Fluffo, In The Gay Kitchen Canister / Fluffo En El Bote Gay De Cocina

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San Geraldo has been doing some Christmas baking. I’ll of course tell you about that and share photos, but today I want to talk about Fluffo. While San Geraldo was looking through his mother’s old recipes, he found a pie crust recipe that called for “3/4 cup Fluffo.”

I had never heard of Fluffo, which was a type of shortening (it’s apparently still sold in Canada). But the name made me laugh. Then, San Geraldo, looked it up and found an old TV commercial, which made me laugh even more. We don’t have Fluffo, but our kitchen canisters are of course gay.

San Geraldo ha estado haciendo algún horneado navideño. Por supuesto, te contaré eso y compartiré fotos, pero hoy quiero hablar sobre Fluffo. Mientras San Geraldo estaba revisando las recetas de su madre, encontró una receta de masa de tarta que pedía “Fluffo 3/4 de taza”.

Nunca había oído hablar de Fluffo, que era un tipo de manteca (aparentemente todavía se vende en Canadá). Pero el nombre me hizo reír. Luego, San Geraldo, lo buscó y encontró un viejo anuncio televisivo, que me hizo reír aún más. No tenemos Fluffo, pero nuestros botes de cocina por supuesto son “gay.” (En inglés, “gay” solía significar “despreocupado, alegre, brillante y vistoso“.)

I know for certain my mother never used Fluffo. If she had, she would have saved every gay canister! / Sé que mi madre nunca usó Fluffo. ¡Si lo hubiera hecho, habría salvado todos los botes gay!

Teaser: What San Geraldo has cooking at the moment. / Teaser: Lo que San Geraldo tiene cocinando en este momento.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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29 thoughts on “Fluffo, In The Gay Kitchen Canister / Fluffo En El Bote Gay De Cocina”

    1. Bob,
      Well, of course he has a fluffer in the kitchen. What do you think I do BEFORE I wash the dishes?

  1. I have never heard of Fluffo either….but I bet Paula Dean would love it. I’m off to head home for holiday time for a week, so I’ll take time to wish you both a Happy Christmas and a joyful day!!!!

  2. Fluffo, hunh? My first thought was who would put marshmallow cream in a canister? A gay canister at that! Just what is this marshmallow cream, (or is it crème?) in the gay canister used for in a gay kitchen. Can straights use it too, or is there a gay specific application? Imagine my surprise and disappointment to learn it is shortening 🙁 I suppose it can be used for the same thing, only a little less tasty. I’m a little wackadoo today (yeah, yeah, how can you tell?) .

    1. Deedles,
      I also immediately thought of marshmallow cream. And I started singing the Fluffernutter jingle. We could have had a good time being wackadoo together.

    1. Wilma,
      Same here. Yes re the raspberry reduction. He then used it for the raspberry buttercream frosting. Amazing!

  3. I hate to disappoint you but in my 61 years of life so far, I have NEVER seen Fluffo on the grocery store shelves of Canada!

    1. Anne Marie,
      That seems to be the consensus… except for Bob who of course went with a fluffer.

  4. Living in Canada I have honestly never heard of Fluffo – but apparently I can get it at Walmart here if I want it, although it comes in boring cardboard squares now, no gay cannisters 🙁

  5. I know for certain that my mother always used Fluffo!! As did Ron’s mother.
    Never collected those canisters but I will now be looking for them!! lol
    Is SG making cranberry sauce by any chance?

  6. I’ve never heard of Fluffo, either. Crisco was my grandmother’s preferred “fat in a can.” Me, I always use pure butter in my pie shells. Happy holidays, and happy eating, to you, SG, Dudo, and Moose!

  7. OMG! and yes I was brought up in a FLUFFO WORLD ~ now I can save Jim some money and fatten him up at the same time!
    The 1 pound box graced our fridge door shelf all my life.
    Never heard of it?!!!! LOL

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