Donkey Dreamland / Burro País de los Sueños

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

You’ll have to wait a bit longer for photos from my Thursday in Málaga. Friday morning, San Geraldo and I met a lot of great people and a bunch of asses, and I couldn’t wait to tell you about them.

While on the train home from Málaga Thursday, Lulu mentioned a donkey sanctuary in La Cala de Mijas, 13 minutes down the coast from us and then a few minutes more into the foothills. The place is called Donkey Dreamland Sanctuary (click here). I had never heard of it.

While there we learned it had opened August 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic. I made a reservation for a standard tour and there was nothing standard about it. Everyone there is a volunteer. We were warmly welcomed at every turn. Kind, interesting, well-traveled people. There were a lot of names to remember, plus a dog named Lucas and another named Eddie or maybe Eddie was the guy who had the dog. I can’t remember if Carlos was the cat or a donkey. After meeting a warm and charming couple originally from Holland who lived all around the world, including San Diego, California, before settling in Spain, we were taken around and introduced to the donkeys, some dogs, just one cat, and even an elderly Arabian horse, by Montserrat.

San Geraldo asked Montserrat if she had a nickname and she said, “Yes, Fabulous.” We just called her Fab. It’s a legitimate name not only because she is absolutely fab, but because those are the first three letters of her last name.

Donkey Dreamland offers brunch tours, picnics, and more. We’ll be back and will become donors. A truly uplifting experience.

By the way: Where I grew up in the City of New York, we pronounced it DUNN-key.


Tendréis que esperar un poco más para las fotos de mi jueves en Málaga. El viernes por la mañana, San Geraldo y yo vimos un montón de culos y mucha gente excelente, y no podía esperar para contarles sobre ellos.

Mientras viajaba en tren a casa desde Málaga el jueves, Lulu mencionó un santuario de burros en La Cala de Mijas, a 13 minutos de nosotros por la costa y luego unos minutos más hacia las colinas. El lugar se llama Donkey Dreamland Sanctuary (haz clic aquí). Nunca había oído hablar de eso.

Mientras estábamos allí, supimos que había abierto en agosto de 2020, justo en medio de la pandemia. Hice una reserva para un tour estándar y no había nada estándar al respecto. Todos allí son voluntarios. Nos dieron una cálida bienvenida en todo momento. Gente amable, interesante, muy viajera. Había muchos nombres para recordar, además de un perro llamado Lucas y otro llamado Eddie o tal vez Eddie era el tipo que tenía el perro. No recuerdo si Carlos era el gato o el burro. Después de conocer a una cálida y encantadora pareja originaria de Holanda que vivió en todo el mundo, incluyendo San Diego, California, antes de establecerse en España, nos llevaron y nos presentaron a los burros, algunos perros, solo un gato e incluso un anciano árabe. caballo, de Montserrat.

San Geraldo le preguntó a Montserrat si tenía un apodo y ella dijo: “Sí, Fabulosa”. Simplemente la llamamos Fab. Es un nombre legítimo no solo porque es absolutamente fabulosa, sino porque esas son las tres primeras letras de su apellido.

Donkey Dreamland ofrece tours de brunch, picnics y más. Volveremos y nos convertiremos en donantes. Una experiencia verdaderamente edificante.

• Not a donkey. I think that’s Carlos.
• No es un burro. Creo que él es Carlos.
• Fab and friend.
• Fabulosa y amigo.
• He was saved from severe neglect and loneliness.
• Fue salvado de un severo abandono y soledad.
• The one in background was taken from his mother at only one month old (about 11 months too soon). He’s been taken in by an adult male who is teaching him how to be a donkey. They’ll soon go together to a nearby family with lots of land.
• El del fondo fue arrebatado a su madre con tan solo un mes de edad (unos 11 meses demasiado pronto). Ha sido acogido por un macho adulto que le está enseñando a ser un burro. Pronto irán juntos a una familia cercana con mucha tierra.
• A sweetheart — the donkey, too.
• Un amor — el burro también.
• He got jealous when little brother got too much attention and leaned right in for loving of his own.
• Se puso celoso cuando su hermanito recibió demasiada atención y se inclinó por amar a los suyos.
• One of the donkey chows they use. Just add water and you get what’s in the left hand. It had a nice smell.
• Una de las comidas para burros que usan. Simplemente agregue agua y obtendrá lo que está en la mano izquierda. Tenía un olor agradable.
• A very old Arabian horse with his new best pal.
• Un caballo árabe muy viejo con su nuevo mejor amigo.
• Nice ass.
• Buen culo. [En inglés, “ass” significa “culo”; pero es otra nombre para “burro”, también.]
• The ride home.
• El viaje a casa.
• In honor of Torremolinos Pride Weekend, one of our ceramic meninas basked in her own Costa del Sol rainbow Friday morning.
• En honor al Fin de Semana del Pride de Torremolinos, una de nuestras meninas de cerámica disfrutó de su propio arcoíris de la Costa del Sol el viernes por la mañana.

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Haz clic en las miniaturas.

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26 thoughts on “Donkey Dreamland / Burro País de los Sueños”

  1. That really is a dreamland for donkeys! So beautiful. San Geraldo is also looking great. Love to you both xox

    1. Natalie:
      So look forward to the next time you and Gordon return to Spain.

  2. Any place that rescues and cares for animals is a win-win in my book.
    SG looks like he’s up to no good, and by that I mean the fun kind of no good!!

    PS Carlos is most ASSUREDLY not a donkey, though, like any of us, can be an ass at times!

    1. Bob:
      SG really enjoyed himself that day. So did I. We’ll have to go back soon.

  3. I could make a less-than-subtle joke about the link between Pride in Torremolinos and “donkeys”, but I won’t even go there… Jx

    1. Jon:
      I haven’t dropped in on Pride and am kind of sorry I didn’t. It looks like it was huge this year.

  4. Sounds and looks like a wonderful place. Special people indeed.
    SG looks like he is having a good time there.

  5. I need one of those “fly-swatter” head bands…do they have a gift shop?

    1. Frank:
      They just started a gift shop. I’ll tell them to add the “eyelashes” to the collection.

    1. Judy C:
      Fab was truly fabulous. A huge personality, warm, kind (obviously) and incredible knowledgable. And I don’t know how many languages she speaks. She’s lived in so many places around the world.

  6. How nice! How else would one pronounce donkey? Like monkey, right? I’m San Diego born and bred, and that’s how I say it. Anyway, the critters are cute, and that baby donkey is more adorable that the statue. And then there’s SG. *Sigh*, be still my palpitating heart! I swear, that man is youthening like Merlin, instead of aging. I do prefer the hat over the dishtowels. So, dashing! I suddenly feel the need to find a petting zoo somewhere around here.

    1. Deedles:
      I had no idea San Diegans pronounced it dunn-key, too. When I went away to school, my girlfriend from Rochester, NY, laughed at how I pronounced it. Then again, have you ever heard a Rochester accent?!?

      You made our day with the SG comments. He wasn’t thrilled seeing his face on the blog again… until you sang his praises. He says he’s now very glad I shared the photo.

    1. Wilma:
      Seriously. What a joy. Had to go immediately, too, after Lulu told me about it.

  7. Looks like a great place. Donkeys have such hard lives. I used to see a lot of them in Morocco that needed rescuing.

    1. Steve:
      Some of the stories Fab told us were heartbreaking. Amazing what they’ve been able to accomplish. Good people.

    1. Sassybear:
      I think this place would make you really happy. They have donkey walks where you get to walk the hill trails leading a donkey. I think I’ll do one soon.

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