Carmen’s gone fishin’ / Carmen se ha ido de pesca

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YESTERDAY WAS OUR FAVORITE HOLIDAY in Fuengirola. The Day of the Virgin of Carmen. She’s the patron saint of mariners, so it’s usually a big celebration in this seafaring community.

Sadly, the pandemic meant the Virgin had to take the day off. No procession through town carried on the shoulders of dozens of sailors. No flowers. No candles. No swim in the Mediterranean Sea to the accompaniment of spectacular fireworks. Most importantly, no crowds.

So, I’ve put together some photos from previous years. Here’s hoping covid-19 is merely a memory next July. Here’s hoping the world is led by rational minds. Here’s hoping.


AYER FUE NUESTRA FIESTA FAVORITA en Fuengirola. El día de la Virgen del Carmen. Ella es la santa patrona de los marineros, por lo que suele ser un gran celebración en esta comunidad marinera.

Lamentablemente, la pandemia significó que la Virgen tuvo que tomarse el día libre. Ninguna procesión por la ciudad se llevó a hombros de docenas de marineros. No flores. No velas. No nade en el mar Mediterráneo acompañado de espectaculares fuegos artificiales. Lo más importante, no hay multitudes.

Entonces, he reunido algunas fotos de años anteriores. Espero que covid-19 sea solo un recuerdo el próximo mes de julio. Espero que el mundo esté dirigido por mentes racionales. Esperemos.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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29 thoughts on “Carmen’s gone fishin’ / Carmen se ha ido de pesca”

  1. Have you had your sailor suite made? Fourth picture, forth face – I wonder what he was thinking?

    1. David:
      SOMETHING was going on in that direction. There were others looking over, too. I don’t have a sailor suit, but I DO have a birthday suit.

  2. May all that positive energy from these celebrations/processions from the past help our world leaders to make rational and appropriate decisions.

  3. “The Virgin had to take the day off.”
    Oy, dios mio!!!

    Now, about that row of sailors balls to butts ….

    1. Bob:
      We’ve already missed a number of virgins this year… and a saint or two. Thank ‘god’ I live with a saint (and a virgin).

  4. Initially I thought the procession was being held sans masks…but relieved to know Spain and the Virgin Mary have so much more sense than a lot of folks here.

    1. Frank:
      It’s now the law that masks must be worn at all times even if social distancing can be maintained. The vast majority of people are very cooperative and respectful of each other. On my walk yesterday, I would guess less than 1 percent weren’t following the rules.Right now, I’ve only seen officials telling violators to put their masks on. But they should soon start fining people. SO different from the United States, which has become an international embarrassment. Anyway, I hope next year I can share photos of a live event!

  5. hello sailors! “follow the fleet”, as mistress maddie always says. and that last pix…see-through uniform pants! nice ass!

    1. anne marie:
      Doesn’t the fleet always follow Mistress Maddie and not the other way around? Those wet pants weren’t so pleasant on a year with a chill in the air. I didn’t see anyone standing around like that then. Now, I keep hoping for a warm night and lots of wet sailors.

  6. Good that you have your photographic memories to fall back on in these times. Some great shots.

    1. Mary:
      As I looked back, I was reminded how many we missed due to my mother’s health issues and summers in New York. But, the photo memories are a gift. I’m so glad I’ve been doing this.

  7. I have always loved this tradition in your town. I don’t know if it’s the sailors in tight uniforms or the fireworks???

      1. Deedles:
        Exactly. That’s why there were no fireworks this year.

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      Aren’t fireworks what old movies faded to during lovemaking?

    1. wickedhamster:
      And always connected to the pagan festival that was the inspiration. It’s fascinating.

  8. Sure wish my compiter was fixed so I could see the virgin (and those celebrating her) properly! Hope next year’s celebration can be as festive as those in past years.

  9. Perhaps white underwear should be mandatory for sailors! LOL

    Love the photos. It will be nice when the world gets back to normal and St. Carmen can make her procession once again.

    1. Steve:
      Or no underwear at all. I wondered what could be seen from the front. Some people did hang banners from their terraces, but this is probably the most important fiesta in this community. I know we were disappointed; can’t imagine what it was like for local fishing families.

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      It’s the one holiday we never tire of. It’s magical to be on the beach at night with so many happy, sober people of all ages. And the fireworks are magical.

  10. “Here’s hoping…” I’ll drink to that! And if all of this is a memory next year, I’ll get out and celebrate every religious holiday there is! (And you know that’s saying a lot!). 🙂

    1. Michelle D:
      I’ll be there with you! (And that’s saying a lot for me, too.)

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