The Dream, El Sueño, Le Reve

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NO, MY BLOG has not now gone trilingual; I can barely do Bi. The title refers to the Las Vegas show, Le Reve (which is French for “The Dream”), at the Wynn Hotel and Casino. San Geraldo and I went one night with The Kid Sisters.

A beautiful show with an exceptional cast of actors, dancers, divers, swimmers, and acrobats; Le Reve is a story about a woman’s choice between idyllic love and the dark side of desire, spectacularly staged with some gasp-producing performances. Ah, if only it were a same-sex love story. I can dream, can’t I?

All photos that include performers are taken from promotional materials. I only took photos before and after the performance so as not to disturb others in the audience.


NO, MI BLOG no se ha vuelto trilingüe; apenas puedo hacer bi. El título hace referencia al espectáculo de Las Vegas, Le Reve (frances para “El Sueño”), en el Wynn Hotel y Casino. San Geraldo y yo fuimos una noche con Las Hermanitas.

Un hermoso espectáculo con un elenco excepcional de actores, bailarines, buceadores, nadadores, y acróbatas; Le Reve es una historia sobre la elección de una mujer entre el amor idílico y el lado oscuro del deseo, espectacularmente escenificada con algunas actuaciones que producen jadeo. Ah, si solo fuera una historia de amor del mismo sexo. Puedo soñar, ¿verdad?

Todas las fotos con las artistas están tomadas de materiales promocionales. Solo tomé fotos antes y después de la actuación para no molestar a otros en la audiencia.

Try doing THAT in heels! / ¡Intenta hacer ESO en tacones!

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23 thoughts on “The Dream, El Sueño, Le Reve”

    1. Debra:
      This isn’t Cirque du Soleil, but it was originally created by Franco Dragone who was a major Cirque du Soleil designer. His last Cirque show was “O,” and you can see the similarities.

  1. Those shows are spectacular. We’ve seen them here and when we lived in Miami.
    Amazing stuff, and hot guys in tights, or almost nothing? Winwin!

    1. Bob:
      This isn’t a Cirque du Soleil show but it was originally created by the major Cirque designer who also created Cirque’s “O.” i LOVE Cirque du Soleil! We’ve seen a couple of traveling shows since moving to Spain.

  2. Wow! I can’t walk to the kitchen without tripping over lint, and this man is doing all of this fantastic stuff while wearing a prosthetic! Amazing! I want so much to see a show like this.

    1. Deedles:
      AJ Montgomery had auditioned and then was in a motorcycle accident. He was told that if he could do all he did in his audition, he would have a place. He did. Truly amazing.

  3. I have often thought how unfair “regular” movies are for non-straight people and am no longer friends with two people that are actors and refuse to view movies with gay love stories. I expect the art community to support all love stories – if not them then who?

      1. Well that is at least a plus! I hope people realize we are all related before the world ends – just my wish for no one to be seen as “other”.

  4. It was not long ago that same-sex love was considered the dark side of desire, now it’s increasingly seen as idyllic love–just not enough to have it’s own Vegas show I’m afraid.

    1. Adam:
      This is the first non-Circque du Soleil show we’ve seen in Vegas and it was exceptional. But I really love Cirque du Soleil and would recommend them all!

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