Smile, Ebeneezer! / ¡Sonríe, Ebeneezer!

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Christmas Eve was spent at the home of our friends Tynan and Elena, as has become our annual tradition. Elena cooked up a roast feast, which I was mostly too busy eating to photograph. Her sister Isa makes croquettes better than Mama used to make (Mama’s recipe, and Mama was there). And there were plates of Iberian ham, cheese, and sausage. Another perfect, joyful, loving, laughing evening with a very special family.

And San Geraldo baked! His now famous lemon bars and another chocolate cake beyond compare; this time with strawberry buttercream frosting between the layers. I don’t care if he DOES fall asleep at every party I take him to.

La Nochebuena se pasó en la casa de nuestros amigos Tynan y Elena, ya que se ha convertido en nuestra tradición anual. Elena preparó un banquete de asados, que en su mayoría estaba demasiado ocupada comiendo para fotografiar. Su hermana Isa hace croquetas mejor de lo que Mamá solía hacer (la receta de Mamá y Mamá estaba allí). Y había platos de jamones ibéricos, quesos, y salchichas. Otra velada perfecta, alegre, amorosa y risueña con una familia muy especial.

Y San Geraldo al horno! Sus ahora famosas barras de limón y otro pastel de chocolate sin comparación; Esta vez con crema de fresa glaseada entre las capas. No me importa si se duerme en cada fiesta a la que lo llevo.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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24 thoughts on “Smile, Ebeneezer! / ¡Sonríe, Ebeneezer!”

  1. Merry Christmas you guys!
    From the look of those delicious desserts SG Ebeneezer can have all the sleep he wants…..DELICIOUS looking!!

    1. Jim,
      Tynan said he needs to serve a flop once so they know he’s human. Unfortunately yesterday flopped!

    1. David,
      Elena really know how to put together a wonderful casual meal. And well you know about Jerry.

  2. I’m keeping it to SG because my blood sugar levels are already too high! That first picture- I thought he was laying in a huge crib! So cute! Now for the last picture, when did SG start hawking margarine? 🙂

    1. Deedles,
      Margarine? Last year when Judy bought him that crown. Jerry looked at the photo and said it looked like he was in a coffin!

  3. A Wise Man snoozin’ — was he boozin’? Everything looks SO delicious! Merry Christmas, guys!

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