs. Among the differences: there can be more additions to the dish than there are eggs and revueltos are consistently more lightly cooked. And the freshest, best-quality eggs are used or it won’t taste like a real revuelto.

Dessert was natillas, a Spanish custard dish topped by a sponge biscuit. Delicious, and relatively painless. But I still topped off my meal with Paracetamol!

FUIMOS A CENAR con amigos el sábado por la noche. Tuve un diente menos (sacado el viernes por la mañana) y una boca muy dolorida. Seguro que hay un montón de buena comida aquí, incluso si no quiero masticar. Fuimos a El Abrevaero Restaurante (también conocido por ‘las bocas que hablan inglés’ como: Arrivederci, Arrivaducci, Abracadabra, Abrevadura) y disfruté de Revuelto con Gambas. El postre era natillas. 

Todo delicioso, y relativamente indoloro. ¡Pero seguí la comida con paracetamol!


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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