What’s a Picture Sque? / Qué es un Pinto Resco?

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I LOVE CROSSWORD PUZZLES. I regularly complete two a day, including the New York Times. Sometimes, if I’m stumped, I leave it for a few hours and, when I come back to it, it all makes sense. Sometimes, I feel so clever when I figure out the theme. Other times, I complete the puzzle and have absolutely no idea what the theme even is.

I feel so dense when I fill in an answer and have no idea what the word is. One day I spent a few minutes checking all my answers because one answer made absolutely no sense. Every other answer was correct but I didn’t recognize these two words across. What the hell was a Picture Sque? I was stumped. I think these shadowy strollers are quite picture sque.


AMO CRUCIGRAMAS. REGULARMENTE HAGO DOS al día, incluido el New York Times. A veces, si estoy perplejo, lo dejo por unas horas y, cuando vuelvo, todo tiene sentido. A veces, me siento tan inteligente cuando descubro el tema. Otras veces, completo el rompecabezas y no tengo ni idea de cuál es el tema.

Me siento tan denso cuando completo una respuesta y no tengo idea de cuál es la palabra. Un día pasé unos minutos revisando todas mis respuestas porque una respuesta no tenía ningún sentido. Todas las demás respuestas fueron correctas, pero no reconocí estas dos palabras. ¿Qué diablos era un Picture Sque [Pinto Resco]? Estaba perplejo. Creo que estos cochecitos sombríos son bastante pinto rescos.

• I guess their dogs were tired.
• Supongo que sus “dogs” (perros) estaban cansados.
Nota: En inglés Americano “dogs” puede significa “pies.”


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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36 thoughts on “What’s a Picture Sque? / Qué es un Pinto Resco?”

  1. Crossword puzzles seldom make sense to me, never really have. I know I am in the minority on this.

    1. David:
      The more you do them, the easier they become. But I have to admit that sometimes they make no sense to me either.

  2. pic·tur·esque
    Me thinks that you have found one of their obscure spelling of a picturesque view. Love crosswords NYT of course. Increase your word power toi the nth degree and more!!

    1. Ron:
      You saved Judy C! She was looking up the word SQUE and couldn’t understand it.

  3. Love the stroller photos–like ships–that pass in the day, not the night. However, what captured my attention is the one where the dad is pushing the stroller with one hand and in his other he is holding the mom’s hand. I find it very touching–easy to come up with a story about how much they love each other.

    1. Mary:
      I hadn’t noticed that until I edited the photo. I, too, found it touching.

    1. Debra:
      Sometimes, I get three answers and am stuck. I then go back hours later, and it’s a breeze. However, often I get the entire thing done except for one corner and then spend hours (on and off) trying to finish.

  4. These photos’ scenes are very picturesque indeed.
    Not being as smart as you are, Mitchell, I have never completed an entire NYT crossword……..through no lack of trying.

    1. Jim:
      The puzzles do get easier the more you do them. I tend to enjoy The Times more than others. I also do the LA Times, but sometimes the celebrity clues annoy me.

  5. I like crossword puzzles, but have never attempted the NYT. doggies (and cats) need a stroller push sometimes. neat pix.

    1. I think pet strollers are a great invention. I take my 10+ year old Chihuahua for 30 to 40 minute walks around town in his stroller after we’ve been to the park and he’s had his fill of sniffing, pooping, and peeing. Some people smile and engage me in conversation. Others look at me like I’m nuts. It’s all the same to me. 🙂

      I have a friend who puts her indoor cat in one and zips up the mesh cover so she can safely put the cat out on her porch to watch the birds.

      1. TexasTrailerParkTrash:
        It’s really sweet to see these little elderly dogs being pushed around town. I had friends who had an older (very sweet) rotweiller. She ended up with bone cancer and her legs could no longer support her, but for quite some time she felt great otherwise. So they bought a red wagon and wheeled her around town. She was in heaven and wagged her tail at everone she saw. Dudo and Moose would have nervous breakdowns if we zipped them inside anything.

    2. anne marie:
      The Times, I think, seems overwhelming at first, but it gets easier the more often you do it. Monday is the easiest day and builds to Saturday, the hardest. Sunday is just long!

    1. Steve:
      It happens to me regularly when doing the crossword puzzle. And it always makes me laugh when I finally catch on. (I do kind of like the expression PICTURE SQUE.)

  6. I rarely, rarely, do crosswords. I get immediately baffled by most of the “clues” about which I have no clue. I am not a history buff nor a pop culture addict. I got an “F” in romantic literature which I found beyond tedious. I used to have nightmares about missing a final exam. I don’t read novels because my mind wanders or I fall asleep. So I guess I am crossword illiterate. Besides, how do you ever find the time…

    1. Frank:
      I didn’t know half what I know since I started doing the daily crosswords. So many things are repeated from day to day that you begin to know the answers easily. And I often look things up afterward (things get filled in simply because of the things I know around them). As for the time, I tend to do the crossword while I sit and have breakfast. If I don’t finish it, I go back to it (when I’m on the pot… TMI?).

  7. I like the NYT mini puzzle for a quick fix and attempt the full puzzle most days – not that I complete it every day! Right now I am hooked on Spelling Bee.

    I like how the B&W shadows simplify the images by eliminating all the riotous colors and clashing patterns. Sometimes I need a filter like that for my eyes!

    1. Wilma:
      I also like the mini, but I find it makes me a bit hyper because it’s so small and I feel like I need to complete it quickly. I hadn’t thought about the shadow photos like that, but you’re right. I find them much more relaxing to view.

  8. I love just about any kind of word game. Crosswords, logic, scrabble etc.. I was playing Words With Friends with a stranger who accused me of cheating. Me! Well, I never! Over fifty years of solving crosswords and the helps with vocabulary. I have since fallen victim to Ooh A Squirrel Disease, so my attention span is next to nothing now.
    Don’t get me started on how I was arguing with my computer game about the word ‘squawk’. It kept insisting that it wasn’t a word. I was upset because I was squawking at the thing saying that it was a word. I found out later, from a ten year old girl, that squawk is spelled with a qu not a k. I used to know that. *Sigh*.
    Love the picturesque scenery. Such an artist with a camera.
    Hugs, Scoot.

    1. Deedles:
      San Geraldo and I used to love to play Travel Scrabble on flights. He would beg me to play. He would regularly get 7-letter words. But he also didn’t like to use the timer and could sit for 15 minutes on one word. Then, if I was winning, which I often did, he would say “I’m bored” and the game was over! My spelling has gotten so much weaker since I started doing all my writing on the computer. I often have to look things up. But skwawk?

      1. I know, right? I tried different combinations with that stupid k and extra w. Never got it. It’s too funny to even be embarrassing. I do miss those spelling brain cells. I still have a problem with vise/vice versa. I use the wrong one every single time. As long as I can hang on to knowing the differences between there, they’re and their, not to mention your and you’re, I’m good!

      2. Deedles:
        Ugh! I always have to think about vice versa. I now get it right, but I still doubt myself. It’s a problem (its is not).

  9. My uncle likes crosswords and loves the NYT’s one…but one can’t get a copy of that most times. Most places here now only carry maybe less then ten copies…some places even less. I suspect most physical copies of new papers won’t be around much longer. They will go the way of the phone book. Home and at my mothers our papers do a Sunday edition and that’s it.

    I’m more a word- find puzzle person myself.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      We can’t find a paper copy of the NY Times here, so we have an online subscription soley to the crossword puzzle. SG’s mother loved those word-find puzzles.

  10. Codebreaking is my forte, especially cryptogram crossword puzzles. I have never tried a NY Times crossword, perhaps that’s something for my “Try New Things” List, LOL!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      And I’ve never gotten into cryptograms. I have a feeling if I tried them for a few days running I’d get hooked.

  11. I love crossword puzzles and word games. I’ve never completed a NY times puzzle on my own. I bought a set of NY Times crossword books that are labeled a Monday through Sunday and get progressively harder throughout the week.

    1. Anon:
      Mondays are always the easiest and Saturdays the most difficult. Sundays sometimes bore me because they’re just so long.

    1. chrissoup:
      Oh, don’t worry. You’re definitely not alone. Someone here (I won’t mention names except to say it was Judy C) actually looked up the word “SQUE”!

  12. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I GET IT!
    Haaaaaaa, you would have loved sitting here watching me trying to find the definition of sque through every possible resource on the Web. Ha!!!
    As it turns out, sque is an acceptable word for Scrabble (or the like)… no idea why, or what it means, because the page that told me that refused to provide a definition. (I honestly didn’t get it, now, until I saw Ron Troke’s comment — true!)

    1. Oh, Judy, you’ve made my day! But I checked the Scrabble dictionary and SQUE wasn’t accepted (although some web searches said it was). I know it can be short for Scheduling and Queuing (in some ridiculous business world), but that’s all I know.

  13. You’ve got to be careful around those New York Times crosswords puzzles. They’ve been known to use puns.

    1. Kirk:
      And that’s one of the things I love about it. It’s that AHA moment when I understand where they’re coming from.

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