Xylazel what? / Xylazel ¿qué?

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LAST WEEK, I SHARED A photo of my beyond-redemption container of spackle (click here). A couple of you suggested it would be great if spackle came in a tube and I agreed. Well, lo and behold. I went to the hardware store and asked for masilla (spackle); I was delighted to be given a tube. As I left the shop, however, I read the tube and noticed it said it was spackle for  “tile joints.” There was even an image of wall tile; to me that meant grout. So I turned around and told the owner I must have asked for the wrong thing. When I explained, he said I had exactly what I needed. This could be used for both. Well, he was right! And what a breeze.

I’ve moved some things on the walls, hung some new things, and patched holes. I need to go around and do one more layer of spackle. I also need to spackle a hole in San Geraldo’s office where the drill pushed through the wall from the dining room. Yes, our walls are that thin — one small brick in thickness.

We had dinner with Lulu last night. She’s only back for a few weeks (never stays for summer), so we hope to get as much time together as we can. As if she isn’t sweet enough on her own, she brought two bars of chocolate for us from Finland (although Karl Fazer is Swedish chocolate).

San Geraldo went to the supermarket while I was chatting with Susan (in Oregon) Saturday evening. I whispered, “chocolate,” thinking he’d come home with one of those tiny, one-serving Lindt dark chocolate bars I usually buy. But that’s not San Geraldo’s style. Go big or go home! Or, in this case, go big AND go home. So, I (with help from SG) am working my way through a collection of treats (you can see them below).

As you can see in the final two photos from yesterday and today, Mother Nature has been sharing some wondrous colors and patterns.


LA ÚLTIMA SEMANA, COMPARTÍ UNA de mi contenedor de masilla más allá de la redención (haz clic aquí). Algunos de ustedes sugirieron que sería genial si el masilla venía en un tubo y yo estuve de acuerdo. Bueno, he aquí. Fui a la ferretería y pedí masilla. Me encantó que me dieran un tubo. Sin embargo, cuando salí de la tienda, leí el tubo y noté que decía que era masilla para “juntas de azulejos”. Incluso había una imagen de azulejo de la pared; para mí eso significaba lechada. Así que me di la vuelta y le dije al propietario que debía haber pedido algo equivocado. Cuando le expliqué, dijo que tenía exactamente lo que necesitaba. Esto podría usarse para ambos. ¡Bueno, tenía razón! Y que brisa.

Moví algunas cosas en las paredes, colgué algunas cosas nuevas y reparé agujeros. Necesito dar una vuelta y hacer una capa más de masilla. También necesito tapar un agujero en la oficina de San Geraldo donde el taladro atravesó la pared del comedor. Sí, nuestras paredes son así de delgadas: un pequeño ladrillo de grosor.

Cenamos con Lulu anoche. Ella solo regresó por unas pocas semanas (nunca se queda en verano), así que esperamos pasar el mayor tiempo posible juntos. Como si no fuera lo suficientemente dulce por sí sola, nos trajo dos barras de chocolate de Finlandia (aunque Karl Fazer es chocolate sueco).

San Geraldo se dirigió al supermercado mientras yo charlaba con Susan (en Oregon) el sábado por la noche. Susurré, “chocolate”, pensando que volvería a casa con una de esas pequeñas barras de chocolate amargo Lindt de una porción que suelo comprar. Pero ese no es el estilo de San Geraldo. ¡Ve a lo grande o vete a casa! O, en este caso, hazlo a lo grande Y vete a casa. Entonces, yo (con la ayuda de SG) estoy trabajando en una colección de golosinas (puede verlas a continuación).

Como puede ver en las dos últimas fotos de ayer y de hoy, la madre naturaleza ha estado compartiendo algunos colores y patrones maravillosos.

• Xylazel is the company name. “Basque?” I wondered. No. The name was a result of the merger in 1975 of Spanish company, Zeltia, with German company, Desowag Bayer. Clear as mud. (Although I suppose it’s more catchy than Zeltiadesowagbayer.)
• Xylazel es el nombre de la empresa. “¿Vasco?” me preguntaba. No. El nombre es el resultado de la fusión en 1975 de la empresa española Zeltia con la empresa alemana Desowag Bayer. Claro como el barro. (Aunque supongo que es más fácil de recordar que Zeltiadesowagbayer.

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30 thoughts on “Xylazel what? / Xylazel ¿qué?”

  1. I like SG’s chocolate buying style…

    Prompted by your spackle tube purchase, I checked on the ‘Home Desperate’ webpage and found that 3M has a small tube spackle product called “High Strength Small Hole Repair, All in One Applicator Tool.” Turns out the tube has all you need to spackle nail holes, including the tools required already built into the tube–a flattener to lay on the paste and even a top with a bit of sandpaper to smooth it after it dries. Only $7. Must buy as I have been taking all the pictures off walls in anticipation of nearby door replacements. May need a couple.

    1. Mary:
      That Home Depot product sounds amazing. With mine, I had to still use my own trowel. I love gadgets!

  2. Glad to hear you are filling all the holes. When Jays bathroom was being remodeled, we had screws sticking out of the wall in the kitchen, opps!

    1. David:
      Neighbors on the 5th floor recently renovated. When they removed the tile on the kitchen floor, too much hammering knocked a hole through the ceiling of the neighbors below!

    1. Debra:
      No, not the Pims… nor the shortbread. But the chocolate, yes. But my sister Dale introduced me to Pims, so it always makes me happy and SG knows that.

    1. Deedles:
      Ooh, and I’ll bet he’s delicious… and very good for your health. (YOU crack me up!)

      1. Why thank you Scoot and Bobulah! My work is done here. I’m preening like a giant, plump, plucked peacock. It’s going to be in the nineties today, hence the plucking.

      2. Deedles:
        Ow, I think a 90-degree day would be the worst day for a plucking. Hope you’re not working too hard and that all is going well… and that you have the AC stoked up!

    1. Wilma:
      I should do a time lapse. It’s amazing to see the changes in the sea and sky as the day progresses. Lulu is so good to us. And SG never goes small.

  3. I HAVE to get a tube of that Spackle!
    The soft tones in the last two photos are heavenly.

    1. Jim:
      Mary (knitwit1950) found a 3M product in a tube at Home Depot called High Strength Small Hole Repair that even comes with built-in spackling tools.

      Aren’t those colors magical?!?

  4. Spackle in a tube IS a good idea! I remember having to apply it with a putty knife. I love the phrase “Go big AND go home!”

    1. Steve:
      I still had to spread it with the putty knife, but there was so much less waste and it’s much easier and neater.

    1. Kathleen:
      We’ve been wondering how you’ve all been doing (all y’all)! And, yeah, he’s a sweetheart… when he’s not Gruñon (well, even though he’s kind of sweet).

  5. You say the German company that is one half your spackle is Bayer? I believe they also make aspirin. So patching up those walls shouldn’t be too much of a headache…

    1. Kirk:
      I don’t THINK it’s the same Bayer… But it might be, since it was no headache at all.

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