Market therapy / Terapia de mercado

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I HAD ANOTHER PHYSICAL THERAPY session this morning. Following one hour of the Alien machine (click here) and electrical stimulation, I had a 40-minute laser treatment for pain. I’ll tell you more about the Alien machine and the rest of my session tomorrow.

On my way to and from my appointment, I visited the weekly public market at the fairgrounds. I hadn’t been for a long while because there was really not much of interest for me, but I was so surprised to see how much it had improved.

There’s also a flea market every Saturday morning. I went a couple of times. It was named appropriately. I haven’t gone back.

The police will fine and shut down any vendor selling knock-offs. I don’t know what the Gucci, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton handbags were going for today, but Dior and Calvin Klein items were available for 5 euros and less. I have a feeling they won’t be for long.


TUVE OTRA SESIÓN DE FISOTERAPIA esta mañana. Después de una hora de la máquina Alien (haz clic aquí) y la estimulación eléctrica, tuve un tratamiento con láser de 40 minutos para el dolor. Mañana te contaré más sobre la máquina Alien y el resto de mi sesión.

En mi camino hacia y desde mi cita, visité el mercado público semanal en el recinto ferial. No lo había estado durante mucho tiempo porque realmente no había mucho interés para mí, pero me sorprendió mucho ver cuánto había mejorado.

También hay un mercadillo todos los sábados por la mañana. Fui un par de veces. Fue nombrado apropiadamente. No he vuelto.

La policía multará y cerrará cualquier vendedor que venda imitaciones. No sé para qué iban hoy los bolsos de Gucci, Chanel y Louis Vuitton, pero los artículos de Dior y Calvin Klein estaban disponibles por 5 euros o menos. Tengo la sensación de que no lo serán por mucho tiempo.

Check out all these elegant and unusual masks. I wanted to buy a few, but none fit me correctly.
Mira todas estas mascarillas elegantes e inusuales. Quería comprar algunas, pero ninguna me quedaba bien.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

35 thoughts on “Market therapy / Terapia de mercado”

    1. wickedhamster:
      Those are pecans. “Nueces” means, specifically, “walnuts,” but it’s used for all nuts. So, people ask, in essence, what type of walnuts are those? and they’re told “pecans.” Confusing. Are those bras?!? No wonder they didn’t fit.

  1. PS: Lovely olives, and I have a small collection of discreet fans myself, useful in DC summers and stuffy concert halls. And yes, David has a pair of opera glasses…

    1. wickedhamster:
      I bought Jerry a number of very large fans, called pericón, used for flamenco dancing. He creates gale force winds with little effort. My mother had a pair of opera glasses. I didn’t keep them.

  2. the last pix – those tiny items would never contain YOUR twig & berries! hee hee!

    hopefully you bought some fresh fruits and veggies from the vendors.

    1. anne marie:
      I didn’t buy anything (Grocery shopping is SG’s bailiwick). I sure was tempted, though.

      I was considering one of the over the shoulder boulder holders.

    1. Debra:
      From what I can find (and thanks to Wilma for finding it again for me), the chair is with a Cordoba Hat and the statue is dedicated to bullfighter Alfonso Galán who was born in Córdoba but grew up and spent most of his life in Fuengirola. I don’t know why the chair unless he was a bull tamer.

  3. I saw a few things I would buy – I liked the plant pots and saucers, the pecans, the veggies, and the fans. I wonder if SG would like matching fan and mask sets?

    1. Wilma:
      SG always has a large fan with him. I don’t think he’s tried to coordinate with his masks. But his fans are all solid colors, so it’s not too much of a problem.

  4. Obviously, there must be a fair number of well-endowed women who frequent that market. Not quite sure how they figure out what to buy since they can’t try them on. Trust me. No two bras ever fit alike. Can’t say I would frequent the flea market either. A bit surprised at how crowded it seems in some of the photos.

    1. Mary:
      I have a feeling if women are buying their bras at the public market, they’re not much concerned with a perfect fit. I don’t remember the crowds being big or inappropriate. I think it’s just the perspective of my photos. People weren’t all keeping 5 feet safe distance but everyone was masked. Just a vendor or two with their masks dropped below their noses or even their chins, which I found angering.

  5. You funny man, Mitchell Block!!
    The food market looks very good!
    As for the flea market…….looks pretty much the same universally I guess……..plastic JUNK.
    But hey, soon you will be good as new!

    1. Jim:
      Our flea market has a lot more than plastic junk. Old furs and clothing that really DO look full of fleas. Oh, I hope I’ll be good as new some time soon. This has been a lot of work and so many people have said they know someone who did ONE thing for their sciatica and never had a problem again. I can tell that Susana at least makes a big difference for me.

  6. Welcome to my world, Mitchell. Those “masks” never fit right. They’re either way too big and sagging, too tight they stop blood flow, or too skimpy there’s no point at all.

    And if it’s working, take all the Alien factor you can get. I’m glad for you. You deserve to be free of pain.

    1. Robyn:
      Maybe this is the place to buy your “masks.” I’m sure they’re cheap. You could get one in every shape, size, and style. You’re bound to find one that fits. I wish I had that Alien here in the house… and, especially, the electrodes.

    1. David:
      It’s really fun to wander. I’ve never bought much although I did find a cashmere scarf a few years ago. At least they told me it was cashmere.

  7. Sorry I’ve missed your posts the last week. I was buried in school work! I love your photos. The market looks colorful and vibrant! The tomatoes look delicious. I hope you have luck with your physical therapy appointments. Pain is not good!

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      I hope things begin to get easier and more organised for everyone at school! You are missed here.

    1. Jennifer:
      I could have spent a lot more time, but I had just spent nearly 2 hours at physical therapy and I really needed a cup of coffee (and to pee)!

  8. Pecans! I would love to see pecans here in France. Except for shelled, packaged, EXPENSIVE pecans, we don’t get them at all. And look at all those olives (we do get olives). And the pottery! I want to go shopping!

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Pecans are grown locally, so easy to get in the markets around Málaga. I love them. SG hates them, which means I will likely never again have pecan pie.

  9. So jealous of the low prices for vegetables and fruits in the market. It is more expensive here. We had such markets in Italy and in our neighbourhood in Rome, just loved them.

    1. Larrymuffin,
      I’ve gotten used to the prices and options here and started to take it for granted. Our neighborhood in Brooklyn had great produce markets all along the main shopping street and they had a weekly farmers market near my mother in later years, But not with prices like these.

  10. I haven’t thanked you recently for your entries in Spanish. I try to read these first as a lesson and then I read t he English to see how much I understood.

      1. larrymuffin:
        Thanks. I didn’t know you also spoke Spanish! How many languages are you fluent in?

  11. That looks like a pretty nice market, though I much prefer flea markets that are full of old second-hand junk. That’s where you find the interesting stuff!

    1. Steve:
      You would love our Saturday market. I’m not good at searching through the junk to find the treasures… and SG doesn’t last three minutes.

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