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Now, just because I’ve been recovering from [minor] eye surgery, I don’t want you to think I’ve been surviving only on chocolates (poor me).

I’ve also gotten out of the house for walks, sometimes just for the walk itself and sometimes for the restaurant the walk takes me to. Restaurante Primavera in our neighborhood (Los Boliches) has received a couple of visits. The staff and the food have definitely helped my recovery. Pictured below are my meals, in order, on the two different nights. NOTE: “Cabra” is “goat” in Spanish.

Goat Cheese Salad: A stack of apples, goat cheese, and greens, wrapped in smoked salmon and topped with hazelnuts. / Ensalada de Queso de Cabra: Una pila de manzanas, queso de cabra, y lechugas, envueltas en salmón ahumado, y cubiertas con avellanas.

Ahora, solo porque me he estado recuperando de una cirugía ocular [menor], no quiero que pienses que he estado sobreviviendo solo con chocolates (pobre mí).

También he salido de la casa a pasear, a veces solo por el paseo y, a veces, por el restaurante al que me lleva el paseo. El Restaurante Primavera en nuestro barrio (Los Boliches) ha recibido un par de visitas. El personal y la comida definitivamente han ayudado a mi recuperación. En las fotos de abajo están mis comidas, en orden, en las dos noches diferentes.

A cross-section. / Una sección transversal.
Housemade tiramisu / Tiramisu casero.
Seafood crepe. / Crepe de mariscos
Lemon pie with fresh lemon sorbet. / Tarta de limón con sorbete de limón fresco.
Fran and his parmesan, the cure for what ails you. / Fran y su parmesano, la cura para lo que te aqueja

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22 thoughts on “AbradaCabra”

  1. My neighbour went to a school named Cabra – I did not know it was the Spanish word for goat! 🙂 That is hilarious.

    I love that I learn so much from you. 🙂

    The food looks amazing as always.

    1. Snoskred:
      So what do you suppose that school was named for, the old goat that endowed it maybe? I have never had anything like that goat cheese salad. It tasted even better than it looked. I loved dishes with different textures. The crisp apple, the crunch of the hazelnuts, the creamy cheese, the greens. Oh so good!

      1. I was curious after your post so I googled. From Wikipedia –

        “Cabra Dominican College is a private, independent Catholic high school. It was established by an order of Dominican sisters from Cabra, Dublin in February 1886 with nine sisters, and caring for 37 boarders and 4 day girls”

        At least that is better than naming it after a Spanish word for goat. 😉 But I wonder if those folks in Ireland know what the name of their town means in Spanish!

      2. Snoskred:
        This is so much fun. Your look-up got ME wondering where then Irish name Cabra (in Dublin) came from. In Irish it’s An Chabrach, meaning “the poor land.” No goats.

  2. That goat salad looks wonderful! A meal unto itself.
    Happy to hear that your eye is mending. Are you getting the other one done eventually?

  3. OMG, that goat cheese salad looks just like a fancy DESSERT! You guys certainly eat well. And if looking at the handsome Fran doesn’t make your eye feel better, I don’t know what will.

  4. I’m going to have to make that goat cheese salad here at home soon. And I wouldn’t mind making a Fran. You got a recipe for that?

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      You know how some chefs carefully study a dish to discover its ingredients?…

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