Immune to the stuff, oh yeah / Inmune a las cosas

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DURING MY WALK ON THE Paseo yesterday, I stopped to get some photos of the colorful collection of umbrellas (and people) enjoying the sun and warmth of our 30C+/86F+ degree day.

I hadn’t immediately noticed (I swear) a hunk rinsing off at the showers nearby. He saw me, nodded a hello, and then turned his back and bent over. I don’t know if that was for my benefit or simply because he wanted to wash his legs and feet, but I took advantage of the moment (with my camera!). He was dressed (barely) in briefs by Addicted. The Spanish company has a line called “swimderwear”, which apparently doubles as both underwear and swimwear. You can see from the back, that it went awfully transparent when wet. He turned entirely to face me as I was leaving. He was a vision. There was absolutely nothing left to the imagination, and it was more than my imagination would have conjured. Not swimderwear, I thought, just underwear. Sorry. No photos of that view. When I visited Addicted’s website, I learned that what he was wearing was in fact part of the swimderwear line. I also learned that his briefs came equipped with a “Push up system (inner compartment designed for placing the male attribute).” The system works.


DURANTE MI CAMINO EN EL Paseo ayer, me detuve para tomar algunas fotos de la colorida colección de sombrillas (y personas) disfrutando del sol y el calor de nuestro día de 30°C/86°F.

No había notado de inmediato (lo juro) un galán que se enjuagaba en las duchas cercanas. Me vio, saludó con la cabeza, y luego dio la espalda y se inclinó. No sé si fue para mi beneficio o simplemente porque quería lavarse las piernas y los pies, pero aproveché el momento (con mi cámara!). Iba vestido (apenas) con calzoncillos de Addicted. La compañía española tiene una línea llamada “swimderwear” [una combinación de las palabras “swimwear” y “underwear”], que aparentemente funciona como los dos, trajes de baño y ropa interior. Puedes ver desde la parte de atrás que se volvió tremendamente transparente cuando estaba mojado. Se volvió por completo para mirarme cuando me iba. Fue una visión. No quedaba absolutamente nada a la imaginación, y era más de lo que mi imaginación habría conjurado. Swimderwear, no, pensé, solo ropa de interior. Lo siento. No hay fotos de eso. Cuando visité el sitio web de Addicted, supe que lo que llevaba puesto era, de hecho, parte de la línea de swimderwear. También supe que sus calzoncillos vienen equipados con una “Sistema Push Up (compartimento interior para colocar los atributos masculinos).” El sistema funciona.

• One of the two hibiscus on the terrace not dropping their buds. So vivid, it’s difficult to photograph.
• Uno de los dos hibiscos de la terraza no deja caer sus cogollos. Tan vívido que es difícil de fotografiar.
• From the terrace early evening.
• Desde la terraza por la tarde.
• Also from the terrace. One of those days on the Costa del Sol.
• También desde la terraza. Uno de esos dias en La Costa del Sol.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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34 thoughts on “Immune to the stuff, oh yeah / Inmune a las cosas”

  1. I have certainly heard of a push-up bra, but have to admit that swimwear designed to push up other attributes is a new one. Wonder briefs. Sunny day in the neighborhood…literally and figuratively.

    1. Mary:
      Some days are just like that around here. As for the push-up, Addicted actually has a menu called “HI-TECH” under which are the categories: DICK UP, PACK UP, RING UP, U-SHAPE, MOLDED, KANGO, BACK UP, PUSH UP, SQUAT JEANS, and SUPER BULK. Some give one what one doesn’t have.

    1. anne marie:
      I know! That hibiscus really makes you want to be here, doesn’t it?

    1. Wilma:
      It does, doesn’t it? Overcast so far today. I guess I’ll just leve town.

  2. I’ve forgotten what I was going to say. Perhaps a second, hell third, fourth, fifth viewing is in order.
    Damn! I’m addicted.

    1. Bob:
      I knew you’d like these. Spanish men in their glory! Makes you want to wear only ADDICTED, doesn’t it?

  3. Those days on the Costa del Sol? I thought that was moons over Broadway!!!!!

    Have I not taught you anything? One should always volunteer their service, and act like a loofah in instances like this. Piff.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I have always been slow on the uptake! So many missed opportunities.

  4. Oh, he knew you were watching, all right! I’m glad at least two of your hibiscuses (hibisci?) are cooperating.

    1. Steve:
      Well, he did nod a hello (if that’s what you call it). I looked up the plural of hibiscus of few months ago. And, yep, it is hibiscuses. I always used singular for both. It sounds a lot better, to me, in Spanish. Hibisco and hibiscos.

    1. Parsnip:
      Funny you should say that. ADDICTED has an entire line of “Sailor” items.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I know! The views are uplifting (as was that line of swimderwear).

    1. Urspo:
      I do. I don’t look those those guys. I don’t even look like I did a year ago. But on a recent walk, I thought this is how I look now. And I’m going to be comfortable and not be so hard on myself (about this anyway). I tucked my shirt in my waistband and I enjoyed myself.

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