The sea was angry, my friend / El mar estaba enojado, mi amigo

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In the comments for my post on 6 April, the “Seinfeld” episode came up regarding an angry sea. I haven’t been able to get it out of my head — except when I’m singing Robert Palmer songs (7 April post). So, here’s more angry sea — and that scene from “Seinfeld” (from 29 years ago).

Jack, Josh, and their parents are back home and returning to work and school tomorrow. It was a love-filled 10 days. Josh told me he thought I was 31. The kid is a genius — or a visionary (and he never lies).

I was supposed to have an MRI Friday (Good Friday) to look into my sciatica. I had it on my calendar but forgot to set a reminder alert. Oddly, the medical center sends reminders for all appointments, it seems, except for those from the imaging department. I think I’ll drive over after lunch when the place quiets down during siesta, apologize profusely, and see if I can get another MRI scheduled before my next doctor’s appointment in 10 days. I can’t believe I did that.

In the meantime, I’m going for a walk. It started off overcast but is clearing up for a day of sunshine. The temperature is already 23˚C / 74˚F and aiming for over 28C / 82F this afternoon.


En los comentarios de mi publicación del 6 de abril, surgió el episodio de “Seinfeld” sobre un mar embravecido. No he podido quitármelo de la cabeza, excepto cuando estoy cantando canciones de Robert Palmer (publicación del 7 de abril). Entonces, aquí hay más mar enojado, y esa escena de “Seinfeld” (de hace 29 años).

Jack, Josh y los padres están de regreso en casa y mañana regresan al trabajo y la escuela. Fueron 10 días llenos de amor. Josh me dijo que pensaba que tenía 31 años. El chico es un genio (y nunca miente).

Se suponía que tenía que hacerme una resonancia magnética el viernes (Viernes Santo) para examinar mi ciática. Lo tenía en mi calendario pero olvidé configurar una alerta de recordatorio. Curiosamente, el centro médico envía recordatorios para todas las citas, al parecer, excepto para las del departamento de imágenes. Creo que conduciré después del almuerzo cuando el lugar se calme durante la siesta, me disculparé efusivamente y veré si puedo programar otra resonancia magnética antes de mi próxima cita con el médico en 10 días. No puedo creer que hice eso.

Mientras tanto, voy a dar un paseo. Empezó nublado pero se está aclarando para un día de sol. La temperatura ya es de 23˚C / 74˚F y apunta a más de 28C / 82F esta tarde.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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26 thoughts on “The sea was angry, my friend / El mar estaba enojado, mi amigo”

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      The city has funded rebuilding and grading two of our beaches but not the rest… yet. The sea is calm now at least.

  1. I love when the sea is angry………and I am a good distance away…….and telling us that it is the boss!
    Seinfeld never gets old for me.

    1. Jim:
      I also love when the sea is angry. A friend of mine will not live where we do because she’s so afraid of an angry sea.

  2. I was tugged under by angry waves in my early teens with my mother watching wide-eyed like Jerry Seinfeld’s eyes. The slant of the totally ‘rock rolling’ beach added to the conundrum + the anger ( which was more total fear) emanating from my Mom’s eyes. I know I know!!!!

    1. Ron:
      I was only once pulled under and out of control when I was body surfing in an angry sea. I was about 11 and I learned my lesson. My mother wasn’t there.

  3. I love how we, “of a certain age” (like you and Walt and I) have these same memories from TV and music of our earlier years 🙂 I work with these very nice, very bright 20 & 30-somethings, who don’t even think Seinfeld is funny….. don’t even think SEINFELD IS FUNNY! That just boggles my mind.

    1. Judy C:
      They don’t think Seinfeld is funny?!? That’s sad. I still thought my parents old favorites were funny 30 years later.

  4. I can’t believe that episode is 30 years old! (Almost)

    I’m surprised the MRI center was scanning on Good Friday. I thought everything in Spain shut down for Holy Week?

    1. Steve:
      I was surprised by the Good Friday appointment. But, although any places were closed Thursday, it was business as usual the rest of the week.

  5. Seinfeld was brilliant!

    I hope you can reschedule quickly. I can’t believe they don’t send reminders. I have some places that remind me multiple times in multiple ways!

    1. Kelly:
      It’s odd that this one department doesn’t send reminders. But rescheduling was no problem.

  6. I cannot stand Seinfeld, the show or the comedian. Neither are funny to me. Friends never did a thing for me either, but I digress.
    I love that moonlight picture. I’ve always looked at the sea as being calm or exuberantly joyous. Never angry. Of course, I’ve never lived near hurricane infested waters, either. I’ve seen pictures though, so angry, yes.
    I hope you get your appointment without any muss or fuss, Scoot.

    1. Deedles:
      Much of Seinfeld reminded me of my life and friends in New York. It was so absurd and based in reality. I still find it funny. I love angry seas, which is not a great thing I suppose when I live right on them.

  7. I’m in total agreement with Miss Deedles regarding Seinfeld and Friends — both shows were about as funny as a toothache. IMHO, most American comedies steal what is truly witty from the Brits and/or Canadians and water it down to adolescent levels. Seinfeld, Johnny Carson and David Letterman were of the same ilk: nasty innuendo passed off as wit.

    I hope you get another MRI appointment soon, Mitchell, and enjoy some windy beach weather in the meantime!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      Seinfeld hit very close to home for me, my life and friends and acquaintances in New York. SG’s mother watched half an episode with us and said, “I’m going to do the dishes.” A new MRI appointment, no problem.

  8. Sorry you missed your appointment. I hope you can easily get it rescheduled. I forget things like that too. My phone’s calendar is my savior. (unless I forget to put it in my phone!)

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      My phone calendar is my savior, too. I even put SG’s appointments in it. I have a new appointment and I set two alerts.

  9. I join the Deedles and Tundra Bunny “gang” – I thought Seinfied embarrassingly bad (and Friends puerile. The latter has, unfathomably, become “a thing” again amongst the younger generation over here, which says something about the pitiful state of British education these days.

    Hey ho. Those waves look faboo – and yes, I imagine the “beach” at Benalmadena has washed away, AGAIN. Jx

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