Palms, paddles, and pleasantries / Palmas, remos, y guapos

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PER THE PODIATRIST’S INSTRUCTIONS, I did what I wanted yesterday and didn’t worry about the alleged internal blister on the bottom of my right foot. The 6-mile/10-km was great, but today my foot is not. I’m not so sure about this. Anyway, here are photos from yesterday’s walk and a few from today as well (taken from the terrace).

It looks like all the tamarind trees (dead, alive, and barely alive) are being removed and palm trees are being planted in every other position. I think the ones that were doing well are being saved for transplanting somewhere more appropriate. Brickwork is already replacing the empty spaces. I and I’m sure many of our neighbors are happy. One of our upstairs neighbors has written a dozen letters to the city over the past 10 years complaining about the tamarinds. The work has reached our neighborhood, Los Boliches, but has not yet reached our street — although most of the tamarinds have been pruned.

I had cut back all our hibiscus and have been nursing them for a few months. They’re all lush and green and covered in buds. One opened this morning. I’m hoping most of the others don’t start dropping before they bloom — as has happened in the past.

Yesterday was warm, clear and sunny. Temperature reached 75°F/24°C. I saw a children’s paddle boarding class near the port that I found entertaining. I suppose it helped that the instructor was quite the eye candy. Further on, I saw two guys head into the water. One stood and visibly shivered for several minutes before they started swimming laps. You can’t see him shiver in my photo.

The weather today changed drastically. It’s still warmish, 66°F/19°C. But we started the day with dramatically cloudy skies, rough seas, and gusting winds (today’s top photo). This afternoon, the winds have calmed (momentarily), the sky is brighter, but the seas are even rougher. And I’m not going for a walk.


SEGÚN LAS INSTRUCCIONES DEL PODIATRISTA, ayer hice lo que quería y no me preocupé por la supuesta ampolla interna en la planta de mi pie derecho. Las 10 km/6 millas fueron geniales, pero hoy mi pie no lo es. No estoy tan seguro de esto. De todos modos, aquí tienes fotos de la caminata de ayer y algunas de hoy también (tomadas desde la terraza).

Parece que se están quitando todos los árboles de tamarindo (muertos, vivos, y apenas vivos) y se están plantando palmeras en todas las demás posiciones. Creo que los que estaban bien se están guardando para trasplantarlos a algún lugar más apropiado. El ladrillo ya está reemplazando los espacios vacíos. Estoy seguro de que muchos de nuestros vecinos están contentos. Uno de nuestros vecinos de un piso de arriba ha escrito una docena de cartas a la ciudad durante los últimos 10 años quejándose de los tamarindos. La obra ha llegado a nuestro barrio, Los Boliches, pero aún no ha llegado a nuestra calle, aunque la mayoría de los tamarindos han sido podados.

Había cortado todos nuestros hibiscos y los he estado amamantando durante unos meses. Todos son exuberantes y verdes y están cubiertos de cogollos. Uno abrió esta mañana. Espero que la mayoría de los demás no empiecen a caer antes de florecer, como ha sucedido en el pasado.

Ayer fue cálido, despejado, y soleado. La temperatura alcanzó los 24°C/75°F. Vi una clase de paddle surf para niños cerca del puerto que me pareció entretenida. Supongo que ayudó que el instructor fuera bastante atractivo. Más adelante, vi a dos tipos dirigirse al agua. Uno se puso de pie y se estremeció visiblemente durante varios minutos antes de comenzar a nadar. No puedes verlo temblar en mi foto. No puedes verlos temblar en mi foto.

El clima de hoy cambió drásticamente. Todavía hace calor, 19°C/66°F. Pero comenzamos el día con cielos dramáticamente nublados, mares agitados, y ráfagas de viento (foto superior de hoy). Esta tarde, los vientos se han calmado (momentáneamente), el cielo está más brillante, pero el mar está aún más agitado. Y no voy a dar un paseo.

• Paddle faster!
• ¡Rema más rápido!
• The shiverer is at right.
• No puedes verlo temblar, a la derecha.
• Yesterday evening.
• Ayer por la tarde.
• This morning.
• Esta mañana.

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22 thoughts on “Palms, paddles, and pleasantries / Palmas, remos, y guapos”

  1. I’m no podiatrist, but with an alleged internal blister, I don’t thinking walking six miles is a good thing to do. A friend of mine did that once running, and he paid for it. He infected the blister

    I noticed this week I have to just come to your blog now for updates, For some reason your post aren’t showing up for hours if not a day late. I missed several post last week because I didn’t think you posted. This happens to a few blog I read. The same ones too.

    Blogger. It might be time for me to hang up.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      You’d be a better podiatrist than this guy, I think! Remember, you can sign up for my blog separately (at the top right) and receive a notice in email. That’s through WordPress and not blogger and, I HOPE, more reliable. I’m devastated at the though of you not reading one of my posts. They’re often written with you in mind.

  2. we are supposed to hit 84F next week. today is cold and windy with temps in the 40sF

    1. anne marie:
      Jeez. We hardly even have extremes like that between winter and summer!

    1. Debra:
      The headers are set by a random generator. So, each time you click, you’ll see something different. I’ve so far created 84 different ones! The fish mural you mention, however, is I’m pretty sure outside the New York Aquarium in Coney Island. I’ve tried to include captions with all headers, too.

    1. Janie:
      Lots of mean doggie paddles around here. You’d be in good company — with all the others tough enough to go in this cold water, which is currently 62F!

  3. I have never cut back our Hibiscus/25 years old. It hasn’t grown that tall. What a good colour this one is.
    We will be waiting a while longer/2 months before we see paddle boarders around our beaches.

    1. Jim:
      The water temp is 62F today. I’d need a wetsuit, wethood, wetgloves, and wetshoes!

  4. I hope that hibiscus flower is the first of many, many more. It is a beauty. There are so many different kinds of palm trees of various heights, shapes, and colors. I wonder why they don’t mix it up a bit? Great to see folks in the sea.

    Did the podiatrist know your penchant for long distance walking? Hope you haven’t had a setback.

    1. Wilma:
      I’m not feeling very confident about the hibiscuses. They use different palm trees to highlight crosswalks (shorter in height, longer in frond). The podiatrist knew, yes. He wasn’t very engaged that day. Usually very pleasant. I’m not thrilled.

  5. Good that you listened to your foot and didn’t walk again today. I didn’t listen to foot pain back about four years ago and ended up shredding a tendon and enduring surgery with a very long, complicated recovery period. So don’t push things.

    The weather seems to be April wacky no matter where you live these days. 32F the other morning (with no frost/freeze warning) after days in the 70s; my very large potted hibiscus, though sheltered a by the house, was not amused. Have to wonder whether it will flower after the abuse. Next week, it’s supposed to go into the mid-80s. As I said, wacky.

    1. Mary:
      Maybe our hibiscuses need to be abused. Although we tried neglect on some earlier ones and that didn’t do it either! Currently 64F here, cloudy (more sun than they think there is), and a 77 percent chance of rain… which means 50/50!

  6. When it comes to eye candy, my attention was more on the two guys in the water. That they were shirtless, I suppose, had something to do with it.

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