Spit and polish / Escupir y pulir

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My mood has improved quite a bit today. I had an MRI this morning (more sciatica research… finally). San Gerald went with me, since I’ve been feeling so needy lately. I gave him the title Saint to be ironic, but he often lives up to it. The MRI was done more than three hours ago and my left ear is still ringing. Holy crap, is that ever loud. I got so used to the noise that I started to keep a beat with my feet and had to be told to stop. The silence, however, was deafening.

There was a Porsche Cayenne in the medical centre parking lot. San Geraldo and I would describe the color as hideous. It was clearly custom. Either the owner loved it or someone else rejected it when the car was delivered and the owner got a sweet deal. Then again, who died and made me the arbiter of taste when it comes to cars?

We went shopping with Nick at Plaza Mayor Thursday. I bought a pair of shoes and Nick and I both picked up cologne at Rituals, while San Geraldo had coffee and cake. First below is what I didn’t buy at that ridiculous designer Philipp Plein’s outlet shop. The nylon shirt, retailing at €1,020, can be yours for a mere €720. T-shirt for €820 (from €1,200). I could have picked up black sneakers for only €392 (from €570), but I was looking for brown casual shoes, which I found for well under €100. I also bought brown shoe cream.

I told the salespeople that the last time I bought shoe cream, the container was missing an applicator and I had to use a rag. They had never heard of that since the sponge is built into the lid. So they double-checked my new shoe cream to make sure the sponge was there. Turns out I wasn’t looking in the right place. San Geraldo would have told them the truth and given them a laugh for days. I said nothing. I regret that now.

The aloe vera have almost finished flowering. I sweep up the sticky flowers every day and will soon trim the stalks. I used a towel to wipe up some spills from watering the other day. I then tossed the towel over the back of a chair to dry. Moose loved it.


Mi estado de ánimo ha mejorado bastante hoy. Tuve una resonancia magnética esta mañana (más investigación sobre la ciática… finalmente). San Gerald me acompañó, ya que últimamente me he sentido tan necesitado. Le di el título de Santo para ser irónico, pero a menudo está a la altura. La resonancia magnética se realizó hace más de tres horas y todavía me zumba el oído izquierdo. Mierda, es eso siempre fuerte. Me acostumbré tanto al ruido que comencé a mantener el ritmo con los pies y me tuvieron que decir que parara. El silencio, sin embargo, es ensordecedor.

Había un Porsche Cayenne en el estacionamiento del centro médico. San Geraldo y yo describiríamos el color como horrible. Era claramente personalizado. O al propietario le encantó o alguien más lo rechazó cuando se entregó el automóvil y el propietario actual obtuvo un buen trato. Por otra parte, ¿quién murió y me convirtió en el árbitro del gusto cuando se trata de autos?

El jueves fuimos de compras con Nick a la Plaza Mayor. Compré un par de zapatos y Nick y yo recogimos colonia en Rituals, mientras que San Geraldo tomó café y pastel. Lo primero a continuación es lo que no compré en la tienda outlet de ese ridículo diseñador Philipp Plein. La camiseta de nailon, con un precio de venta al público de 1020 €, puede ser tuya por solo 720 €. Camiseta por 820€ (desde 1.200€). Podría haber comprado zapatillas negras por solo 392 € (desde 570 €), pero estaba buscando unas zapatillas informales marrones, que encontré por bastante menos de 100 €. También compré crema para zapatos marrón.

Le dije a los vendedores que la última vez que compré crema para zapatos, al envase le faltaba un aplicador y tuve que usar un trapo. Nunca habían oído hablar de eso ya que la esponja está integrada en la tapa. Así que revisaron dos veces mi nueva crema para zapatos para asegurarse de que la esponja estuviera allí. Resulta que no estaba buscando en el lugar correcto. San Geraldo les habría dicho la verdad y les habría hecho reír durante días. No dije nada. Lo lamento ahora.

El aloe vera casi ha terminado de florecer. Barro las flores pegajosas todos los días y pronto podaré los tallos. Usé una toalla para limpiar algunos derrames del riego del otro día. Luego arrojé la toalla sobre el respaldo de una silla para que se secara. Moose le encantó.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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22 thoughts on “Spit and polish / Escupir y pulir”

  1. The Porsche looks like a wrap, a plastic layer over the paint. In the USA I would say the Doc that is reading the MRI. I wonder who buys the overpriced clothes. Someone must. Not me.

    1. David:
      How can you tell if that’s a wrap? Is it easy to remove? I’ve seen guys in Plein’s hi-top sneakers (although no the €4,000 ones). My cousin would have bought things there had I not dragged him out. It’s the exclusivity that does it for many. Also, if it’s €4,000 it must be good. Me neither!

  2. I would enjoy seeing the car in passing, but sure wouldn’t want to own it. Makes me think of the ones I’ve seen where the paint job looks like a different color viewed from a different angle. Moose is SO cute!

    1. Kelly.
      At other angles, the car looked very green. A green I found nauseating. It was a novelty for me… and it made it onto my blog. A black Porsche Cayenne wouldn’t have. Moose is a sweetheart. Sweeter every day.

  3. Ooh, I like your new brown shoes!
    That’s pretty funny, Mitchell, about the applicator… I can absolutely imagine myself making the same mistake.

    1. Judy C:
      I so wish I had told them. SG wouldn’t have hesitated. It IS really funny.

  4. Wow, that car’s color is…….interesting. That’s the best I can say for it.

    I never knew what aloe flowers looked like until now. How pretty! Sorry they’re messy, though. And I love your new shoes!

    Moose has the cutest facial expressions. 🙂

    1. Jennifer:
      Moose was very stand-offish the first couple of years. Now he’s so loving and CONSTANTLY attentive and demanding.

  5. On first glance I really liked the paint-job on that Porsche, but I really don’t think I could live with it. Imagine how often you’d need to wash it to keep that shine?

    That Plein fella really likes to take the piss, doesn’t he? Your shoes are better than anything he sells. Jx

    1. Jon:
      From what I’ve read about Philipp Plein, he’s not a decent or honest person. I don’t get the appeal of the clothing with nothing more than skulls and his name. As my mother used to say, “He should pay ME to advertise for HIM.” She never got the designers who blasted their names all over their clothes.

    1. John:
      It’s up. It’s up. Looking up really does help depression. Just, who wants to look up when they’re depressed?

  6. Love the designer shirt! Would have been worth every lira, and you were right about the car, obviously painted thusly because someone is desperate for attention.

    1. Shirley:
      I’ll bet the owner of the car where’s crystal-studded Philipp Plein hi-tops.

  7. That Porsche’s paint job looks like an oil slick — easy to find in a parking lot, but probably reflects light into other drivers’ eyes like a laser! Glad you got your MRI quickly — waiting for a diagnostic test can be very stressful. And you have some handsome new shoes for your next adventure!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      I wonder what color you put down for that car on a DMV form. Green. No, wait. Gold. No, wait. Blue. No, gold. Orange. Wait.

  8. Our partners rarely get the accolades they deserve for being such great caretakers.

    I am with you on the car…not my thing…but hey, to each their own.

    1. Sassybear:
      We’re both very fortunate to have such kind and caring partners. Or maybe at least sometimes in our lives we get what we deserve.

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