You Old Buzzard / Tú, Viejo Ratonero

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A WEEK BEFORE San Geraldo’s 40th birthday (yes, it WAS a long, loooooong time ago), his sister Linda phoned to say she had sent a very large, light, and fragile box and he should carefully open it from the top without using a knife. The box arrived. It weighed almost nothing. He followed instructions, tearing off the tape, and carefully pulling back the top flaps. I stepped back in awe. A large black, helium-filled balloon floated out. It was imprinted with a certain kind of large bird of prey and it read, “Happy Birthday, You Old Buzzard.”

Today’s photos of the Chilean Blue Eagle (or the Black-Chested Buzzard-Eagle) brought that story to mind — because that’s how my mind works. Three audience members got to hold (be a perch for) this magnificent bird. I would have loved to, but then I wouldn’t have gotten these photos. (Don’t forget to click on the images for a closer look.)


UNA SEMANA ANTES del cumpleaños número 40 de San Geraldo (sí, FUE hace mucho, muuuuuucho tiempo), su hermana Linda llamó por teléfono para decirle que había enviado una caja muy grande, ligera, y frágil, y que debería abrirla con cuidado desde la parte superior sin usar un cuchillo. Llegó la caja. No pesaba casi nada. Siguió las instrucciones, arrancó la cinta y retiró con cuidado las solapas superiores. Di un paso atrás con asombro. Un gran globo negro lleno de helio flotaba. Estaba impresa con un cierto tipo de gran ave rapaz y decía: “Feliz cumpleaños, viejo ratonero”.

Las fotos de hoy del Águila Mora (en inglés, otro nombre significa ratonero de pecho negro) me lo recordar. Pero la historia no tiene sentido cuando la traduzco porque, en español, aunque la ave tiene varios nombres diferentes, ninguno de ellos incluye la palabra “ratonero”. De todas formas, tres miembros de la audiencia pudieron sostener (ser una percha para) esta magnífica ave. Me hubiera encantado, pero entonces no habría conseguido estas fotos. (No olvides hacer clic en las imágenes para verlas más de cerca).

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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20 thoughts on “You Old Buzzard / Tú, Viejo Ratonero”

  1. trust david to notice the guy; and yes, I went back for a second look. david is correct.

    beautiful plumage on the birdie. what would moose and dudo do if they saw THIS flying by?

    1. anne marie:
      I figured he’d be noticed. About 6 feet 4 inches of handsome charm. I shared the photos with him and he love them. (I had a lot more.) Moose and Dudo would be hiding under the bed for hours!

  2. I never thought of a buzzard as being a beautiful creature but it is;and I, too, noticed the handler.He’s a beautiful creature as well. I wonder if I could get him to perch on my forearm?

    1. Bob:
      Don’t know about perching on your forearm, but we have had nice conversation. I had a great series of photos that I shared with him. (He’s also a model.)

  3. Boy, did I have a misguided perception of these birds of prey! These are incredible!
    And a not to San Geraldo……we old buzzards should stick together!! lol

  4. I’ve been bitten by a blue streaked lory. A friend’s pet. Parrot family. No taller than a Barbie. Drew blood on several occasions. Hurt like hell! Loved that critter. He groomed himself while sitting on my head while I bathed. So, when I see this here magnificent creature, sharp beak and big talons jump out at me first. Then I see the other parts. I used to be afraid of birds. Now I love them, but still have a healthy respect. These are terrific pix, Mitchell.

    1. Deedles:
      We hand-reared a yellow-naped Amazon parrot. He (probably she) become more crotchety with each year. Aggressive with most visitors. Only awful with us when it was breeding season. I had three stitches in my lip as a result. Probably would have torn my lip off had a not roared in pain and scared the bird.

  5. Thank you for such a wonderful series of photos. We did an afternoon at a Falconry School in Ireland and it was an incredible experience. The big surprise is how light the birds are. We have a school here on the Island and I’ve made a promise to myself that we’ll spend an afternoon there this summer. Again many thanks.

    1. Willym:
      We would love that school. What a great idea and amazing experience. I’m so glad (and gratified) that you’ve enjoyed these.

    1. Urspo:
      Linda is very funny. She taught 2nd grade for more than 30 years. I tend to say she was IN 2nd grade for more than years.

  6. She is able to read and understand at a second grade level, too! Always love your posts!! You, too!

    1. Linda:
      AND… she knows how to leave a comment. Didn’t teach THAT in second grade!

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