An outing… together / Una excursión … juntos

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I’M SO EXCITED I CAN hardly contain myself. Yesterday afternoon, San Geraldo and I went out… in the car… together. San Geraldo wanted to replace his old Le Creuset casserole that had lost much of its finish after years of hard use. I was out of “product” — cologne, moisturizer, deodorant — and wanted to pay a visit to Rituals, one of my favorite shops for those items.

After my great morning walk (where I saw the showering dog) and lunch at home, we drove to Plaza Mayor, which has a Rituals shop. I knew the outlet mall there had a Le Creuset shop for SG. When we arrived at the outlet mall, we passed L’Occitane, which I also love, so I decided to bag Rituals and do my shopping there instead.

I told the sales person I wanted a face cream for very dry, slightly old skin. She laughed and said, “You’re not old!” I told her, “I didn’t say old; I said slightly old.”

San Geraldo got his new Le Creuset casserole. He had a brown one when we met. The next was green. This time he went for basic black (at my suggestion… I wasn’t much of a fan of the other colors).

We met at Starbucks for café mochas after I filled a shopping bag at L’Occitane — what I wanted, specials, free gifts. SG had a chocolate chocolate chip muffin. I had lemon pound cake. What an exciting day.

Today, Isabel Day, we got to out for coffee. Lulu’s back in town (she sent us today’s video to let us know), so we had an added bonus at coffee. Our restrictions have been relaxed a little. Curfew has gone from 10 p.m (22:00) to 11 (23:00) and restaurants can now be open for early dinner until 9:30 (21:30).

And I smell good!


ESTOY TAN EMOCIONADO QUE APENAS PUEDO contenerme. Ayer por la tarde, San Geraldo y yo salimos … en el auto … juntos. San Geraldo quería reemplazar su vieja cazuela Le Creuset que había perdido gran parte de su acabado después de años de duro uso. Me había quedado sin “producto” (colonia, humectante, desodorante) y quería visitar Rituals, una de mis tiendas favoritas para esos artículos.

Después de mi gran paseo matutino (donde vi al perro duchándose) y el almuerzo en casa, nos dirigimos a Plaza Mayor, que tiene una tienda Rituals para mí. Sabía que el outlet tenía una tienda Le Creuset para SG. Cuando llegamos al outlet, pasamos por L’Occitane, que también me encanta, así que decidí comprar en L’Occitane en lugar de en Rituals.

Le dije a la vendedora que quería una crema facial para pieles muy secas y un poco viejas. Ella se rió y dijo: “¡No es viejo!” Le dije: “No dije viejo; dije un poco viejo”. San Geraldo consiguió su nueva cazuela Le Creuset. Tenía uno marrón cuando nos conocimos. El siguiente fue verde. Esta vez eligió el negro básico (por sugerencia mía … no me gustaban mucho los otros colores).

Nos conocimos en Starbucks para tomar café mochas después de llenar una bolsa de compras en L’Occitane: lo que quería, ofertas especiales, obsequios. SG tenía un muffin de chocolate con chispas de chocolate. Yo comí tarta de limón. Qué día tan emocionante.

Hoy, Isabel Day, salimos a tomar un café. Lulu está de regreso en la ciudad (nos envió el video de hoy para informarnos), así que tuvimos una ventaja adicional en el café. Nuestras restricciones se han relajado un poco. El toque de queda ha pasado de las 10 p.m (22:00) a las 11 (23:00) y los restaurantes ahora pueden estar abiertos para cenar temprano hasta las 9:30 (21:30).

¡Y huelo bien!

• Ours has a black knob, which is a great improvement.
• La nuestra tiene una perilla negra, lo cual es una gran mejora.
• The blue box was a free gift filled with goodies. The truck, with working wheels and also filled with goodies, was a special offer with purchase. I bought it so Luke could have the truck.
• La caja azul era un obsequio lleno de productos. El camión, con ruedas que funcionan y también lleno de productos, fue una oferta especial con la compra. Lo compré para que Luke pudiera quedarse con el camión.
• While enjoying my Starbucks, I noticed the prices in the Boss window. Hugo Boss for under 50€! On closer inspection, I saw it was for T-shirts. Never mind.
• Mientras disfrutaba de mi Starbucks, noté los precios en la ventana de Boss. ¡Hugo Boss por menos de 50 €! En una inspección más cercana, vi que era para camisetas. Olvídalo.
• Who needs Hugo Boss? We’ve got Fuengirola.
• ¿Quién necesita a Hugo Boss? Tenemos Fuengirola.
• I almost missed the guy on left. The bag and shoes gave him away. Camouflage really works.
• Casi echo de menos al chico de la izquierda. La bolsa y los zapatos lo delataron. El camuflaje realmente funciona.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

40 thoughts on “An outing… together / Una excursión … juntos”

  1. Nice that you both got out together. I assume you took the car as that ‘pot’ SG bought is heavy……man!
    Moisturizers remind me of my sister, Mim/make-up artist/skin care specialist, who has always recommended good ones for us. Since we are both very sensitive to scents we have to heed which ones, if any, we use.
    Looks like you got some deals!

    1. Jim:
      Oh yeah, we took the car. I had thoughts of taking the train by myself and buying the pot for SG. SO glad I thought better of that idea! Nothing to lift once, but a whole lot of weight to lug home. I love special purchases and free samples. I got hooked on fragrances and skin care thanks to Dale.

  2. Oh, I love these photos! So much sunshine and color, to match the spirit of your day (well, except for the crazy dressers).
    I like the look of that black Creuset, too.

    1. Judy C:
      The casserole looks very cool in the kitchen (and in my case that’s really all that matters). It’s raining today, which is also beautiful.

  3. See, that sounds FANTASTIC — the simple routines of a normal outing. I can’t wait to do that myself! I need socks like nobody’s business.

    LOVE the picture of the dachshund!

    1. Steve:
      We felt like we were headed on holiday when we got in the car. And, shoot, I need socks, too! That woman and her dachshund had everyone smiling. I see them walking every day, but that’s the first time I the shower. Shower is “ducha” in Spanish. So that was a dachshund duchando.

  4. Oh I look forward to getting out again, my number came up, my first vaccine shot is Saturday! Look closely in the top photo, someone has a photo of you, taking that photo. Many years ago, someone posted a comment on my blog that was a photo of me taking a photo.

    1. David:
      Thinking about you today. So glad you’re on your way with the vaccine. The guy in the top photo was watching a video and not me. Such a shame. He has no idea what he missed.

  5. Omg….. My favorite picture is the dachshund getting a drink!!!!!!!!

    All around beautiful pictures. I too love L’Occitane. I used to use there stuff all the time till my best girl friend got a job at Chanel….now she gives tons of gratious and save me a fortune. Smart boy with Hugo Boss. When at the store working men loved it. But I quite never understood why….it seems over priced to me for boring basic clothing.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I used to always go to L’Occitane. That stopped when I discovered Rituals Blue Byzantin. But I think I’m again hooked on L’Occitane. I do like Hugo Boss; still have a suit in the closet. You’re right about the casual clothes. The fabrics are great quality, but the styles have always been more conventional than my own. So I always look but I never buy. Besides, I have no need for 90€ T-shirts.

  6. And on another note ….the guy with the man in the camouflage. I thought Rerun from What’s Happening had died? Guess not!

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Now that you mention it, I can’t stop seeing it. You are SO right… And, the dachsund was having his paws and legs washed of beach sand. So adorable (and cooperative).

  7. Sunshine.
    New products for your skin.
    A truck for your little buddy.
    Coffee out. Plus Lulu.
    Later restaurant dining hours.
    And a new pot to…
    cook in.
    What a great day!

    1. Mary:
      So much to be grateful for. And that 20-minute drive to the shopping center felt like a major adventure. (And I’m excited about the new pot I have to wash.)

  8. wish this blog had a “scratch-n-sniff” so we could smell the new you!
    what a great day in the life of M&J!
    and those “fashions” – oy gevalt!
    cute wiener doggie too!

    1. anne marie:
      I wish I could make this scratch-n-sniff, too. It was a very nice couple of days. Raining today, which is welcome. I’ll try to maintain the mood momentum.

  9. Yes, after a long pandemic lockdown, even a minor excursion out is EXCITING! We’re now appreciative of little things like that. I hope we keep that gratitude and sense of pleasure once life gets more back to normal.

    1. Debra:
      We do need to work on maintaining this gratitude for the little things. The trip to the shopping center felt like a vacation.

  10. What a great day! We got all excited this week for a picnic in a local park. Interesting how our definition of a special event has changed a little.

    1. Chrissoup:
      Most of us take so much for granted. A picnic in the park sounds like a great adventure.

  11. I’m envious of your fine day out with SG. The best I can find here is Nivea and I do a little happy dance when I can find it. Nothing as choreographed as Lulu’s dance, though.

    1. Wilma:
      And is it pronounced Nee-VAY-ah there? Shallow as I am, I would miss shopping.

  12. A shopping trip! How exciting! It’s been a long time for me. Now I wish I could sniff you. It’s interesting (uh-huh) to see the way that lady mixes her prints. You’re exposed to such fashion icons.


    1. Janie:
      We’re missing out on so much of our fashion this year with no tourists around (especially British tourists). Oh the get-ups. I’m so excited now when I spot something “interesting.”

  13. Oooh, a black knob, a wet wiener and a de-funked Scoot, all put a smile on my face! Balder Half thanks you 🙂

    1. Deedles:
      I smell delicious… for a change. I was using talcum powder for everything! At least it was a cool and macho talcum powder. You’re welcome, Balder Half!

  14. Your photos are wonderful! I really liked the umbrellas, the contrast of the white building against a blue sky, and of course, Dudo stretched out (in a deep sleep?). L’Occitane is my favourite brand too — it must be a treat to just be in one of their shops and smell everything, LOL! You and SG are very lucky to live where you do!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      We sure live in a location convenient to whatever we want. I forgot how much I love L’Occitane. I’m re-hooked. Plaza Mayor was completely renovated and added on to a couple of years ago, including the huge separate outlet mall. If you like shopping, it’s now a great place to go and they’ve created a park through the middle with benches, flowers, sculptures (mostly of cows), and butterfly boxes everywhere. Makes for a great outing.

  15. That dog!!! =)

    Sounds like a nice day with household goods, slightly old skin oils, pastries and coffees and wack-a-doodle clothing options.
    A well-rounded day!

    1. Bob:
      Do you want me to pick up that camo outfit for you? I think it’s a Fuengirola exclusive.

    1. Kirk:
      If I knew what “it all” was, I’d try and explain it. I love the umbrellas, too.

  16. I miss going out. And I love L’Occitane. The one in the local mall went out of business so I shop online now. It’s just not the same.

  17. We don’t have the fancy shops near us. I did buy some Hugo Boss through amazon a couple of months ago. Underwear.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I have no need for any more clothes, especially after this year when I’ve hardly used most of my wardrobe. But I could have had such a good time shopping the other day.

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