Lockdown Day 21: March of the Falsettos to Pretoria / Encierro Día 21: Marcha de Los Falsetes a Pretoria

I HAD A BRILLIANT IDEA that turned out to be not so brilliant. My ankle continues to improve daily. Still swollen, but less every day. It feels fine when it’s elevated and when I walk. But it begins to ache as soon as I stand still. So, I thought, ‘I’ll just keep moving whenever I’m vertical’.

I roamed the apartment, dusted furniture, cleaned and polished, organized. But here’s where the idea became brilliant. As you know, San Geraldo does the cooking and I do the washing up. The first couple of days, SG even did the washing up. But, I figured I could do it all as long as I marched in place.

I was elated with the workout I was getting. But a bit later I remembered you shouldn’t really walk too soon on a sprained ankle even though it feels good. I really have no idea what damage I did to the tendons, ligaments, and muscles. They need time to heel and recover. So much for that brilliant idea. So, who cares if the bed hasn’t been made and the bathrooms haven’t been cleaned this week. It’s only us.

San Geraldo found my marching at the sink quite entertaining. He began to sing along, which I, in return, found quite entertaining. He never gets lyrics right and often attaches the wrong lyrics to the tune he hears. “March, march, marching to Pretoria,” he sang. He mixed the tune and opening of “March of the Falsettos” from the Off-Broadway musical of the same name with the lyrics of “Marching to Pretoria,” the Boer War–era song. I then had to explain it to him, while still marching.

I’ve included both songs below, “March of the Falsettos” followed by “Marching to Pretoria.” See if you notice any differences. They’re subtle. At top is last night’s moon and below are photos of this morning’s sunrise, which you can click and glorify.

Are you still making the bed? I was making ours … until the ankle.

After I posted this, SG listened to the music and asked if I was being facetious when I said the songs were difficult to tell apart. He said, “I listened carefully and I couldn’t find any similarities.”


TUVE UN IDEA BRILLANTE (QUE resultó no ser tan brillante). Mi tobillo continúa mejorando a diario. Todavía hinchado, pero menos cada día. Se siente bien cuando está elevado y cuando camino. Pero comienza a doler tan pronto como me quedo quieto. Entonces, pensé: “Seguiré moviéndome siempre que esté vertical”.

Recorrí el apartamento, desempolvé los muebles, los limpié y pulí, organicé. Pero aquí es donde la idea se hizo brillante. Como saben, San Geraldo cocina y yo lavo los platos. Los primeros días, SG incluso hizo el lavado. Pero, pensé que podría hacerlo de nuevo siempre que marchara en el lugar en el fregadero.

Estaba eufórico con el entrenamiento que estaba haciendo. Pero un poco más tarde recordé que no deberías caminar demasiado pronto con un esguince de tobillo, aunque se sienta bien. No tengo idea de qué daño hice a los tendones, ligamentos y músculos. Necesitan tiempo para curarse y recuperarse. Demasiado para esa brillante idea. Entonces, ¿a quién le importa si la cama no se ha hecho y los baños no se han limpiado esta semana? Solo somos nosotros.

San Geraldo encontró mi marcha en el fregadero bastante entretenida. Entonces, comenzó a cantar, lo que, a cambio, encontré bastante entretenido. Él nunca tiene las letras correctas y, a menudo, atribuye las letras incorrectas a la melodía que escucha. “Marcha, marcha, marchando a Pretoria”, cantó. Mezcló la melodía y la apertura de “March of the Falsettos” del musical del mismo nombre con la letra de “Marchando a Pretoria”, la canción de la era Boer War. Luego tuve que explicárselo, mientras seguía marchando.

He incluido las dos canciones a continuación, “March of the Falsettos” [Marcha de los Falsetes] seguido de “Marching to Pretoria” [Marchando a Pretoria]. Vea si nota alguna diferencia. Son sutiles. Arriba está la luna de anoche y debajo hay fotos del amanecer de esta mañana, en las que puedes hacer clic y glorificar.

¿Sigues haciendo la cama? Estaba haciendo la nuestra … hasta el tobillo.

Después de publicar esto, SG escuchó la música y pregunté si estaba siendo graciosa cuando dije que las canciones eran difíciles de distinguir. Él dijo: “Escuché con atención y no pude encontrar ninguna similitud.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

31 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 21: March of the Falsettos to Pretoria / Encierro Día 21: Marcha de Los Falsetes a Pretoria”

    1. anne marie:
      I can’t stand looking at the mess, but not worth the effort right now.

  1. SG will have to tie you to a chair or something to keep you still. Hope it mends soon.
    That moon shot is wonderful….nice one!
    Do you ever have to pinch yourself when looking out at your sunrises and realize that you really are there? I know a tad existential, but it is quite beautiful.
    That good care you guys.

    1. Jim:
      I’m actually behaving on my own now. I hope it mends soon too!!! Thanks. And, yes, sometimes I DO have to pinch myself. I can never take these breathtaking views for granted.

  2. OK, I had better just hand in my Gay Membership Card right now. I never heard either song (and after listening to less than 60 seconds of each, I’m OK with that.

    1. Frank:
      March of the Falsettos is actually a very touching, funny, sad, powerful show… despite this odd song. The entire show is available on YouTube. As for Marching to Pretoria… nothing gay about it. Just a famous classic battle song… or so I thought.

  3. I’d probably march to a dance tune, myself.
    As for making the bed?Every.Single.Day.
    Carlos is a stickler for it,though,for me, if there’s a cat asleep on an unmade bed it stays unmade.

    1. Bob:
      Our bed would sometimes get made late because a cat was asleep. (I mean, they just look so contented.) But, lately, it’s just too much of a pain (literally… the ankle), but I DO hate glancing into the room and seeing the mess.

    1. David:
      SG (you) and Mitchell (Jay). Now that we have the one bed together, it does get made every day … except while my ankle hurts.

  4. Of course..I always make my bed. It just feels cleaner to get into at night if it’s made for some reason. And did you take the moon picture?!?!?!?!? If you did how…that is amazing! It’s another dark and overcast day here.

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      I hate the unmade bed and agree it feels cleaner when you crawl under the covers. But it’s kind of a pain with my ankle as it is, so I’ve been avoiding it. But not for long! And, yes, I DID take that photo of the moon. Handheld camera. No Photoshopping except to crop it. A flock of gulls went by but I couldn’t focus on the moon or the gulls. So, I stuck to the moon.

  5. What is this “making the bed” of which you speak? This does not compute! I know it’s been said before, but if you add a Spanish accent to SG, you’ll have Carlos! Both so adorably clueless 🙂 Scoot, stay off of the frickin’ ankle! You’re making the healing process drag out, you maroon! I say this with all the love in my heart.

    1. Deedles:
      Carlos and SG are definitely birds of a feather. I’m being pretty good with the ankle and it did improve a lot yesterday over the course of the day… And, yet, it still sucks!

  6. I always make the bed before we get in — straighten it, at least. Ha! I do like a made bed, but my husband tends to hop in right after I make it.
    Still loving those banner photos! What was the one from Córdoba, probably of the upper wall of a sepia sand-colored building, with kind of puffed out square blocks, and iron rings with a lion, like a door knocker?

    1. Judy:
      I should add specifics to the banners as opposed to simply city names. Will do that. (I can’t even remember which building were which!) Yeah, I really like a made bed and have to admit it doesn’t make me happy to see the mess.

      1. Judy:
        Oh, thanks for being so attentive. Five of those banners were captioned Córdoba when they should have been Granada! I forgot to update the caption. I’ve fixed those and will now see if I can be more specific. Hugs!

  7. We always make the bed, but that only involves pulling up the sheet and blanket and putting the pillows on top. It is essential to my mental well-being to have that smooth bed since our living space is the same (large) room as the bedroom. Sort of like of very nice hotel suite. It takes a special talent to mix those 2 marches!

    1. Wilma:
      I have to fold two or three comforters (SG) and then I’ve got 4 throw pillows, which get picked up from a box and placed back on the bed only to put back in the box every night. I can’t stand seeing the unmade bed but right now my ankle thanks me.

  8. Those two songs sound EXACTLY ALIKE to me, lol! And yes, I make my bed every day. I’m trying to keep a routine of various little household chores to do every day in a semblance of giving structure to my housebound life. It makes me feel like I have some control.

    1. Debra:
      That’s how I started out… sticking to those routines. But the ankle slowed me down. I wish SG was bothered by the unmade bed, but it makes no difference to him.

  9. Of course the bed is made every day. I mean who wants to climb into an unmade bed for their afternoon nap? As to the songs there is a certain similarity. I could never quite get the charm of March of the Falsettos.

    Now as to you being out and about so much – the dancing at the sink requires a replay so it can be caught on video! Other than that do we have to come over there and make you behave and take care?

    1. Willym:
      Really no similarity between those songs. I WAS being facetious. I thought there should have been video, too, but then I’d have to teach San Geraldo how to take video on his iPhone. And, sure come over (oh, wait, lockdown). But I am behaving (mostly) now.

      1. Willym:
        I just didn’t want you to spend too much time comparing them. And SG is grateful for the protection!

  10. I make the bed every day….6pm on Thursday we tucked ourselves in to watch tv. Probably depression or just the need to have a cozy place. Stay off your damn ankle! Must heal – that’s your job now, healing

  11. I’m glad you’re ankle’s feeling better, but yeah, probably best to take recovery slow! I guess those two marches sound similar, in that they’re both marches, but I’m not sure I’d have thought them similar if I hadn’t read your blog post first. Dave and I have the same division of labor — he cooks, I clean!

    1. Steve:
      Well, I WAS being facetious about those marches. I don’t really think they sound anything alike.

    1. Urspo:
      I’ve been surprised by how many people are not familiar with Marching to Pretoria.

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