Hula hoop / Aro de hula

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Yesterday, San Geraldo and I were discussing a situation affecting some people we know. The solution seemed clear to us and we couldn’t understand why they were making life so difficult. “It could be so easily resolved,” San Geraldo said, “But, they seem to prefer to make everyone charge through hula hoops.”

“And jump through hoops, too,” I added.

The photo above is of SG’s sister Linda (at right in dark coat) and a friend about to demonstrate for little sister Leann why she should not charge through a hula hoop… or trust either of them.


Ayer, San Geraldo y yo estuvimos discutiendo una situación que afecta a algunas personas que conocemos. La solución nos parecía clara y no entendíamos por qué nos hacían la vida tan difícil.“Podría resolverse tan fácilmente”, dijo San Geraldo: “Pero parece que prefieren que todos carguen a través de aros de hula”.

“Y saltar a través de aros, también”, agregué.

La foto de arriba es de la hermana de SG, Linda (a la derecha con un abrigo oscuro) y una amiga a punto de demostrarle a la hermana pequeña, Leann, por qué no debe cargar a través de un hula hoop… o confiar en ninguna de ellas.

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20 thoughts on “Hula hoop / Aro de hula”

    1. Debra:
      It was actually more difficult than you think. Give yourself some credit. I knew lots of kids who could not keep it going.

  1. Now the hula hoop was one thing I was really good at. It came as no surprise from me or anyone .. it must have been all that hip action I did! And yes the girl on the left looks not to be trusted. I mean look at her and that look she’s giving.

    1. Deedles:
      I so loved Norm Crosby. I don’t think SG even knows who he was. My mother used always say Norm Crosby had to be really brilliant to be able to do what he did. So I guess SG is incredibly brilliant… except that Norm Crosby KNEW what He was doing.

      1. Norm Crosby was a genius at what he did, not to mention hilarious. I loved his accent.

  2. One of my older sisters had a hula hoop. I don’t remember her actually hula hooping. I wasn’t old enough to do anything except put it around myself. Or charge through it.


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