In the arms of the angel / En los brazos del ángel

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ON A RECENT WALK THROUGH town, I passed a sex shop. There are a few here and, although they don’t tend to be on the main shopping streets, they’re not hidden away. They even have display windows, are brightly lit, and leave their doors open. The angel in yellow boxer briefs stood proudly in the window. I like his wings, although the leather harness does nothing for me. But I think he should see a doctor about whatever’s going on in those shorts.

Speaking of garbanzos, San Geraldo made his garbanzo and spinach stew last week. A perfect meal and even better leftovers. On Christmas Day, he roasted a turkey. We both agreed it was the most delicious turkey we had ever had.

Turkeys are not the jumbo item they’re known to be in the United States where we (SG) usually cooked a turkey that was close to 14 kilos/30 pounds for Thanksgiving. Here, the one other time SG roasted a turkey, he had to special order it. It was 8 kilos/18 pounds and just barely fit in our oven (click here). This time, there was no special order. Just a 4-kilo/9-pound turkey. Still, our friend Tynan asked if were planning to feed all our neighbors.

If you don’t feel like cooking, a great meal can probably be had at a food truck in the nearby town of Mijas (neighborhood of Las Lagunas). I passed Rousse Food Truck on a recent walk. It‘s about 20 minutes away and even has a covered eating area if you want to stick around. It seems popular. That walk got me out of town and is almost halfway to Pedro and Kathleen’s. I’ve included a few other views along the way. There were some hills to climb — and descend.

I just told San Geraldo I’m on chapter 17 final corrections. After that, all that’s left are final corrections to the indexes. Oh, and now there’s a full-page map he’d like to add to the end. But that shouldn’t be too much trouble. And that should be it from San Geraldo. Possibly. I hope. The book could even go to the printer next week (he said with just the slightest hint of confidence).


EN UN RECIENTE PASO POR la ciudad, pasé por un sex shop. Hay algunos aquí y, aunque no suelen estar en las principales calles comerciales, no están escondidos. Incluso tienen vitrinas, están bien iluminadas y dejan las puertas abiertas. El ángel con calzoncillos bóxer amarillos estaba de pie con orgullo en la ventana. Me gustan sus alas, aunque el arnés de cuero no me hace nada. Pero creo que debería ver a un médico sobre lo que sea que esté pasando con esos pantalones cortos.

Hablando de garbanzos, San Geraldo hizo su guiso de garbanzos y espinacas la semana pasada. Una comida perfecta y sobras aún mejores. El día de Navidad asó un pavo. Ambos estuvimos de acuerdo en que era el pavo más delicioso que habíamos comido.

Los pavos no son el artículo gigante que se sabe que son en los Estados Unidos, donde nosotros (SG) generalmente cocinamos un pavo que pesaba cerca de 14 kilos / 30 libras para el Día de Acción de Gracias. Aquí, la otra vez que SG asó un pavo, tuvo que hacer un pedido especial. Pesaba 8 kilos / 18 libras y apenas cabía en nuestro horno (haz clic aquí). Esta vez, no hubo ningún pedido especial. Solo un pavo de 4 kilos / 9 libras. Aún así, nuestro amigo Tynan preguntó si planeábamos alimentar a todos nuestros vecinos.

Si no te apetece cocinar, puedes disfrutar de una buena comida en un food truck de la cercana localidad de Mijas (barrio de Las Lagunas). Pasé Rousse Food Truck en una caminata reciente. Está a unos 20 minutos e incluso tiene un área para comer cubierta si quieres quedarte. Parece popular. Ese paseo me sacó de la ciudad y está casi a mitad de camino de la casa de Pedro y Kathleen. He incluido algunas otras vistas en el camino.

Había que subir y bajar algunas colinas. Le acabo de decir a San Geraldo que estoy en el capítulo 17 de correcciones finales. Después de eso, todo lo que queda son las correcciones finales de los índices. Ah, y ahora hay un mapa de página completa que le gustaría agregar al final. Pero eso no debería ser un problema. Y eso debería ser de San Geraldo. Posiblemente. Ojala. El libro podría incluso ir a la imprenta la semana que viene (dijo con la más mínima pizca de confianza).

• San Geraldo with a Thanksgiving turkey in Guilford, Connecticut in the ’80s.
• San Geraldo con un pavo de Acción de Gracias en Guilford, Connecticut en los años 80.
• Mijas Pueblo, the white village, halfway up the mountain left of center. I thought of continuing, but it’s quite a climb. Some other time.
• Mijas Pueblo, el pueblo blanco, a la mitad de la montaña a la izquierda del centro. Pensé en continuar, pero es una gran subida. En otro momento.
• Sunshine on my shoulders.
• Sol sobre mis hombros.
• Time for treats?
• ¿Hora de los aperetivos?


Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

40 thoughts on “In the arms of the angel / En los brazos del ángel”

  1. “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan brings me to tears every time! I met Sarah in 1995 one summer morning at my place of employment at Saint Mary’s University while working with a friend of Sarah’s. She is tiny but full of quiet charisma. She is the real deal. This post brings me screeching back to that day. It is a good thing.

    1. Ron:
      Such a beautiful song… and voice. I felt it got overplayed after a while, so was happy to find a different version. How lucky to have met her.

  2. I don’t trust angels anymore due to Dr. Who.
    On the other hand, a photo of a sexy angel dude hangs in my office in Mesa. I would like such one hovering over me, but I probably have one more in a dad-bod.

    1. Debra:
      I had never heard the duet either. I love the song but felt it had been overplayed, so I wanted to find something slightly different. What a duet.

  3. Nice walk! Smaller turkeys are becoming easier to find here, I usually buy one’s right around 10 pounds, under 10 often are priced a little higher. You could stop and ask what is causing the funny shaped bulge, you may not want to know.

    1. David:
      I just want to stop in and fix that funny shaped bulge. It could be done so much better.

  4. I was going to say something pithy, or maybe pissy, until the picture of SG blew out my brain cells. So I shall leave with my happy semi-thoughts 🙂

      1. Such restraint, Scoot! I like it, especially since I realize I was being quite creepy. Oh, I figured that the mannequin is transitioning, hence the shorts thing. He had the top done and when he gets the money, he’ll go in for the bottom. Tongue in cheek here.

      2. Deedles:
        You? Creepy? Never! You might be right about the mannequin. I hadn’t thought of that.

  5. Yes, times they are a-changin ! We have a sex shop now in our nearest community……no longer are they in those dark back alleys.
    Some of our best meals/snacks were from food trucks.
    SG is basting away……..

    1. Jim:
      Any sex shop I ever saw in the States was always tucked away or on a highway and dark and secretive looking. These are always on broad sidestreets with lots of shops. This one is next to an ice cream parlor with patio seating,

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      I tend to take things for granted in our little city and always wish I could share more of Málaga. But not so comfortable going into the city right now.

  6. That mannequin needs to see a doctor.
    That garbanzo stew looks dee-lish; we had Lucky Blackeyed Peas and Kale soup for New Year’s Day.
    Tuesday is food truck day in Camden, and a group of them gather downtown. It’s a great place to get a cool different, eclectic lunch!

    1. Bob:
      I agree about the mannequin. I was tempted to go in and offer to fix that!

      This is the onlly food truck I’ve seen here. It’s really in essence a permanent restaurant, but I like the look.

  7. All the best to both of you for the New Year! Love your blog and your approach to telling stories about your life in Spain. Introducing us to your family and friends, it is so nice and the beautiful picture you post. Your weather is certainly easier to take and the scenery and light all around. I think your City Council made a good choice by replacing those funny little trees on the boardwalk by palm trees.

    1. larrymuffin:
      Thanks so much. Yes, replacing those trees, finally, was a very good decision. They’re still planted (and dying) past our neighborhood. I assume those will be replaced, too. One of our neighbors had written 4 letters to the City over the past 10 years asking them to stop please planting the tamarinds.

    1. Kirk:
      That’s an awfully lumpy and crinkly bulge. I’d hate to see what’s going on under there.

  8. Speaking of garbanzos… LOL! French turkeys are smaller as well, and are much more flavorful than the birdzilla variety I remember from the States. The problem here is that you only find whole birds in the markets at Christmas time. Otherwise, it’s turkey parts. Legs and thighs are good cooked in the slow cooker overnight then prepared in barbecue style (shredded and spiced with vinegar and hot pepper is how they do it in NC).

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I think whole turkeys would be a rare sight during other parts of the year. I don’t think I’d enjoy the barbecue style. I know SG would.

  9. You are often referring to San Geraldo’s book, but I must have missed, or forgotten, what it is exactly. Novel? Travelogue, non fiction of some other sort?
    I also wondered about the weird shape in the yellow pants ( that’s what we call them here !!)

    1. Frances:
      The book (chapter 17 revisions done!!!) is the genealogicall history of SG’s family from 1288 to the present day. Stories, documents, photos, family trees. A major accomplishment.

    1. richercollections:
      Y es un buen mensaje, no? ¿Pero crees que era necesario un arnés de CUERO?

      1. richercollections:
        Pensé que un arnés de boa de plumas blancas podría ser bueno.

  10. When I saw that top photo I thought of Melanie’s song, “Some say I got Devil, and some say I got Angel…” But the next line is something about being a girl in trouble, and that mannequin is clearly not a girl.

    1. Steve:
      Well. Given those stuffed boxer briefs, I’m not quite sure how that mannequin identifies.

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