A safe port / Un puerto seguro

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I had planned yesterday to head back into Málaga after the gym. That didn’t happen, so I’ve re-planned it for one day next week. I want to visit the Pompidou Museum at the port and maybe the public market. Maybe even another museum.

Today’s photos are of the port when I was there last week. Málaga is getting more than its share of cruise ships this year. I’m not a fan. I love being on the ocean, but I hate being on the ocean with thousands of people I might not like (well, I might like one or two). Also, cruise ships lately seem like giant petri dishes. But it’s great money for the City of Málaga and local businesses, so I’ll be nice — even when they descend on the city en masse.

We’re having dinner tonight with Lulu and her husband, Miko. I’m off for a long walk on the beach. It’s good to be here.

One can advise comfortably from a safe port.

Nutrition and Fitness Report
Stretching: Once a day.
Walking: 4 km / 2.5 miles Sunday.
Gym: Excellent chest, back, and legs workout Friday. One-minute plank.


Ayer tenía planeado volver a Málaga después del gimnasio. Eso no sucedió, así que lo volví a planificar para un día de la próxima semana. Quiero visitar el Museo Pompidou en el puerto y tal vez el mercado público. Tal vez incluso otro museo.

Las fotos de hoy son del puerto cuando estuve allí la semana pasada. Málaga está recibiendo más de lo que le corresponde de cruceros este año. No soy un fan. Me encanta estar en el océano, pero odio estar en el océano con miles de personas que quizás no me gusten (bueno, quizás me gusten una o dos). Además, los cruceros últimamente parecen placas de Petri gigantes. Pero es un gran dinero para la ciudad de Málaga y las empresas locales, así que seré amable, incluso cuando lleguen a la ciudad en masa.

Vamos a cenar esta noche con Lulu y su marido, Miko. Me voy a dar un largo paseo por la playa. Es bueno estar aquí.

Se puede asesorar cómodamente desde un puerto seguro.

Informe de Nutrición y Estado Físico
Estiramiento: Una vez al día.
Caminando: 4 km / 2.5 millas domingo.
Gimnasio: Excellente pecho, espalda, y piernas viernes. Planca de un minuto.


• Looking through broken glass.
• Mirar a través de vidrio roto.
• The market stalls are usually around the bend in the port, but there’s construction there.
• Los puestos del mercado suelen estar a la vuelta de la esquina en el puerto, pero hay obras allí.
• Pompidou Museum (under glass). It’s underground.
• Museo Pompidou (bajo cristal). Es subterráneo.
• Closed Tuesdays. Who knew!?!
• Cerrado los martes. ¡¿¡Quién sabe!?!
• A view from Málaga Park (Alameda Park).
• Una vista del Parqué de Málaga (Parqué de la Alameda).

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26 thoughts on “A safe port / Un puerto seguro”

  1. What a lovely looking place and very inviting.
    I do understand your feelings/concerns about cruise ships. They do generate lots of business for many.

    1. Jim:
      My last real job, I managed major accounts including cruise lines. I enjoyed being on the sea, but realized it wasn’t my kind of vacation. And when they arrive in port and so many people rush off to shop having no interest in experiencing where they are, blech.

    1. Bob:
      I managed cruise lines in my last real job. It was interesting, fun to be onboard, but that’s as much as I could stand.

  2. Love the cover for the market stalls, and great glass. I loathe the overnight flights from the USA to Europe, I am looking at ship crossings, repositioning cruises are the best. I don’t worry about the others, I keep to myself and make fun of them when they are out of ear shot.

    1. David:
      I had an Italian friend in the ´70s who hated flying. She traveled regularly between the USA and Italy. So one year she decided to cruise. They got caught in a hurricane. After that, she flew. She said she’d rather die fast.

  3. Cruise ships are my idea of hell, but so many people adore cruises. And for financial or travel style reasons (I think lots of Americans are too timid to travel abroad on their own) it is the only way many people are able or willing to travel to other countries. I grudgingly admit that cruise ships have their place. Malaga is a beautiful port, so welcoming. Your image through the broken glass is so cool! I bet you took lots of shots.

    1. Wilma:
      Yes, I know a lot of people who love cruises. I love being on the water, but that’s it. As for the broken glass shot. Unusual for me, I took only that one shot.

    1. Debra:
      Thanks. They’re not entirely artful at times because I want to give you an idea of the surroundings, but I do have a good time with the camera.

    1. Judy C:
      The truth is, I’m more strongly anti-cruise than I let on in this post.

  4. I adore cruises! I seem to be not as shy on a ship. It was the most fun when travelling with my sister and her husband (my late favorite brother-in-law). Even almost dying (ran out of insulin) in the infirmary was more fun than almost dying on land. I will cruise no more, because I’m not that nuts, and the loss of my brother-in-law last year just put a pall on the whole thing anyway. Cruising and playing with the staff, good times*sigh*.
    I adore your pictures too, Scoot.

    1. Deedles:
      Fascinating that you become less shy on a cruise ship. (But cruise staff can be really fun.) The introverts I know who have been dragged kicking and screaming onto cruise ships have said it was their idea of hell. Can’t believe you ran out of insulin. Thanks regarding the photos. I have a good time.

      1. Seriously, Scoot, I’m beginning to think that I’ve been a suppressed extrovert all of my life! All of my online tests have said that I’m an extrovert, and we all know how the internet is always truthful 🙂 The insulin thing happened because the pharmacy wouldn’t refill my prescription before we left because it was too soon since the previous one. I knew I was going to run out while in the middle of the ocean, so I lowered the dosages. Unfortunately, one night, I got caught up in the wonderful wine drinking at dinner (my sister is a wonderful travelling companion and instigator) and the desserts (yes plural) were sooooo good. I never kicked and screamed. Balder Half, on the other hand, started sucking down Mai Tais as soon as the ship started moving.

      2. Deedles:
        Did you know mai tai means “good” — or enjoy, or enjoyable — in Tahitian? I learned that in a recent crossword puzzle! (But I think it means “dirty” in Chinese. Good it’s not a Chinese drink.

  5. I love that broken glass shot! I’ve never been enthused about the idea of a cruise, but I must admit when I went on one with my stepmother and siblings several years ago, I had fun. (She paid for it, which helped.) It felt very insular, though. I don’t feel like I learned much about the countries we visited or interacted much with the people. Also, I can tell you from personal experience that cruise ships have RUINED Key West. They transform their destinations in many undesirable ways.

    1. Steve:
      Part of my last real job was managing our cruise line accounts. I enjoyed the inside look and being on the ships, but knew it wasn’t the holiday for me. And I do have serious problems with what cruise ships do to the environment and to historic places (i.e., Venice).

    1. Kirk:
      It does. It’s cool from inside. That’s how natural light gets to the lower level.

  6. The new port development at Malaga is very smart, and very swishy – but somehow I feel it’s just a tad soulless. We always get far more pleasure from the Parqué de la Alameda and the Baroque splendour of the old city… Jx

    1. Jon:
      I actually like the look of much the port. It keeps improving. I have photos of Parqué de la Alameda still to come. It IS splendid.

    1. Urspo:
      Not for me for so many reasons. And I know someone who cruises every year and gets norovirus every time.

  7. If I win the lottery, I will charter a cruise ship, but buy every ticket and only invite a handful of people to join me…you will be on that list.

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