Mijas Pueblo

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SAN GERALDO AND I HAD an actual adventure today. We drove 8.5 km (5 miles) up the mountain to Mijas Pueblo. SG has needed a new shoulder bag for a hundred years (maybe a little less) and I already have two new bags because San Geraldo decided they didn’t meet his specifications. Mijas Pueblo has too many shops to count that specialize in things like that. We haven’t been up to the pueblo in a very long time. It’s picturesque and has spectacular views, great shopping, and restaurants. Shopping was a success (and then some). We followed with lunch at a great restaurant and tapas bar. I’ll tell you more about it in the coming days. For now, because it’s late in the day and I’m tired, I’ll share some photos. Then I’ll have a siesta.


SAN GERALDO Y YO TENÍAMOS una verdadera aventura hoy. Conducimos 8.5 km (5 millas) por la montaña hasta Mijas Pueblo. SG ha necesitado una nueva bandolera desde hace cien años (tal vez un poco menos) y ya tengo dos nuevas porque San Geraldo decidió que no cumplían con sus especificaciones. Mijas Pueblo tiene demasiadas tiendas para contar que se especializan en cosas así. No hemos subido al pueblo en mucho tiempo. Es pintoresco y tiene vistas espectaculares, excelentes tiendas, y restaurantes. Ir de compras fue un éxito (y algo más). Seguimos con el almuerzo en un gran restaurante y bar de tapas. Te contaré más sobre esto en los próximos días. Por ahora, como es tarde y estoy cansado, compartiré algunas fotos. Entonces tendré una siesta.

• San Geraldo thought it was a “sippy” mask.
• San Geraldo pensó que era una mascarilla “para sorber.”
• Our city of Fuengirola in the distance.
• Nuestra ciudad de Fuengirola en la distancia.

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30 thoughts on “Mijas Pueblo”

  1. You know, in order for me to pay attention to any photos you post, SG cannot be thrown into the mix! The man is beautiful (as if you didn’t know) and I feel like a creepy, pervy stalker! I am not!
    I am finally slipping into my pee when I cough years, so this is giving my mood a major uplift. Yep, that thar is my trademark tmi moment.

    1. Deedles:
      SG is a great muse and model. Even funny pictures of him are pleasant to look at. Funny pictures of me are simply… peculiar. I had to reread the “slipping into my pee” line. The first time around, I finished the image in my head before reading the words “when I cough.” Maybe it should have been “slipping-into-my-pee-when-I-cough years,” says the editor. Anyway, the first read was TMI; the second read was a huge improvement.

    1. Steve:
      Those stairs are a little street with shops opening onto each landing. It’s charming.

    1. Debra:
      I love those stairs, obviously, too. They are an actual street with shops all the way up. One large ceramics shop continues the climb inside, too.

  2. I thought your town was pretty, and this took my breath away!!!!! This is where I would live in a minute. looks so cute and fun and not as congested, or is that just me? And I love the asses!

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Mijas Pueblo is one of the well-know white villages. I love it, but couldn’t live there much of the year when it’s overwhelmed by tourists. At those times, there are way too many people and cars, making driving in and out of town a nightmare. We talked yesterday about the fact that if we were to live in a white village, we would choose one further away from another city. It was sadly quiet and empty yesterday thanks to Covid. We couldn’t believe how many shops and restaurants had been permanently closed in the past year. It’s going to take some time to recover.

  3. I’m obsessed with those stairs. If I had a two-story home, I’d be doing that!

    SG may be onto something: sippy masks!!

    1. Bob:
      We had free samples in a food shop. SG tried to eat those through the mask, too. Those stairs are a street with shops on every landing. (Well they used to be on every landing; many are gone.)

  4. This place gives new meaning to “get your ass to the bar!”, LOL. Looks like a wonderful adventure destination though…

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      Mijas Pueblo is a beautiful white villge and popular tourist spot, which means it’s overwhelmed with people and cars in-season and on holidays. We only go during quiet times. But sadly after Covid it’s all a lot more quiet than it should be.

  5. Dancing woman has no feet – you did have a magical day!
    Just a tiny headache for a few hours last night and otherwise fine. Was able to run as usual (the usual being sloooow) this morning.

    1. Wilma:
      I’ll share a video of dancing womEn today. Dancin womAn in the photo wasn’t actually dancing but walking away, footless. So glad your reaction was brief and minor!

    1. Frank:
      Andalusia is dotted with pueblos blancos, beautiful white stucco villages. Mijas Pueblo is beautifully located but there are others we like even more.

    1. Jim:
      It takes about 15 minutes to wind the car up the hill, but it’s like another world.

    1. anne marie:
      Oh, yeah, the burros are real. There are others attached to carts. They all take people for rides around the town, which doesn’t thrill animal rights activists. So, the town has very strict rules about their care.

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      I do love going up there… when it’s not crowded. We find it very unpleasant when it’s filled with tourists. SG once drove a friend up there and it was so busy they had to drive to remote parking and then take a shuttle bus back into the village. I love those stairs, which are actually a small street that leads up the hill with shops all along the way.

  6. We have a wonderful shopping/eating area Called St. Phillips Plaza. All the risers are tilled and beautiful. I feel so sorry for the darling Donkeys or Burros I hope they just don’t stand there all day with no water and a walk break,

    1. Parsnip:
      Animal Rights Activists are of course not happy about the use of the burros, so the town has at least put into place very strict rules about their care.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      SG regularly tries to eat and drink with the mask on. So far, no accidents. It would be funny to cut a hole and provide a straw, but that might defeat the purpose of the mask.

  7. I have been trying to come up with a snappy line about the burro parking, Nothing, it has been an exhausting week,

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