Seahorse, sea lion, sea dog, barber / Caballito de mar, león marino, lobo de mar, barbería

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We drove to the medical center yesterday after lunch and had no problem rescheduling my MRI. We were in and out of there so quickly that parking only cost 70 centimos. A Saturday morning appointment has been added to my calendar — with two alerts. The pain from my sciatica has been the mildest its been in these nearly six years. I hope it’s not like taking the car in for repair when the tech says, “I don’t hear anything.”

San Geraldo and I went to Primavera for dinner last night. After 10 days of dinners and desserts and some churro-filled afternoons, we both skipped the usual afters.

I saw lots of marine life during my walk along the sea yesterday. You can see them all below. After so much excitement I headed off the beach for part of my walk home and saw a marine life mural and a barber shop that left me wondering.


Condujimos hasta el centro médico ayer después del almuerzo y no tuvimos problemas para reprogramar mi resonancia magnética. Entramos y salimos de allí tan rápido que el estacionamiento solo costó 70 céntimos. Se ha agregado una cita del sábado por la mañana a mi calendario, con dos alertas. El dolor de mi ciática ha sido el más leve en estos casi seis años. Espero que no sea como llevar el auto a reparar cuando el técnico dice: “No escucho nada”.

San Geraldo y yo fuimos a cenar a Primavera anoche. Después de 10 días de cenas y postres y algunas tardes churrosas, los dos nos saltamos los afters de siempre.

Vi mucha vida marina durante mi paseo por el mar ayer. Puedes verlos todos a continuación. Después de tanta emoción salí de la playa durante parte de mi camino a casa y vi un mural de vida marina y una barbería que me dejó con la duda.

• Seahorse and sea lion.
• Caballito de mar y leon marino.
• Shark!
• ¡Tiburón!
• An old sea dog.
• Un viejo lobo de mar.
• Physician, heal thyself? With a bottle of Jim Beam on top of the cabinet.
• ¿Médico, cúrate a ti mismo? Con una botella de Jim Beam whiskey en la parte superior del gabinete.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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28 thoughts on “Seahorse, sea lion, sea dog, barber / Caballito de mar, león marino, lobo de mar, barbería”

  1. Lovely mural!
    WOW…..sure is a cacophony of sea-creatures!
    Wondering who tends to this barbers needs? Love his hair.

    1. Jim:
      I wonder if there’s another barber. And, if so, I wonder what HIS hair looks like. If it looks good, maybe I’ll have shaggy barber give my beard a go.

  2. I like how the werewolf barber s cutting the really short hair on that guy! I wonder what it might look like after a shot or two?

  3. A post on aquatic and tonsorial themes. I do like the fish — and yeah, if I were to guess that guy’s career, barber is the LAST thing I’d guess! (Maybe he doesn’t trust anyone to cut his hair? It’s like knowing too much.)

    1. Steve:
      I saw the barber out walking one day and read his T-shirt and thought it was a joke. But there he is. I have a feeling he’s good at what he does.

  4. I always heard when visiting a shop with two barbers, pick the one whose haircut is the worst. Makes sense, as long as they’re cutting each other’s hair.

    The dog looks like it’s having fun swimming!

    1. Kelly:
      That’s exactly what I thought about the barbers. I might even give him a try on my beard. He’s only 5 minutes away. The dog was ecstatic when her owner threw her ball in the water. Made me smile to see.

  5. I’m glad you could reschedule the MRI easily. I’m curious about the way the feet sticking out of the water morphed into a dog and why is there a little floaty thing with a horse’s head (at least I think it’s a horse’s head but not the kind that was in The Godfather)?


    1. janiejunebug:
      The floaty thing that looked like a horse’s head was to help the diver stay to a specific area and let others know they were there. Feet sticking out of the water always morph into dogs here. It’s a Spanish thing.

  6. Great post, Mitchell — your photos are so fun today! The diver-as-shark and the black Lab doggy-paddling made me LOL!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      I wish the water photos were better quality. I didn’t have my camera with the great zoom and I then didn’t have my phone camera set at its best. I had a good time imagining what I was seeing.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      The murals are on a wall along a parking strip. The wall is the side of a road going uphill. Very unassuming. I loved that old sea dog.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I’ll have to get a distant shot of the entire mural. A very ordinary feeder road with parking.

  7. You could let him cut you hair and find out if he has been indulging in Jack on the job. (if he tried to cut your hair, he is to drunk.)

  8. Ahhhhh, good for a giggle this morning 🙂
    So glad to know that the Sciatica is feeling better than usual right now!

    1. Sassybear:
      I think they were laughing about the fact that I was “sneaking” a photo from a distance.

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