Henrik & Dodo

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I don’t have much to say today (but that won’t stop me from saying much). Yesterday started off well but we both crashed in the afternoon. The evening wasn’t any better. I woke up this morning feeling much better (once again). San Geraldo woke up miserable. He seems much better to me, but he’s frustrated by his lack of energy and feels like most of his time in Bergen has been wasted. I’m hopeful (confident) that he’ll feel better with each passing day, but that doesn’t help him at the moment.

When I was at the Museum of Natural History with Olav and Selma, I bought Olav a stuffed Dodo (not a real one). He loved it and named it Didi. Just as the ferry arrived, Olav discovered that Didi was missing. He wanted to retrace our steps. I told him if Didi didn’t turn up, I’d get him a new one. Selma wrote later that Olav was concerned I would buy the new dodo somewhere else and it wouldn’t be the same. (The nerve!) I walked back to the museum on my own today and I picked up another dodo. The young woman at the gift shop recognized me and couldn’t believe I did that. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Now I have to figure out how to get the Dodo to Olav. It doesn’t fly.

This morning, SG and I went out for breakfast at a place called Løvetann Café & Bistro, about 6 minutes from us (mostly uphill) and then bought pastries on the way home. We then showered, puttered, and went out for lunch. The sun come out in all its glory this afternoon. Tomorrow is supposed to be the same. It’s 5:30 p.m. and we’re about to have a siesta. San Geraldo has been awake until now, which is a huge improvement. A late afternoon siesta is standard for him. (Glass half full.)


No tengo mucho que decir hoy (pero eso probablemente no me impedirá decir mucho). Ayer empezó bien pero los dos nos caímos por la tarde. La velada no fue mejor. Me desperté esta mañana sintiéndome mucho mejor (una vez más). San Geraldo amaneció miserable. Me parece mucho mejor, pero está muy frustrado por su falta de energía y siente que la mayor parte de su tiempo en Bergen ha sido en vano. Tengo la esperanza (confianza) de que se sentirá mejor con cada día que pase, pero eso no lo ayuda en este momento.

Cuando estaba en el Museo de Historia Natural con Olav y Selma, le compré a Olav un Dodo de peluche (no uno real). Le encantó y lo llamó Didi. Justo cuando llegó el ferry, Olav descubrió que Didi no estaba. Quería volver sobre nuestros pasos. Le dije que si Didi no aparecía, le conseguiría uno nuevo. Selma escribió más tarde que a Olav le preocupaba que comprara el nuevo dodo en otro lugar y que no fuera lo mismo. (¡Qué nervio!) Caminé de regreso al museo por mi cuenta hoy y recogí otro dodo. La joven de la tienda de regalos me reconoció y no podía creer que hiciera eso. No podía imaginarme haciendo otra cosa. Ahora tengo que averiguar cómo llevar el Dodo a Olav. No vuela.

Esta mañana, SG y yo salimos a desayunar a un lugar llamado Løvetann Café & Bistro, a unos 6 minutos de nosotros (principalmente cuesta arriba) y luego compramos pasteles de camino a casa. Luego nos duchamos, divagamos y salimos a almorzar. El sol salió en todo su esplendor esta tarde. Se supone que mañana será lo mismo. Son las 17:30 y estamos a punto de dormir la siesta. San Geraldo ha estado despierto hasta ahora, lo cual es una gran mejora. Una siesta al final de la tarde es estándar para él. (Vaso medio lleno.)

• SG is the gray-haired guy in the gray sweatshirt, left of center near the umbrella.
• SG es el tipo de cabello gris con la sudadera gris, a la izquierda del centro cerca de la sombrilla.
• Excellent ham and cheese omelets.
• Excellent ham and cheese omelets.
• San Geraldo heads downhill.
• San Geraldo se dirige cuesta abajo.
• On our way to the hotel, San Geraldo perked up momentarily at Backstube Bakery.
• De camino al hotel, San Geraldo se animó momentáneamente en Backstube Panadería y Pastelería.
• At the Museum of Natural History with Olav and Selma (partially hdden).
• En el Museo de Historia Natural con Olav y Selma (parcialmente escondido).
Didi Dodo 2
• I had a brain fart yesterday and called this the movie theatre. It’s the National Theatre. (That would be one helluva movie theatre!) Here it is from the front. That’s Henrik Ibsen.
• Tuve un pedo cerebral ayer y llamé a esto el cine. Es el Teatro Nacional. (¡Eso sería un cíne increíble!) Aquí está desde el frente. Ese es Henrik Ibsen.

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20 thoughts on “Henrik & Dodo”

  1. Imagine walking those hills is a bit taxing even when one isn’t recovering from Covid. Make sure you both push fluids (lots of water) and eat as healthy as possible to help you both recover. Not that I could easily pass a patisserie (or konditori – Norwegian for pastry shop) without getting a sample or two.

    Nice job on retracing your steps to buy another Dodo for Olav. Know you are a sucker for kids (big and small). 🙂

    1. Mary:
      For SG’s sake, I’m glad our neighborhood has a lot of level ground. And, yes, I am a sucker for kids. Especially kids like Olav and Selma.

    1. Debra:
      Yesterday he sent me a photo he took at Starbucks of the original Didi. I sent him a photo of Didi 2.

  2. The pictures today really tickle me. Such a beautiful and quaint town. Give me such over big metropolitan cities any anymore. Been there done it for too long. The first picture of the breakfast spot is so pretty with San Geraldo that it has become my new lap top screen saver! That eatery looks like a place I’d love and the food and pastry look delish. I’d leave 50 lbs heavier and never see a square cut the rest of summer.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      You could walk off the pastries with all the hills. Also, you could buy bigger square cuts!

  3. I love that roses are red sign … that’s my kind of poetry.
    Whatever you do, don’t let Didi on the ferry alone.

    1. Bob:
      Wouldn’t that make a great selfie? Didi on the ferry? And, yes, that’s my kind of poetry, too, as you can tell.

  4. Awww, very sweet of you, but no surprise there!
    I’m so sorry for Jerry missing out on the fun of his vacation. I hope things continue to improve.

    1. Judy C:
      I hope SG notices a significant improvement today. I can see it, but he’s not so easy to convince. 100% would be nice.

  5. Poor San Geraldo. I feel his disappointment. Things WILL get better.
    Lucky Olav! He will be happy indeed.
    Bergen gets better and better looking……

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