Castle on the hill / Castillo en la colina

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Yesterday before lunch, I took a long walk (13 km/8 miles) to Sohail Castle, built by the Moors in 956. It was saved and renovated in 2000 and improvements and restorations continue to be made. There are digs going on in the park below the castle where Phoenician ruins are being uncovered going back to before 300 BC. After the long walk, it’s a bit of a hike to the top of the hill and then another climb to the parapet. The castle closes for siesta and I never seem to time it right. This time I did.

I never did make it back into Málaga last week. It’s a definite this week and I’m hoping Lulu can join me. Any day but Tuesday so we can visit the Pompidou Museum.

Nutrition and Fitness Report
Stretching: Once a day.
Walking: 13 km / 8 miles Sunday.
Gym: On my way for a chest and back workout and some leg work.


Ayer, antes del almuerzo, di un largo paseo (13 km/8 millas) hasta el castillo de Sohail, construido por los moros en 956. Se salvó y renovó en 2000 y se siguen realizando mejoras y restauraciones. Se están realizando excavaciones en el parque debajo del castillo donde se están descubriendo ruinas fenicias que datan de antes del 300 a. Después de la larga caminata, hay una pequeña caminata hasta la cima de la colina y luego otra subida al parapeto. El castillo cierra para la siesta y parece que nunca lo hago bien. Esta vez lo hice.

Nunca volví a Málaga la semana pasada. Es definitivo esta semana y espero que Lulu pueda unirse a mí. Cualquier día menos el martes para que podamos visitar el Museo Pompidou

Informe de Nutrición y Estado Físico
Estiramiento: Una vez al día.
Caminando: 13 km / 8 millas domingo.
Gimnasio: En camino para pecho y espalda, y algo de trabajo de piernas.

• Bricked in is the original Moorish entrance to the castle. To its right is the contemporary entrance.
• Tapiada está la entrada morisca original al castillo. A su derecha está la entrada contemporánea.
• Marenostrum: A seasonal open-air music venue begun in 2016. This season kicks off with Rufus T Firefly on June 3 and Simply Red on June 5. Mark Anthony will be here June 25. (Marenostrum means Our Sea in Latin and was the name given to the Mediterranean Sea by the Romans.)
• Marenostrum: Un lugar de música al aire libre de temporada que comenzó en 2016. Esta temporada comienza con Rufus T Firefly el 3 de junio y Simply Red el 5 de junio. Mark Anthony estará aquí el 25 de junio.
• The pedestrian bridge, center, was built across the Fuengirola River in 2006. It’s called Armada Bridge and is named for maneuvers carried out on a nearby beach.
• El puente peatonal, centro, fue construido sobre el río Fuengirola en 2006. Se llama Puente de la Armada, y su nombre se lo debe a las maniobras realizadas por la Armada en una playa cercana.
• Behind the stage, current digs of Phoenecian ruins dating from at least 300 BC.
• Detrás del escenario, excavaciones actuales de ruinas fenicias que datan de al menos 300 aC.

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26 thoughts on “Castle on the hill / Castillo en la colina”

  1. It looks utterly fascinating – but far too energetic a climb for moi…


    PS Simply Red are still touring?! Heavens.

    1. Jx:
      So grateful I can still do these walks… and climbs. Yeah, I’m often shocked at the groups that are still touring.

    1. Debra:
      Glad the castle has been restored. It was in a sorry state a few decades ago.

  2. I would LOVE to explore this castle and area! Archaeology/anthropology was my major in university.

    1. Jim:
      You would really enjoy it. Málaga would be heaven on earth for you.

    1. Wilma:
      The third photo after the Spanish version is part of the interior. They used to use it for the concerts, which grew too big for the space. Now it’s used at times for special events and an annual medieval fair.

  3. That is gorgeous!!!!! And the timeline just blows my mind. To think it is still here today. The earliest structures I have seen here are dating to the early 1800’s. But just the other day in Hershey, I came across a small one room church, completely enclosed in a glass temperature-controlled solarium while renovations are going on. It dated to 1752

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Our little town of Guilford, Connecticut was settled in 1639 and one original home remained. THAT at the time amazed me. This part of the world is an entirely different ball game. The nearby city of Ronda has a bridge called “New Bridge”; construction began in 1751 and was completed in 1793!

    1. Steve:
      Would love to catch those views under stormy skies. The walk was uplifting.

  4. All that castle needs now are historical guides in medieval Moorish costumes! I hope they at least had some cold beverages available after such a long trek to get there.

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      There are plenty of places for beverages all along the way, but nothing at the castle itself. But I had a 1.5 litre bottle of water with me, which I finished before I got home.

    1. Urspo:
      Yes, a LOT of not nice history. It’s incredible it’s become the country it is now. Hope the bad times don’t return.

    1. Sassybear:
      You could always have someone drive you to the top and then go park the car.

      1. Sassybear:
        I haven’t gone parking since my college roommate parked overlooking the beach with his girlfriend (to watch the submarine races), accidentally hit the stick shift (the other stick shift), and rolled the car over the edge into the water (just a couple of feet, fortunately). My car was automatic, but the idea made me nervous.

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