Hanging To The Right / Colgando A La Derecha

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We spent Christmas Day with friends Pedro, Kathleen, and Luke, and some of their extended family. Of course, it was a day filled with love and laughter and it makes me grateful for how lucky we are to have each other. And, yes, that is one creepy Santa in their Christmas photo.

Once Master Baker San Geraldo had his pie crusts in the oven, he discovered something that screwed up his pie plans. He bought corn flour instead of cornstarch. So, he muttered and cursed and then headed to our local bakery which is, thankfully, almost never closed. The store-bought cakes were OK, but nothing compares to San Geraldo’s baked goods.

Here are some photos of the deliciousness of the day, prepared by Pedro, Kathleen, and Kathleen’s cousin Marguerite.

Be sure to watch the video of last week’s “tree trimming.” Kathleen had a little trouble getting things to hang straight. Pedro didn’t seem to care.

Pasamos el día de Navidad con los amigos Pedro, Kathleen, y Luke, y algunos de sus familiares. Por supuesto, fue un día lleno de amor y risas y me siento agradecido por la suerte que tenemos de tenernos el uno al otro. Y, sí, esa es un Papá Noel espeluznante en su foto de Navidad.

Cuando el maestro panadero San Geraldo tenía sus cortezas de pastel en el horno, descubrió algo que arruinó sus planes de pastel. Compró harina de maíz en lugar de maicena. Entonces, él murmuró, maldijo y luego se dirigió a nuestra panadería local que, afortunadamente, casi nunca cierra. Las tartas de la panedería fueron bien, pero nada se compara con los productos horneados de San Geraldo.

Aquí hay algunas fotos de lo delicioso del día de Pedro, Kathleen, y Marguerite (prima de Kathleen).

Asegúrate de ver el video del “adornando el árbol ” de la semana pasada. Kathleen tuvo un poco de dificultad para hacer que las cosas colgar derecho. A Pedro no parecía importarle.

“Hash” Soup (with Iberian ham and hardboiled egg) / Sopa de Picadillo.
Pedro’s Stuffed Pork Loin / Lomo de Cerdo Relleno de Pedro.

By Christmas Day, Kathleen had that tree-topper standing straight. (No wonder she’s pregnant again.)
A partir del día de Navidad, Kathleen tenía esa copa de árbol de navidad erguida.
(No es de extrañar que esté embarazada otra vez).

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22 thoughts on “Hanging To The Right / Colgando A La Derecha”

    1. Deedles:
      Santa (Papá Noel) is not a Spanish tradition. Here, kids sit in Balthazar’s lap instead and also, traditionally, big gift-giving day is Three King’s Day in January. This Santa was apparently especially awful. He didn’t even smile. Give me Balthazar any day.

    1. Kirk:
      Poor Luke. I wonder how he feels about clowns. Fortunately, Luke got over it and was happy for the rest of the holiday. Although I think Creepy Santa may have scarred him.

  1. SantaBaby and creepy clowns ~ need I say more ~ winks!

    Ok, now left right left right, let’s get movin’!!!!

    1. Ron:
      Exactly what I thought about creepy clowns, as well. That Santa never ever cracked a smile and he smelled of tobacco. I’d cry, too.

    1. Wilma:
      They really are a joy…. and so irreverent. The cornstarch was our holiday tragedy. Jerry owes them pies.

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