Bugged / Un bicho

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SORRY I WENT INCOGNITO YESTERDAY. It was just one of those days inside my head; and it wasn’t a nice view. The day’s excitement was a morning jaunt to Toyota to have a seatbelt buckle replaced. A recall? An upgrade? I can’t remember. But it was free. We sat outside for two hours and enjoyed coffee (and tostadas) at the café next door to the dealership.

We came home and had a lunch of left-over pulled pork. San Geraldo had a medical appointment he had been putting off for a long time due to Covid. He’s now getting caught up. I’ve got some appointments I need to make, but I’m waiting until the drivers license crap is history. I have another practice session this afternoon and I’m hoping my exam is scheduled.

I’m on the last chapter (17) of San Geraldo’s book. I’ve got 17 photos to go. Then I’ll start to lay out the photo pages. We’re making progress. One photo I worked on yesterday was of SG’s great aunt. It’s a studio shot that was still contained in its original card when it was scanned. I noticed an odd feather-like pin standing vertically from her shoulder. Extremely odd. Look below at what I found when I zoomed in. Hope this day brings some smiles to your faces.


LO SENTIMOS, AYER FUI INCOGNITO. Fue solo uno de esos días dentro de mi cabeza; y no era una linda vista. La emoción del día fue una excursión matutina a Toyota para que le reemplazaran la hebilla del cinturón de seguridad. Fue gratis. Nos sentamos afuera durante dos horas y disfrutamos de un café (y tostadas) en un café contiguo al concesionario.

Llegamos a casa y almorzamos con cerdo desmenuzado sobrante. San Geraldo tenía una cita médica que llevaba tiempo posponiendo por culpa de Covid. Ahora se está poniendo al día. Tengo algunas citas que necesito hacer, pero estoy esperando hasta que la mierda de la licencia de conducir sea historia. Tengo otra sesión de práctica esta tarde y espero que mi examen esté programado.

Estoy en el último capítulo (17) del libro de San Geraldo. Me quedan 17 fotos. Luego comenzaré a diseñar las páginas de fotos. Estamos progresando. Una foto en la que trabajé ayer era de la tía abuela de SG. Es una foto de estudio que todavía estaba contenida en su tarjeta original cuando se escaneó. Noté un extraño alfiler con forma de pluma parado verticalmente desde su hombro. Extremadamente extraño. Miren a continuación lo que encontré cuando hice zoom. Espero que este día les traiga algunas sonrisas a la cara.

• More than 100 years ago.
• Hace más de 100 años.
• San Geraldo asked if it was dead. In his defense, he hadn’t seen it yet and thought perhaps it had crawled onto the scanner.
• San Geraldo preguntó si estaba muerto. En su defensa, todavía no lo había visto y pensó que tal vez se había subido al escáner.
• These three must have been here for the weekend. They spent it on the beach next to a dumpster, to be protected from the wind I suppose. But still…
• Estos tres deben haber estado aquí durante el fin de semana. Se lo gastaron en la playa junto a un basurero, para protegerse del viento supongo. Pero aún…

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20 thoughts on “Bugged / Un bicho”

  1. I wonder how old, how long, the bug has been dead? Yes, my brain goes there sometimes.

    1. David:
      That’s exactly where my brain went, as well. Also, I wondered if it was perhaps even a rare and extinct bug from the native South Dakota prairie. I thought there must be good DNA in that bug. We could clone it!

  2. Isn’t that odd?! It does look as if it was on the scanner. What are the chances of that, eh?
    That wind through the palms looks SO wonderful……I am feeling that breeze on the beach.

    1. Jim:
      It was clearly pressed inside the cardboard folder. Wonder what kind of bug it is. The wind has been a bit much at times for sitting on the beach, but wonderful for being outside.

  3. I am guessing the pix is from the 1880s-1890s by the clothes/hair style. and EW, sitting by a dumpster!

    1. anne marie:
      The photo was taken around 1918. And, yeah, there are plenty of other choices for protection from the wind. I can’t imagine spending my three days of vacation alongside a dumpster… and the pavement, too. It’s a big, beautiful beach.

    1. Bob:
      Some strange things this time around. The dumpster vacation seemed especially strange.

    1. Debra:
      Especially with the dead bug! I think it was her high school graduation, around 1918.

    1. Wilma:
      Very happy for you both. Any side effects? Hope you’re feeling well.

  4. That photo reminds me of an old Outer Limits episode. Corner of the eye stuff. Eerie. Or, it could be one of those pictures where you get an image of a “ghost” in the background, or foreground. Yeah, the “ghost” of a flattened slug (I think) photobombing. Works for me.
    Hugs, Scoot.

  5. Well, I’m sure SG’s great aunt appreciated you removing that bug from her shoulder! (I’m assuming you did.) Dumpster boy looks pretty cute. Your GIF of the blowing palm trees is quite mesmerizing! It’s like being on vacation!

    1. Steve:
      Yep, I removed the bug and redrew the strips on her collar. It was fun. Dumpster Boy wasn’t bad, but he did spend his three days at the beach alongside a dumpster. I can stand all day and watch the trees sway.

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      I look for the odd and the beautiful to share here. Lots of odd!

    1. Urspo:
      So was I. The bug was fascinating. The dumpster days just looked unpleasant. At least it’s not a dumpster filled with smelly trash. It’s used during tractor clean-ups of the beach and is mostly filled with driftwood, and broken beach chairs and umbrellas. Still.

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