And Michi wants to go to the sea / Y Michi quiere ir a la playa

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

Lulu and I had a great time in Málaga yesterday. A special exhibit at the Pompidou, a good lunch, and plenty of walking. I’ll share lots of photos and more details in the coming days. This morning, San Geraldo and I are off to visit Donkey Dreamland Mijas, a donkey rescue centre about 15 km / 9 miles from here.

I’ve taken today’s title from lyrics in the 1967 song, Creeque Alley, by the Mamas and Papas. I’ve always loved the song, partly because I (Michi) am mentioned several times. Although they were talking about Michelle (Michie) Phillips and not yours truly. Still, it’s entertaining and is the autobiography of the group. The name of the song comes from Creque or Crequi (pronounced “creaky”) Alley, home to a club in the Virgin Islands.

The only reason this is on my mind is because the restaurant we dined at Saturday night with Lulu and her husband, Miko, is Taberna el Callejon, which means the Alley Tavern. Maybe a bit of a stretch, but there you have it. It’s in a sort of alley just a few minutes walk from us. I think the owner was a former bullfighter; there’s lots of memorabilia.

The variety of traditional Spanish dishes, including so many choices of tapas, is exceptional. Miko spotted what he wanted for dinner the moment he walked in the door. It’s the langostine at bottom right of the above photo. Lulu doesn’t like to share, so she ordered bull’s tail for herself. And, although I didn’t like to share when I met San Geraldo, I do now. Especially when it comes to tapas.

San Geraldo and I ordered five different dishes, which we shared with Miko — and Lulu, who you’ll remember doesn’t like to share. I suppose that falls under the category of “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine.” Either way, it was a great evening. Miko was returning to Helsinki the next morning (someone has to work) and we were honored he wanted to spend his last evening in Spain with us.

Does anything in particular look good to you?


Lulu y yo lo pasamos muy bien ayer en Málaga. Una exposición especial en el Pompidou, un buen almuerzo y mucho caminar. Pronto compartiré muchas fotos y más detalles en los próximos días. Esta mañana, San Geraldo y yo vamos a visitar Donkey Dreamland Mijas, un centro de rescate de burros a unos 15 km / 9 millas de aquí.

Tomé el título de hoy de la letra de la canción de 1967, Creeque Alley, de Mamas and Papas. Siempre me ha encantado la canción, en parte porque a mí (Michi) me mencionan varias veces. Aunque estaban hablando de Michelle Phillips y no de su servidor. Aún así, es entretenida y es la autobiografía del grupo. El nombre de la canción proviene de Creque o Crequi (pronunciado “craky”) Alley, hogar de un club en las Islas Vírgenes.

La única razón por la que esto está en mi mente es porque el restaurante en el que cenamos el sábado por la noche con Lulu y su esposo, Miko, es Taberna el Callejon, que significa Alley Tavern. Tal vez un poco exagerado, pero ahí lo tienes. Está en una especie de callejón a solo unos minutos a pie de nosotros. Creo que el dueño era un ex torero; hay muchos recuerdos.

La variedad de platos tradicionales españoles, incluidas tantas opciones de tapas, es excepcional. Miko vio lo que quería para la cena en el momento en que entró por la puerta. Es el langostino en la parte inferior derecha de la foto de arriba. A Lulu no le gusta compartir, así que pidió rabo de toro para ella. Y, aunque no me gustaba compartir cuando conocí a San Geraldo, ahora sí. Especialmente cuando se trata de tapas.

San Geraldo y yo pedimos cinco platos diferentes, que compartimos con Miko — y Lulu, a quienes recordarán que no le gusta compartir. Supongo que eso entra en la categoría de “lo que es mío es mío y lo que es tuyo es mío”. De cualquier manera, fue una gran noche. Miko regresaba a Helsinki a la mañana siguiente (alguien tiene que trabajar) y nos sentimos honrados de que quisiera pasar su última noche en España con nosotros.

¿Algo en particular te parece bien?

• We didn’t have any of the above, but they greeted us when we entered.
• No teníamos ninguno de los anteriores, pero nos saludaron cuando entramos.
• Delicious, but San Geraldo thought he was ordering a tomato and shrimp mixture. A lot of tomato.
• Delicioso, pero San Geraldo pensó que estaba ordenando una mezcla de tomate y camarones. Mucho tomate.
• Shrimp pancake.
• Tortillita de camerones.
• Fried eggplant and molasses (treacle).
• Berenjena con miel de caña.
• Sardines with lemon (there’s lemon in the batter).
• Boquerones al limón.
• Bull’s tail sliders.
• Hamburguesitas de rabo de toro.
• Miko’s dinner. The langostino he chose is the one in the lower right of the image at the top of this post.
• La cena de Miko. El langostino que eligió es el que se encuentra en la parte inferior derecha de la imagen en la parte superior de esta publicación.
• Lulu’s bull’s tail. Much more tasty than it looks.
• El rabo de toro de Lulú. Mucho más sabroso de lo que parece.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

37 thoughts on “And Michi wants to go to the sea / Y Michi quiere ir a la playa”

  1. They’re big on oxtail in Spain – understandable in a country with a history of bullfighting, I suppose… Jx

    1. Jon:
      It can be a bit strong for me, but I do love bull’s tail / ox tail hamburgers.

  2. I can’t with the whole fish on the plate.
    I can’t with the no shrimp with the tomatoes.
    I’ll take that pancake-y thing and a bottle of red.

    1. Bob:
      You’d do fine with the pancake-y thing and a bottle of red … or two.

  3. None of that “food” looks appealing to me! Big surprise, huh? This is my favorite Mamas and Papas’ song. Reading the lyrics here just made me realize that I was singing all kinds of wrong words. I grew up with oxtail, pigs’ feet, pigs’ ear eating people on both sides of the family. Oxtail was never a favorite, and I don’t touch it to this day. Blergh! To each their own, I guess. You have some of the funkiest looking fish and fish adjacent critters I’ve ever seen.

    1. Deedles:
      Not surprised at all. Picky, picky, picky. I memorized the lyrics to Creeque Alley when I was 13. I’m not a huge fan of bull or ox tail, but I do like the hamburgers.

  4. I would try all of this delicious looking food except for the eggplant.
    Love this song! Denny Dougherty was two years ahead of me at my elementary school and he grew up next door to my brother-in-law/and the same age as he. There ya go…..a very small world it is.

    1. Jim:
      I remember you telling about your proximity to Denny Dougherty. A lot of talent. I was going to say I’d eat your eggplant… and then I realized how that sounded!

  5. I love fish… as you know! I don’t know what that red fish is, I think it’s too small to be a red snapper and in the wrong country but I sure would try that – whole. Oxtail – being from the U.K. oxtail soup was a staple following the war and it is super tasty. Next time we’re there I’m having that red fish. Please let me know what it is. I’ll look it up in the The New Spanish Tale and see if we can get it here.

    1. Karen:
      Unfortunately, I have no idea what that red fish is. But it looks good.

      1. It’s Rosada – which is a bit of a “catch-all” term, as it is never the same in different restaurants and is probably the “catch of the day” with the pinkest skin. Technically, Rosada should be the “Pink Cusk Eel” [which, to add to the confusion, isn’t actually an eel] of the Genypterus family and is imported mainly from South Atlantic fisheries, so isn’t even Spanish. Jx

      2. Jon:
        Thanks! I should have known that. I’ve written about it and pictured it before. Still I have to be told every time. Naming uncooked fish is too much like cooking.

  6. The shrimp pancake looks tasty, but someone else can have my share of the rest, including those flaccid sea cucumbers et. al. in the seafood case!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      I love the food there. I can’t believe you don’t like flaccid sea cucumbers.

  7. I couldn’t eat any eyeball.

    I never thought about it before, but is Michelle the female variant of Mitchell the same way Josephine is of Joseph or Victoria is of Victor?

    1. Kirk:
      Most people wouldn’t eat the fish eye balls. But I don’t like eating any food that looks back at me. Michelle, used in English, is the female version of Michael, and Mitchell is a variant of Michael. In French, however, Michelle means Michael. Michelle, pronounced in Spanish becomes Mee-TCHELL. So when I say may full name, locals assume it’s the French Michelle. Clear?

      1. My Uncle Michael and my sister Michelle were both named after my Great uncle Michel. Creole, you know. I love the name in all of its forms.

      2. Deedles:
        There used to be a chef (from France) in one of our local spots. His name was Michele. That’s when I learned everyone thought we had the identical name. Imagine a gay boy growing up in the USA, and not Creole, in the ’50s and ’60s with the actual name Michele.

  8. Oh, THAT is the name of that song!!?? Ohhh! Of course, yes, I know it well!
    I bet that there is no where around here where eggplant with molasses is served, nor bull’s tail. I would like to taste almost all of those dishes. Well, maybe a taste of all…. why not!

    1. Judy C:
      They were all delicious. Nothing very peculiar to our old tastes either. We had never had eggplant with molasses until arriving in Fuengirola. I don’t think it was a common dish (or even at all) in Sevilla. Berenjena con miel de caña. The first time we had it, it was listed as berenjena con miel. We thought it was honey, but it wasn’t. The name is usually shortened.

  9. The seafood all looks good! I had no idea that’s where the name “Creeque Alley” came from. Funny — I’ve heard that song a million times (it’s on my iTunes) and I never stopped to wonder about the title.

  10. A lot of this looks yummy to me, but not all of it. I miss being able to try exotic or new food everywhere I go without care. Damn gluten allergy!

    1. Sassybear:
      That sucks. I’ve noticed a number of restaurants offering lots more gluten-free options. Plus one of the chiringuitos is now completely gluten free.

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