Shots and a urinal / Chupitos y un urinario

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Friday, San Geraldo and I went to exchange some Euros for Norwegian kroner. Ten centimos (1/10 euro) gets you 1 kroner. That’s a lot of kroner. The money exchange office is near the center of town. So, we decided to park near the post office and walk back to La Galeria for lunch at the Mexican concession we love. It was a warm day and the exchange office had a water cooler. They also had free, serve-yourself chupitos (shots). We didn’t. We’d both need a nap after a mid-day drink.

I hauled all the suitcases down from storage in my office. They’re sitting on the floor. Dudo is not pleased and has become very clingy. That’s him on San Geraldo’s lap while we watched “Stranger Things.”Recognize the IKEA dish towel? It would coordinate well as a do-rag for the striped man that follows.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. After we ordered our food at La Galeria and San Geraldo had gone to buy some drinks, I said, “I’ve got to pee.” I had my sunglasses hooked to the kneck of my shirt. La Galeria and the toilets are kept immaculately clean. The soap dispenser is always full. The hand dryer is always in working order. The two sparkling urinals project from the middle of the wall and don’t start at floor level. My sunglasses fell from my shirt into the urinal. While I peed. I had a passing thought to leave them there. However, I completed “the task at hand” and then, using the tip of my thumb and one finger, I retrieved the sunglasses. I covered my hands and the sunglasses in foamy soap and washed them in the sink. Four times.

Or maybe five.


El viernes, San Geraldo y yo fuimos a cambiar unos euros por coronas noruegas. Diez céntimos (1/10 de euro) te dan 1 corona. Eso es un montón de coronas. La oficina de cambio está cerca del centro de la ciudad. Entonces, decidimos estacionar cerca de la oficina de correos y caminar de regreso a La Galería para almorzar en la concesión mexicana que amamos. Era un día cálido y la oficina de cambio tenía un enfriador de agua. También tenían chupitos (chupitos) gratis para servirse uno mismo. No lo hicimos. Ambos necesitaríamos una siesta después de una copa al mediodía.

Saqué todas las maletas del almacén de mi oficina. Están sentados en el suelo. Dudo no está contento y se ha vuelto muy pegajoso. Ese es él en el regazo de San Geraldo mientras veíamos “Stranger Things”. ¿Reconoces el paño de cocina de IKEA? Se combinaría bien como un trapo para el hombre rayado que sigue.

Oh, casi me olvido de mencionar. Después de que ordenamos nuestra comida en La Galería y San Geraldo había ido a comprar algunas bebidas, dije: “Tengo que orinar”. Tenía mis lentes de sol enganchados al cuello de mi camisa. La Galeria y los baños se mantienen impecablemente limpios. El dosificador de jabón siempre está lleno. El secador de manos está siempre en funcionamiento. Los dos urinarios brillantes se proyectan desde el centro de la pared y no comienzan a nivel del suelo. Mis gafas de sol cayeron de mi camisa al urinario. Mientras orino. Tuve un pensamiento pasajero para dejarlos allí. Sin embargo, completé la tarea en cuestión (en inglés, la tarea en mano, una palabra más apropiada en esta situació) y luego, usando la punta de mi pulgar y un dedo, recuperé las gafas de sol. Me cubrí las manos y las gafas de sol con jabón espumoso y las lavé en el fregadero. Cuatro veces.

O tal vez cinco.

• A great walk in the afternoon, interrupted by the strong smell of rotting seaweed.

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26 thoughts on “Shots and a urinal / Chupitos y un urinario”

  1. Whenever we’re headed out on a trip and a suitcase comes out, Tuxedo will sit in it, demanding that either we don’t go, or he goes with us.

    I’d have left the sunglasses.

    1. Bob:
      I’m still a bit stunned I retrieved the sunglasses. But I just bought them 2 weeks ago, I really like them, and it was only MY pee.

  2. At least those stirpes are all horizontal!
    You do know that urine has been used for survival purposes when there was nothing else to drink…… maybe when this occurs again you will only wash your hands twice. lol
    Between you and SG there is a book/series of your mishaps/sayings.

  3. The minute a suitcase shows up for packing in our house, the dog develops ‘sad eyes’ and a droopy demeanor. He literally walks at our ankles with ever move until it is time for us to go. Now if it is just me going away and not ‘Dad’ — well, that isn’t quite so bad. I may feed him and let him out in the yard all day long, but Dad takes him on walks and drives to fun places like the dump (we don’t have garbage service–I know you are having full body shivers at that prospect) and the boardwalk on the bay. He;s the fun guy.

    As for the sunglasses, I can only imagine your angst. Might want to keep a couple of tissues in your pocket for these types of events.

    Can’t understand why the fashion challenged guy could match his shoes and shorts and then blow it with the shirt. Arggh.

      1. sillygirl:
        Yes! Or the sandles could have been plaid in different colors. A missed opportunity.

    1. Mary:
      I was really disappointed in fashion guy’s choice of footware. What a missed opportunity. Also, his cap was a neutral off-white. I felt let down.

  4. How expensive are the sunglasses, yes that would enter into my decision making process. I always like to land with enough local currency to take a taxi into town and have lunch.

    1. David:
      The sunglasses are only 2 weeks old and I really REALLY like them (obviously). A couple of years ago there would have been no way in HELL I would have retrieved those sunglasses from a urinal, no matter how clean. I’ve changed. We hate to arrive anywhere without some cash on hand.

    1. Debra:
      The more jokes that are made about this, the more doubts I have. That was so out of character for me.

  5. “Kneck”? Wow, you must still be traumatized! Look at the bright side, Scoot. It was your own pee, and you know where it’s been 🙂
    My dogs get worried whenever they see me put on clothes and perfume. It means that pet mom’s leaving the house and without them. Such drama.

    1. Deedles:
      So as long as you’re naked and smelly, the dogs are relaxed. I surprised myself when I retrieved those sunglasses. I’m still a bit surprised. SG was shocked. That’s not something I would EVER do… or so we thought.

  6. Piss-stained sunglasses are all the rage, Or so I hear 🙂

    Free Chupitos at the money exchange?! What a civilised country Spain really is… Jx

    1. Jx:
      And, if you noticed, the sunglasses are kind of a piss color to begin with. So who will even notice? Yes, I loved seeing chupitos at the money exchange. My mother would have insisted I drink some simply because it was free.

    1. Jon:
      Oops. Thanks for letting me know. I thought the message was from another friend beginning with J, but I didn’t type out the name in my reply, just in case.

  7. Look at all your commenters throwing “shade” at you for going with the “flow” and being ex-“stream”-ly frugal by retrieving your sunglasses.
    For shame, all of you!

    1. Sassybear:
      Thank you! I was surprised by how many people thought I should have left the sunglasses. Truth is, it was out of character for me to retrieve them. But they’re new and I REALLY like them.

    1. Steve,
      Thanks. I thought everyone would have done so. Was surprised by some of the reactions.

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