How about a hand truck? / Una carretilla de mano?

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I NEED TO GET MY act together. That stupid driving exam has me so unsettled that the only way for me to completely relax and get it out of my head is to work on San Geraldo’s book. I think I mentioned I’ve been laying out the photo pages, after which I’ll begin to lay out the rest of the book and drop the photo pages at the end of each chapter. I’m so grateful to have this work. I get completely absorbed and can do it for hours — which I have. I finally decided to come up for air and get back to my blog. I’m about two-thirds of the way through chapter 12 (of 17). I’ve already laid out 370 of the 482 photos and captions. (I counted wrong when I wrote how many photos I had initially edited and thought there were only 438.)

I don’t know yet if my next driving exam will be successfully scheduled for this week. With passing being so seemingly out of my control (it depends on the examiner), I waffle from being determined to see this through to deciding I don’t want to have to remind myself to inhale and exhale through any more anxiety attacks. I’ve been having them all the time — when I’m not working on SG’s book. My heart is beginning to race again right now. So, I’m going to stop thinking about it.

Our friend Lulu is once again back in town and we’re meeting tonight for dinner. Meanwhile, I’ve found some travel options that don’t require a drivers license. One more thing, San Geraldo couldn’t be more kind and empathetic. Yeah, he’s a keeper. (It will be 40 years in August!)


NECESITO HACER MI ACTUAR JUNTO. Ese estúpido examen de conducir me tiene tan inquieto que la única forma de relajarme por completo y sacármelo de la cabeza es trabajando en el libro de San Geraldo. Creo que mencioné que he estado diseñando las páginas de fotos, después de lo cual comenzaré a maquetar el resto del libro y soltaré las páginas de fotos al final de cada capítulo. Estoy muy agradecido de tener este trabajo. Estoy completamente absorto en él y puedo hacerlo durante horas, lo que he hecho. Finalmente decidí salir a tomar aire y volver a mi blog. Estoy aproximadamente a dos tercios del capítulo 12 (de 17). Ya he presentado 370 de las 482 fotos y leyendas. (Conté mal cuando escribí cuántas fotos había editado inicialmente y pensé que solo había 438).

Todavía no sé si mi próximo examen de conducir se programará correctamente para esta semana. Con pasar aparentemente fuera de mi control (depende del examinador), paso de estar decidido a llevar esto a cabo a decidir que no quiero tener que recordarme inhalar y exhalar a través de más ataques de ansiedad. Los he tenido todo el tiempo, cuando no estoy trabajando en el libro de SG. Mi corazón está comenzando a acelerarse de nuevo en este momento. Entonces, voy a dejar de pensar en eso.

Nuestra amiga Lulu está una vez más de regreso en la ciudad y nos reuniremos esta noche para cenar. Mientras tanto, encontré algunas opciones de viaje que no requieren una licencia de conducir. Una cosa más, San Geraldo no podría ser más amable y empático. Sí, me lo quedaré. (¡Serán 40 años en agosto!)

• I could always have some hunk push me around on his hand truck.
• Siempre podría hacer que algún galán me empujara en su carretilla de mano.

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22 thoughts on “How about a hand truck? / Una carretilla de mano?”

  1. It’s all about the wheels!! Great photos as usual.
    I know what you mean about getting in our heads. Thank the gods I can get out in the garden and get lost for a couple of hours.
    Keep busy and you WILL be ready for that next exam.

    1. Jim:
      I was ready last week! Waiting to hear from the autoschool. I’ll give it another go.

  2. I take a few shadow photos mostly of the Gud Dus and plants but I adore (really) your shadow photos they are FABULOUS !

    1. Parsnip:
      Thanks. I feel creative, although I’m doing it all in Photoshop. But it’s fine to look at things in different ways.

    1. Urspo:
      Well, I’m doing A LOT of sitting while working on the book, but it’s productive and contented sitting. I DID force myself out for another walk today and will continue to try and do so every day.

    1. David:
      Did you ever consider how different the meaning might be if you said. Carry on, and then stay calm.

  3. If you’re doing all that work, no matter how fulfilling you may find it, I hope San Geraldo at least mentions you in the credits.

    1. Kirk:
      He’s already told me his plans, but I wouldn’t care. It’s a joy to do for him and myself. (But I AM being thanked.)

  4. These photos are so cool! You have so much talent in so many ways. It’s muy impressive.
    This whole San Geraldo book thing is very intriguing. It’s great to have something that really pulls you in and keeps you absorbed in it.

    1. Judy C:
      There are so many reasons this relaxes me. I know the history, so I know who all the people are in the photos… from every branch of the family from every century. But just doing this kind of graphic design work takes me out of my head. I finished two more chapters!

  5. Love these images on wheels. One refinement to consider for the hunk to push you on hand truck is to have the hunk PULL you so you can watch him in action! Or maybe you could just sit facing backwards? Lots of options to consider and test out!

    Returned from the yoga retreat a few hours ago – it was fantastic. Really helpful for calming my mind. Plus I had 7 (SEVEN!) meals in a row that I didn’t have to cook or clean up after!

    1. Wilma:
      Wow. You’ve give this hunk with a hand truck a lot of thought! Of course, position depends on what we’re doing. And I’m not even going to pick up on the fact that you said I could have the hunk PULL me. See how polite I am? I’m not even going to mention it!

      I’m so glad the yoga treat was helpful. And NOT cooking 7 meals these days. That’s Zen!

    1. Debra:
      Weeeeeeeell, let’s just say it’s closer than it was. He’s still working on the family charts for each chapter. But once I finish the photo layouts (and add more photos where I have room, and replace photos that aren’t good enough quality), I can then start laying the text into place in the chapters that are ready to go. So, we’re getting there!

      Oh, he already wrote another book that I edited. That’s waiting in the wings. And then he has an idea for a third!

  6. I think the whole driving license is a game THEY play – you are a capable driver – haven’t you driven for years? It is just about the money for them. Don’t let them get into your mind – they are ridiculous.

    1. sillygirl:
      Thank you. Yes, I started driving when I was 16. And I KNOW how well I drove on last week’s exam (and I am my own worst critic). That particular examiner I think likes the power. I’ve never lived anyplace where people fail their driving exams so many times. And when we’re on the road, we sure don’t see examples of the fine drivers the system is supposed to produce. For the written test for a basic license to drive an automatic transmission car (yes, there are seperate licenses if you want to drive both manual and automatic), you have to know when and how to shift on a small motorcycle or a large truck. You have to know safety rules, weight limits, and more for driving a large truck, etc. Where’s the break? Where’s the gas? On a motorcycle. All things I’m not permitted to do with the license I want. And you must use a driving school to prepare and take the written exam. You can’t buy anything regarding driving rules and regulations independently. Oops, there I go again. YES, it’s a racket.

  7. When I looked at the first photo with just the shadow, I thought it was a young boy, but then when your revealed both the person and the shadow in third from the bottom photo, it was clear it was a man. You could make a little story just about that photo–the shadow of his past self revealing the man he has become.

    SG is so fortunate to have you working on his book–knowing that the work–for both of you, is a labor of love. The best of partnerships.

    1. Mary:
      Obviously, I took the picture… and I thought the same thing (and still do). I LOVE how everything changes when I make the shadows the primary images. I also love your idea of a story. Steven King would write something. All I can think of is Peter Pan singing “I Gotta Crow.”

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