Cast a shadow / Proyecta sombra

JUST SOME SHADOWS AND LYRICS to ponder today. It’s a warm summer-like day and I’ve been debating a walk. It looks like the walk might finally win. Wishing you a pleasant Sunday.


SOLO ALGUNAS SOMBRAS Y LETRAS para reflexionar hoy. Es un día cálido como de verano y he estado debatiendo un paseo. Parece que la caminata finalmente podría ganar. Deseándoles un agradable domingo.

• The artful cast iron benches are on the Paseo. The concrete-slab benches are on the former Plaza San Rafael, which I think is now named Plaza Pedro Cuevas.
• Los ingeniosos bancos de hierro fundido están en el Paseo. Los bancos de losa de concreto están en la antigua Plaza San Rafael, que creo que ahora se llama Plaza Pedro Cuevas.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

28 thoughts on “Cast a shadow / Proyecta sombra”

    1. Karen:
      Pasear is more like “to stroll.” People are known to take their daily paseo during late siesta. In Sevilla, it was obvious — couples strolling arm in arm all around town. Caminar and andar confused me at first. Caminar seems, to me, to be used more often. They both mean “to walk” although andar can have more meanings other than simply that. It’s used in many idiomatic phrases. But no one will be confused in daily conversation whether you use andar or caminar. In my early lessons in Rosetta Stone, andar was what was used for “to walk,” which is why I was surprised to hear caminar more commonly used. Just the other day, I bumped into our portero as I was heading out for my walk. He first said, “Ah, un paseo.” And then corrected himself. “No, no, no. Paseo no. ¡Camino! Siempre camino.”

    1. anne marie:
      So, I’m waiting to know what you see in these images. Haven’t gotten a good shot of the boys lately. Will have to start up again!

    1. David:
      And downside up, too. They were already confusing without flipping them, but I did anyway.

    1. wickedhamster:
      Thanks. I really enjoyed doing them and will never look at them in the same way again.

  1. I always like your shadow pictures, and the variety of benches makes a great photo set! I haven’t heard this Oasis song in AGES — I had that album when it first came out but I forgot about this track.

    1. Steve:
      I walked the entire stretch and only found those 4. Wish there were more. I never owned anything by OASIS. I don’t know why. I’ve always loved their music.

    1. Kirk:
      Exactly! (Don’t know why your other two comments went into Spam.)

  2. My son visited us in Illinois once and the first thing he said was “I saw Oasis in the airport buying a pretzel.”


    1. Janie:
      And what do you say to that. (My uncle crashed his limo into Barry Manilow’s limo when he was dropping us off at Kennedy Airport once.)

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