Like a kid in a candy shop / Como un niño en una tienda de dulces

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Sometimes a negative can be a positive. San Geraldo tested negative yesterday afternoon for Covid! That news alone gave him a burst of energy. We’ll remain here in Bergen until Wednesday and he has rescheduled our trip north. So, the vacation is back on.

We went out for breakfast this morning because the hotel only serves until 10 and we finally got out of bed at 9:56. After breakfast, we went around the corner to an outdoor gear shop where SG found two pairs of size 50 (US 15) shoes. That was a major surprise. Since they had so many options for him, we were there quite a while. So, what was I to do but buy a pair of shoes for myself?

We’re now relaxing a bit before going out for lunch and a little walk. SG still isn’t at full power — nor am I for that matter. I spent 6 hours yesterday with Selma and Olav. I’ll have more to share of our day, which was all about them and what they wanted to do, which made it pure joy for me. Starbucks. The Natural History Museum (brilliant). SG met us for lunch. He then went home and we three went to another Starbucks. Selma was dying to go to a good candy shop. I found one she didn’t know about and you see can see the reaction above when we walked in the door. We filled up two bags with goodies. They got carried away — and I let them. Then I sent them home to their parents.


A veces lo negativo puede ser positivo. ¡San Geraldo dio negativo ayer por la tarde para Covid! Esa sola noticia le dio una explosión de energía. Nos quedaremos aquí en Bergen hasta el miércoles y ha reprogramado nuestro viaje al norte. Entonces, las vacaciones están de vuelta.

Salimos a desayunar esta mañana porque el hotel solo atiende hasta las 10 y finalmente nos levantamos a las 9:56. Después del desayuno, fuimos a la vuelta de la esquina a una tienda de artículos para actividades al aire libre donde SG encontró dos pares de zapatos talla 50 (US 15). Esa fue una gran sorpresa. Como tenían tantas opciones para él, estuvimos allí bastante tiempo. Entonces, ¿qué iba a hacer sino comprarme un par de zapatos?

Ahora nos estamos relajando un poco antes de salir a almorzar y dar un pequeño paseo. SG todavía no está a pleno rendimiento, ni yo tampoco. Ayer pasé 6 horas con Selma y Olav. Tendré más para compartir de nuestro día, que fue todo sobre ellos y lo que querían hacer, lo que hizo que fuera pura alegría para mí. Starbucks. El Museo de Historia Natural (brillante). SG se reunió con nosotros para el almuerzo. Luego se fue a su casa y los tres fuimos a otro Starbucks. Selma se moría por ir a una buena tienda de dulces. Encontré uno que ella no conocía y puedes ver la reacción de arriba cuando entramos por la puerta. Llenamos dos bolsas con golosinas. Se dejaron llevar, y yo los dejé. Luego los envié a casa con sus padres.

• There were also bull balls and rugby balls. The rugby balls, unfortunately, looked like the balls they play with — in the game. Oh, stop!
• También hubo pelotas de toro y pelotas de rugby. Desafortunadamente, las pelotas de rugby se parecían a las pelotas con las que juegan — en el juego. ¡Oh para!
• Olav is vegetarian . Potato starch money was fine with him.
• Olav es vegetariano. El dinero de la fécula de patata estaba bien para él.
• Across from the Little Candy Shop. The gray building in background is the national theatre.
• Frente a The Little Candy Shop (la Pequeña Tienda de Dulces). El edificio gris al fondo es el teatro nacional.
• Waiting for the ferry.
• Esperando el ferry.
• Sailing away.
• Navegar lejos.
• I’m a Speedgoat.
• Soy un Speedgoat (Velocista).

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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26 thoughts on “Like a kid in a candy shop / Como un niño en una tienda de dulces”

  1. Lots of caffeine and sugar and send them home! You are such a great uncle. Or are you just a 12 year old with an American Express card? Fun either way.

  2. Good news to hear SG is testing negative and starting to feel a bit better. I’m sure finding two pair of size 15 shoes helped his mood. And, of course, you had to buy a pair, too. Given the size of those shoes, I hope packed an extra bag for bring back goodies (mine folds up nearly flat for easy packing, but once unzipped it opens up to the size of carry on). Never not used it. Of course, since you live in Europe, you could just mail things home–though I know that is not cheap.

    1. Mary:
      Given the size of SG’s shoes, one bag is usually devoted just to those. But I have extra room in my bags.

  3. How nice of you to send kids home after the candy shop visit! lol
    I like those runners/last pair. Never heard of that brand.
    Happy for you both that SG is negative! Now let’s HOLIDAY!

    1. Jim:
      I wrote and told Anete and Andreas that they were going to kill me when they saw all the candy. Andreas said, as long as they shared with him, he didn’t care. I had never heard of Hoka either. GREAT shoes.

  4. Sounds like SG is on the mend, feeling better AND new shoes!

    That candy store? Camel Balls? Good thing I am not a candy person.

    1. Bob:
      I was interested in the Rugby balls and wanted to see THAT illustration. So disappointed.

    1. Debra:
      These are candies that would have been censored in our candy stores. I might have tried the camel balls had they not been extra sour. I hate extra sour balls.

    1. Judy C:
      The only thing we could want is more energy. But that will come. Those kids made my entire week.

  5. That is definitely some of the weirdest candy I’ve ever seen. I thought Japan had a monopoly on puzzling confections, but I see that’s not the case! I gotta say, poop pops and liquid-filled camel balls (ugh) don’t do it for me at all.

    1. Steve:
      I was shocked by the poop pops. Liquid camel balls are nothing new to me. Ho hum.

  6. Well I find it funny that you have not bumped into Mr Grieg in Bergen. Happy that your vacation is back on. You appear to be enjoying yourself and visiting candy shop with such innovative candy is a treat and a half. I thought that grey building was the national theatre with the statue of Ibsen in front.

    1. larrymuffin:
      Argh. Thanks for pointing out the national theatre. That’s what I THOUGHT I wrote. I have no idea where “movie” came from.

  7. You won’t find me eating camel balls, liquid filled, extra sour or any other variety!

    Yay! The holiday can continue… Jx

  8. Negative and choice of size 15s all in one day, definitely a good one. Those children are amazingly expressive. Every photo of them is a gem.

    1. Claudia:
      Always great photos of the beautiful kids. Although I had a series of photos of Selma tasted one of the sour candies and she made me promise to NOT share them.

  9. Oh dear. Camel Balls? Flash Poop Pop? Tongue kiss? What happened to good old tootsie rolls, chocolate bars and Turkish delight?

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