More than a mouthful / Más que un bocado

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THIS MORNING WE FINISHED THE first of our three most recent loaves of chocolate chip banana bread. As you can see, what remained was one forkful, bite-sized — if your mouth is the size of a cereal bowl. We had a piece larger than that last night after dinner, when San Geraldo suggested we simply finish it off. I was the voice of reason (and popped a couple of chocolate truffles into my mouth while I washed dishes).

The weather has changed and we’re, supposedly, in for some rain in the next days. The surf quickly went from calm to crazy. I didn’t go walking yesterday. I will not go walking today. I’ve even stuffed cushioned insoles into my slippers. But I’ve included a couple more photos from my walk Thursday. Today I’m going to do whatever workout I can pull together at home.

I mentioned yesterday when I shared that beautiful red hibiscus that I was worried the buds on the other plants would drop. Well, I went out on the terrace this morning to find one. The plants look healthy and happy. I work at the bugs regularly and seem to have won the most recent battles. I’ve read that hibiscus will drop buds if they get too much water. Ours do not. I’ve read that hibiscus will drop buds if they get too dry and droop before watering. Ours do not. I’ve been told hibiscus like good air circulation. That’s a problem. Our glass curtain is usually only open slightly. I’m close to giving up. At least I still have that dark chocolate bar with orange bits (well, half of it).


ESTA MAÑANA TERMINAMOS LA PRIMERA de nuestras tres hogazas más recientes de pan de plátano con chispas de chocolate. Como puede ver, lo que quedó fue un bocado del tamaño de un bocado, si su boca es del tamaño de un tazón de cereal. Tuvimos un trozo más grande que ese anoche después de la cena, cuando San Geraldo sugirió que simplemente lo termináramos. Yo era la voz de la razón (y me metí un par de trufas de chocolate en la boca mientras lavaba los platos).

El clima ha cambiado y, supuestamente, nos espera algo de lluvia en los próximos días. El oleaje pasó rápidamente de la calma a la locura. Ayer no salí a caminar. Hoy no voy a caminar. Incluso he metido plantillas acolchadas en mis pantuflas. Pero he incluido un par de fotos más de mi caminata del jueves. Hoy voy a hacer cualquier ejercicio que pueda hacer en casa.

Ayer, cuando compartí ese hermoso hibisco rojo, mencioné que me preocupaba que se cayeran los cogollos de las otras plantas. Bueno, salí a la terraza esta mañana a buscar uno. Las plantas se ven sanas y felices. Trabajo en los bichos con regularidad y parece que he ganado las batallas más recientes. He leído que a los hibiscos se les caen los cogollos si reciben demasiada agua. Los nuestros no. He leído que a los hibiscos se les caen los cogollos si se secan demasiado y se caen antes de regar. Los nuestros no. Me han dicho que a los hibiscos les gusta la buena circulación de aire. Eso es un problema. Nuestra cortina de vidrio suele estar solo ligeramente abierta. Estoy cerca de rendirme. Al menos todavía tengo esa barra de chocolate negro con trocitos de naranja (bueno, la mitad).

• How much can YOUR mouth handle?
• ¿Cuánto puede soportar TU boca?
• A lush terrace atop an “everything half-price” vape shop. I imagine the shop is soon to close.
• Una terraza exuberante en lo alto de una tienda de vapeo de “todo a mitad de precio”. Imagino que la tienda pronto estará a punto de cerrar.
• Friday evening.
• El viernes por la tarde.
• Saturday morning.
• Sábado por la mañana.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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26 thoughts on “More than a mouthful / Más que un bocado”

    1. David:
      If eating cake is the workout of the day, SG and I never miss a workout! And, yes, cats ARE easier than plants.

  1. Plants can be very finicky. They will let you know when they are not happy. Then it is we that have to figure it all out to keep them alive. I let all ours to almost dry out…..then give them water (and fertilizer in spring and summer. So far so good.

    1. Jim:
      The problem is some of our plants can’t be left to almost dry out. We’ve never had as many challenges as we’ve had with plants on our terrace. Lots of bugs.

    1. Debra:
      I’d have a terrace filled with chocolate truffle plants and I’d be sure to neglect them.

  2. That was a mouthful o’cake!!!
    We are staying in today as a storm is expected to run through here, but I am liking the idea of nothing to do, no errands to run, sit back and read, take a nap, lazy day.

    1. Bob:
      I’m staying in today, too. It started raining last night and seems to be easing off a bit for now. More to come apparently. I had a normal SLAB of cake after breakfast today.

  3. We had a lovely hibiscus hedge in front of our place. Only 1 of 7 plants remains, the others were killed by several seasons of high wind and salt. Sigh. The hibiscuses planted behind our house are doing well, although they are a little scraggly.

    Your poor foot! That really sucks.

    1. Wilma:
      There are hibiscus all along the seafront. They don’t look very happy right now. But despite being constantly attacked by insects, salt water, and wind, they drop fewer buds than ours do. Yeah, the foot is getting really annoying. Although by staying off it again yesterday, it improved a lot. I’ll behave myself until it’s completely better. I HOPE it gets completely better soon!

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      OK, your thing with mouths surprises me… given what I imagine you’ve seen! There’s another “pod” on the floor today. I’ll peak inside.

  4. Hibisci? hibiscus? hibiscides? will do what they will. They are stubborn and self-centered beasts. If they vape shop is “too close,” maybe you you ask them to move father away. {insert wicked cackle here}

    1. wickedhamster:
      I always thought hibiscus was the singular and plural, but I looked it up. However, I still don’t like the word hibiscuses.

      TOO CLOSE? I had no idea what you were talking about. Then I realized I must have a typo. Not only did I have a typo, but I had typed “to0″ close” (the second o was a zero). You’re so clever. Thanks!

  5. It’s so frustrating when plants drop their flower buds. I am not an expert on hibiscus so I have no advice to offer. Maybe air circulation really IS the problem.

    As for “shoping,” well, I don’t really need to shope for anything at the moment. I might pope down to the shope tomorrow, though, and then I will stope talking like this.

    1. Steve:
      And I’ll bet you’ll think of shoping forever and ever amen. When I worked in DC, there was construction going on across from my office. Someone had hand-painted a huge sign that read “NO SOMKING, PETPOLIUM.” I have never been able to get that out of my mind. Every NO SMOKING sign I see becomes NO SOMKING. Fortunately, petpolium doesn’t come up very often.

  6. Completely off-topic, but the minute I read, Más que… in your title, the album by Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66 popped into my head and I was off humming Mas que Nada (though it is the Portugese, not Spanish, version). Whatever! Loved their music (now searching for my album so I can listen to it again). Told you I was off-topic.

    1. Mary:
      Sergio Mendes and all the Brasils were SO good. I think I’ll be off to YouTube after this.

    1. Urspo:
      I am always the voice of reason. Fortunately, I’m rarely very reasonable.

  7. I haven’t gone shoping in such a long time. I’m kind of in the mood to check out shops too close. My orchid looks sad. I’m worried about her. I re-potted everyone so they have drainage and gave them all plant food. I hope she doesn’t die.


    1. Janie:
      Argh. I fixed to0 close! It wasn’t even two Os; it was an O and a Zero. Our orchid is still in bloom. I’m not touching it except to water it.

  8. A good friend once told me: if your plant looks sick or dies, it’s either too much water, too little water, too much light, or too little light. I’ve never forgotten.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I wish your friend had spoken to me! Except you friend didn’t mention bugs. Too much or little water, too much or little light, and bugs.

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