A trip to bountiful / Un viaje a abundancia

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San Geraldo and I today had a walk that I like to call a Trip to Bountiful. If you haven’t seen the 1985 film by that name, I recommend it. Our hotel is on the edge of the neighborhood of Bergen called Nordnes, a peninsula where his grandmother lived her life before going to the United States in the 1920s. SG has all her addresses but many of the houses no longer exist or the streets have been renamed, which will require a bit more sleuthing. San Geraldo walked for a surprisingly long time. He sat on a bench midway, and we both nearly crashed before stopping at a creperie for lunch. So good! Here are some of the sights we saw on this most beautiful day. San Geraldo is having a siesta. I am about to join him. The rain is supposed to return with a vengeance tomorrow.


San Geraldo y yo dimos hoy un paseo que me gusta llamar Viaje a Bountiful. Si no has visto la película de 1985 con ese nombre, te la recomiendo. Nuestro hotel está al borde del barrio de Bergen llamado Nordnes, una península donde su abuela vivió su vida antes de irse a los Estados Unidos en la década de 1920. SG tiene todas sus direcciones, pero muchas de las casas ya no existen o las calles han cambiado de nombre, lo que requerirá un poco más de investigación. San Geraldo caminó durante un tiempo sorprendentemente largo. Se sentó en un banco a mitad de camino, y ambos casi chocamos antes de detenernos en una crepería para almorzar. ¡Tan bueno! Estas son algunas de las vistas que vimos en este hermoso día. San Geraldo está durmiendo la siesta. Estoy a punto de unirme a él. Se supone que la lluvia volverá con fuerza mañana.

• SG’s great-grandfather was a master baker. This appears to be the location of the bakery.
• El bisabuelo de SG era un maestro panadero. Esta parece ser la ubicación de la panadería.
• Nykirken (New Church) where the family worshiped. Originally built in 1622, the current building went up in 1764 (after one of many fires).
• Nykirken (Iglesia Nueva) donde rendía culto la familia. Construido originalmente en 1622, el edificio actual se levantó en 1764 (después de uno de muchos incendios)
• Looking onto a collection of houses on the water. One is where his grandmother lived.
• Mirando hacia una colección de casas en el agua. Uno es donde vivía su abuela.
• Up the steps to Number 3.
• Suba los escalones hasta el Número 3.
• The shortest street in Bergen. From the left side of the bench to the right side of the house.
• La calle más corta de Bergen. Del lado izquierdo del banco al lado derecho de la casa.
• Still kind of tired, but getting around.
• Todavía un poco cansados, pero nos estamos moviendo.
• I don’t care that it’s 25˚C / 77˚F. The water temperature is 14.5C / 58F!
• No me importa que sea 25˚C / 77˚F. ¡La temperatura del agua es 14.5C / 58F!
• I told San Geraldo these steps were the quickest way back in the direction of the hotel. He said, “You go check and signal me if I should follow.”
• Le dije a San Geraldo que estos pasos eran el camino más rápido de regreso en dirección al hotel. Él dijo: “Ve a ver y hazme una señal si debo seguirte”.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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25 thoughts on “A trip to bountiful / Un viaje a abundancia”

  1. Take it easy, you two! Oh, that sky is gorgeous! What a great shade of blue! SG is bringing out my inner mother hen. Stairs? Nooooooo!

    1. Debra:
      The first time we were here (1998) we brought SG’s mother, and we did the walking tour of the addresses we knew at that time. She was the most wonderful human being I ever met and that visit was so incredibly moving.

  2. Wow, what great fun. One day we are going to Slovakia and look for J’s roots. We went to Swansea in Wales and found where my great grandmother was born, I have been in the house that my great grandfather on my fathers – fathers side was born. The next time we are in London, I have the address where my father’s mother was born.

    1. David:
      We won’t be going in search of my roots. Fascinating to explore SG’s. We were in the house his 5-greats grandfather built in Maine in the late 1700s. I would love to see photos and stories of your roots.

  3. So good to see you two out together.

    A trip of remembrance for SG…and you, too, after helping him with his book.

    1. Mary:
      And we were here the first time in 1998 with his mother. So, more sweet and special memories.

  4. I’m just now getting caught up two weeks of posts. Your trip looks and sounds mostly wonderful. I am so sorry SG got sick. I know well what havoc that can wreak on vacations and ravel plans. I hope he gets better every day and you guys are able to salvage the second half of your trip.

    1. Sassybear:
      Some wonderful moments but mostly a low energy visit. I had it first and gave it to him. Just when I think I’m getting back to full strength, I run into another brick wall. And SG is 5 days behind me. It’s been exhausting… but so beautiful.

  5. Well, you’re both looking good, even if you’re not quite feeling up to par. How cool it must have been for SG to see his ancestral home. I, for one, am hugely jealous of your upcoming rain showers!

    1. Steve:
      We have our moments. I don’t think I’m looking so hot right now. We have had 2 days without rain of 13. Bergen is amazing.

  6. Things are beginning to pick up I see. Those smiles gave it away.
    What an interesting city…..a little of this and a little of that.
    Continued energy to you both!

  7. I was very relived to read no accident on the steps!!!!! That first picture is amazing with the flowers boxes. It is very cool to go back and see where family lived and if it’s still there. I went back to Brooklyn years ago and saw the first place my grandparents lived and when my father was small. It was still there, and in a relatively still nice neighborhood. E28th Street Sheeps Bay.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      And this is a city where it would be easy to have an accident — a trip over a cobble stone or on a tiny step entering an old building, a fall into the water where there’s no wall or guardrail, flying down steep and uneven stone stairs. I’m proud of myself. I remember that house in Sheepshead Bay. I remember googling it. I had a friend in the ´70s who had an apartment on that same street.

  8. What a great photo of you and SG! Bergen is very picturesque and the flowers on that balcony are beautiful. Hope you both enjoy the rest of your holiday in Norway!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      More to come today on the rest of our plans. When the sun shines in Bergen, the colors are spectacular. Flowers everywhere and the bluest of blue skies.

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