Coney Island, Brooklyn

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I spent breakfast Tuesday on chat with WordPress and my log-in problem has been solved. At some point, the “i” in “gmail” got dropped. So when I tried to log in using, I wasn’t recognised. When I log in using, it worked. No clue how it happened, especially since changing the login requires email confirmation. But there you have it. I’m back in business.

Still so much to share with you. My day off was good, but busy. Lots of errands to run. I did s0me shopping, beginning at Macy’s. Ten minutes in, the bottom dropped out of the flimsy Macy’s shopping bag on Fulton Street. Three women immediately ran over to help me collect my things. I insisted I was fine. A nearby street vendor, brought me a plastic bag and a moment later, one of those three women came out of The Gap with a new shopping bag for me. Who says New Yorker’s aren’t nice?

Today, I’m meeting David (Travel Penguin) and J (wickedhamster) for a stroll around Brooklyn Heights (hoping the pouring rain will ease up) and lunch in the neighborhood. So looking forward to that. I’m finishing up breakfast in the hotel and not enjoying the loud business conversations going on around me. So many very important people. I’m so glad I’m not one of them.

Today’s photos are from my Coney Island adventure with The Kid Brother, beginning at the nearby Bergen Street subway station and ending at the Neptune Avenue station and the apartment complex where we grew up. He arrived at 12:30 on the button. He must have left home before “the showcase showdown” on The Price is Right. And now back upstairs for a shower. Click the thumbnails to enlarge Coney.


El martes pasé el desayuno chateando con WordPress y se solucionó mi problema de inicio de sesión. En algún momento, se eliminó la “i” en “gmail”. Entonces, cuando intenté iniciar sesión usando, no me reconocieron. Cuando entré usando, funcionó. No tengo idea de cómo sucedió, especialmente porque cambiar el inicio de sesión requiere confirmación por correo electrónico. Pero ahí lo tienes. Estoy de vuelta en el negocio.

Todavía hay mucho que compartir con ustedes. Mi día libre fue bueno, pero ocupado. Muchos mandados que hacer. Hice algunas compras, comenzando en Macy’s. Diez minutos después, se cayó el fondo de la endeble bolsa de compras de Macy’s en Fulton Street. Tres mujeres corrieron inmediatamente para ayudarme a recoger mis cosas. Insistí en que estaba bien. Un vendedor ambulante cercano me trajo una bolsa de plástico y un momento después, una de esas tres mujeres salió de The Gap con una nueva bolsa de compras para mí. ¿Quién dice que los New Yorker no son agradables?

Hoy me reuniré con David (Travel Penguin) y J (wickedhamster) para dar un paseo por Brooklyn Heights (con la esperanza de que amaine la lluvia torrencial) y almorzar en el vecindario. Así que espero eso. Estoy terminando el desayuno en el hotel y no disfruto de las ruidosas conversaciones de negocios que hay a mi alrededor. Tantas personas muy importantes. Estoy tan contenta de no ser uno de ellos.

Las fotos de hoy son de mi aventura en Coney Island con The Kid Brother, comenzando en la cercana estación de metro de Bergen Street y terminando en la estación de Neptune Avenue y el complejo de apartamentos donde crecimos. Llegó a las 12:30 en el botón. Debe haberse ido de casa antes del “enfrentamiento de exhibición” en The Price is Right. Y ahora vuelve arriba para darte una ducha. Haz clic en las miniaturas para ver un Coney más grande.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

29 thoughts on “Coney Island, Brooklyn”

  1. Yes, who would have thought there are nice people in NYC? So good to hear!
    The photos really give me glimpse of Coney Island. AND……great capture of that hawk hovering over something it wants!!

  2. Glad you encountered so many nice people outside Macy’s (esp after the annoying breakfast bunch–such self-importance is so pathetically laughable).

    What a beautiful sunny day you had on Coney Island–even though it looked a tad cold. Hope the good times continue with David and J today (though a quick look at radar just now isn’t too encouraging weather-wise). Take care and enjoy!

    1. Mary,
      We were grateful for the sun. It WAS cold. Then again, chum always has his cap on, his hood (or hoods) up, and now he’s added gloves to the ensemble — to protect from Covid! The gloves haven’t been washed in two years.

  3. So great that you and Chuck are finally getting to see each other! It all sounds great, and I’m so pleased that the nice New Yorkers helped out 🙂 (And, if you didn’t see, no, I don’t know anyone with the last name you asked about, Mitchell.)

    1. Judy C,
      Oh well, you’d like each other if you’d met. Gearing up for another day with Chuck. We’re going to “his” pizza place for lunch. He’ll be proud to show me around.

  4. Have fun with David and J today! It’s always lovely to meet blogging buddies!

    Wonderful photos of Coney Island! Glad you and the KB had such a good time. Love the photo of the famous Cyclone rollercoaster. Of course, as a Captain America fan, I am obliged to point out that, long before Steve Rogers received the super soldier serum, Bucky took him on the Cyclone and Steve threw up.

    1. Debra,
      A very pleasant lunch with D and J. I had no idea about the Captain America connection to the Cyclone.

  5. I’m so jealous of the bloggers who get to meet you! South Carolina is a long way from New York. I’m glad you’re having fun though! Please give KB my best.

    1. Jennifer,
      It is really special to get to meet blogging friends. One of these days, Jennifer!

    1. Wilma,
      It WAS a bit chilly to sit outside and eat, but the sun helped. The wind picked up when we were walking on the boardwalk. Brrr!

    1. Bob,
      Well, I met up with four exceptionally kind New Yorkers! Ooh, those Nathan’s hot dogs… and fries… did not disappoint.

  6. Looks a little chilly, but those hot dogs look great. And worth it. Is that guy taking a picture of you taking his picture? Give my regards to David and J. And to Broadway. Rim shot.

    1. Walt the Fourth,
      It WAS a bit chilly. We were lucky to have sun. Nathan’s hot dogs and fries was as good as ever. What a treat. I’m sure that guy was aiming at something more interesting.

  7. Coney Island never changes. It looked the same when I lived in NYC! I love that stained glass at the Neptune Avenue stop. (Beach glass, maybe?)

    1. Steve,
      Beach glass subway displays. Now that would be something. On close inspection, lots of new at Coney Island. But at a glance, it’s got the same feel. Nathan’s is more high tech… and a lot cleaner, but the hot dogs and fries are as good as ever. And there’s now a big Starbucks on Surf Avenue. Where was that when SG and I needed it?!?

  8. Great photos. I am sure these 3 ladies who came to your help thought Oh look such a nice young man, he needs our help.

    1. Larry,
      I wondered if they all thought the “old guy” needed help. I hope not.

  9. Coney Island, the subway station and street are so clean and bright! Guess I still have the images of garbage-strewn street and decayed buildings from NYC of the 1970’s in my mind’s eye, LOL! Love the octopus mural and Neptune Avenue’s stained glass sign!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      Unfortunately, there are plenty of garbage-strewn streets. But touristy areas are better than they used to be. Still plenty of decayed buildings, but a ton of new and improved. I had never seen the octopus mural. It’s on a New York Aquarium wall. Very cool.

    1. Ron:
      Chilly and off-season weekday. The amusements are all closed. A nice day to be there.

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