Jerry My Yeti / Jerry Mi Yeti

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SAN GERALDO’S NORWEGIAN grandmother couldn’t pronounce the name Jerry. When she said his name it sounded more like Yeti (aka Bigfoot). He DOES have big feet. I’ve mentioned that before. He wears a size 49 (14-1/2 in the US). He normally asks the salesperson to bring out whatever they have in his size. If he’s lucky, they’ll have a pair or two. They’re usually unstylish or uncomfortable… or both.

We were in Málaga yesterday and discovered a shoe mega-store called Calzados Gody. I immediately asked a sales person if they had large sizes. “Of course!” she happily responded. We were in Bigfoot Heaven. Hundreds of shoes. Great styles. And all labeled “Available in 47–52.”

San Geraldo selected a pair. The salesman went to the stockroom, returning about 10 minutes later, and said, “We don’t have those, so I brought a similar style in your size.” Since the salesman had only brought the right shoe, we had to wait another 10 minutes for him to retrieve the left shoe only to decide they weren’t comfortable. I guess it cuts down on theft, but we felt like we were “waiting for the other shoe to drop.” (And it did.)

I pointed out other shoes more like the ones SG had selected. “Don’t you have any of these in his size?”

No, the salesman told me.

The store had a great selection, supposedly, of large sneakers. I asked another sales person if they had any sneakers in SG’s size. “All of them,” she proudly said.

San Geraldo selected two pairs of Nikes. She disappeared for 10 minutes and returned with two other sneakers (that he didn’t like) — so it didn’t matter that she only brought one shoe of each pair. Those were the only ones in his size, she said. After an hour, we left the store. ‘Empty footed.’ I didn’t even see Crocs in his size. Talk about false advertising!

LA ABUELA NORUEGA de San Geraldo no pudo pronunciar su nombre, Jerry. Cuando ella dijo su nombre, sonaba más como Yeti (también conocido como Bigfoot). El tiene pies grandes. Lo he mencionado antes. Lleva una talla 49 (14-1 / 2 en los Estados Unidos). Normalmente le pide al vendedor que saque lo que tenga en su tamaño. Si tiene suerte, tendrán un par o dos. Por lo general son unstylish o incómodos … o ambos.

Ayer estuvimos en Málaga y descubrimos una enorme zapatería llamada Calzados Gody. Inmediatamente le pregunté a una persona de ventas si tenían tamaños grandes. “¡Por supuesto!” ella respondió alegremente. Estábamos en el cielo de Pie Grande. Cientos de zapatos. Estilos geniales. Y todos etiquetados como “Disponible en 47–52 “.

San Geraldo seleccionó un par. El vendedor fue al almacén y regresó unos 10 minutos más tarde, y dijo: “No las tenemos, así que traje un estilo similar”. Como el vendedor solo había traído el zapato derecho, tuvimos que esperar otros 10 minutos para que él recuperara el zapato izquierdo solo para decidir que no estaban cómodos. Supongo que se reduce el robo, pero sentimos que estábamos “esperando que el otro zapato cayera”. (Y lo hizo.)

Señalé otros zapatos más como los que SG había seleccionado. “¿No tienes ninguno de estos en su tamaño?”

No, me dijo el vendedor.

La tienda tenía una gran selección, supuestamente, de zapatillas grandes. Le pregunté a otra persona de ventas si tenían zapatillas de deporte del tamaño de SG. “Todos ellos”, dijo con orgullo.

San Geraldo seleccionó dos pares de Nikes. Ella desapareció durante 10 minutos y regresó con dos otras zapatillas (que no le gustaban), por lo que no importaba que solo trajera un zapato de cada par. Esos eran los únicos en su tamaño, dijo ella. Después de una hora, salimos de la tienda. ‘Pies vacíos.’ Ni siquiera vi los Crocs en su tamaño. ¡Hablar de publicidad falsa!


Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

18 thoughts on “Jerry My Yeti / Jerry Mi Yeti”

    1. Judy:
      In recent years, he hasn’t even been able to find shoes in New York! He used to complain that even at Nordstrom’s where he could find shoes in his size years ago, he’d see shoes on the rack that looked really cool and then he’d see them in his size and they looked like clown shoes.

  1. Poor SG! I feel his pain. As a young’un, I had big feet and really skinny legs. As you can imagine, boots were a problem. I guess for my foot size, my calves were supposed to be a lot bigger. Boots made flapping noises as they hit my calves and shins when I walked the halls at school. Sorry, flashback 🙂 I just figure me and mine are natural swimmers.
    I am not going to go the prurient route. I’m not going to ask the big feet equal big…uh, never mind! Now about those crocs…Maddie is going to have a conniption fit!

    1. Debra:
      They had a great selection of shoes and I’m assuming I would have had plenty of options in my size. But the misrepresentation really pissed us both off so much that I would never go there again. Easier to just walk into a store and be told, “No we don’t have your size.” And then that one shoe at a time thing was annoying, time-consuming, and insulting.

    1. anne marie:
      Thank you SO much for this. Will check it out. Our problem has been that customs fees from the US to Spain are more than the cost of the shoes. But perhaps we can ship to someone before a trip to the US and have them waiting.

  2. Happy my feet are only size 12. Usually I can get what I want.
    10 minutes to return with the other one? Where the heck were they stored?

  3. Well, dear…you know what they say about big feet right???? No wonder your always smiling tootes.

    And those best not be crocs in that picture Mitchell. If I see San Geraldo in those it will kill me.

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