He musta got lost / Debe haberse perdido

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San Geraldo, Nick, and I went shopping at Plaza Mayor the other day. We shopped. We had lunch after which Nick and I had one more stop to make at Rituals. San Geraldo needed the toilet. So we dropped him off in that direction (less than a minute away), while Nick and I headed across to the other side of the shopping center. We agreed to meet back at the car in about 10 minutes. Nick and I arrived at the car and didn’t see SG. We thought maybe he had reclined the seat for a nap. But, then my phone rang with SG’s ringtone (“Seasons of Love”). ‘He’s lost,’ I thought.

“Hi there!”

“I’m lost!”

“Where are you?”

“I don’t know! I’m lost!”

“I know that. I meant what shops are you near?”

“I’m in front of Block House. And there’s Foster’s Hollywood.”

“You’re at the opposite end!”

I then gave him directions beginning: “With Foster’s Hollywood on your right, continue straight…When you see Calvin Klein Underwear, turn right… At Lagerfeld, turn left. If you look straight ahead you’ll soon see Starbucks.”

I remember telling him to watch for Under Armour and Adidas, as well. It was a bit frightening how well I knew the retail spaces. When he saw Five Guys, he knew where he was. He made it through the maze.

I had my own good walk this morning. I even saw a few designer labels. Last night was back at Tapa y Tai with Nick and Alyson. SG and I have been watching “Maestro in Blue” on Netflix and are loving it. We’re more than halfway through and I could do a marathon to the finish. I’ve got laundry going. Tonight is Primavera with Nick and Alyson before they return to home and work. We wish they lived here. My energy level is returning. My ear is still not quite right after yesterday’s MRI. The ear plugs were useless. But my attitude is improving.


San Geraldo, Nick y yo fuimos de compras a Plaza Mayor el otro día. Nosotros compramos. Almorzamos, después de lo cual Nick y yo teníamos una parada más que hacer en Rituals. San Geraldo necesitaba el baño. Así que lo dejamos en esa dirección (a menos de un minuto), mientras Nick y yo nos dirigíamos al otro lado del centro comercial. Acordamos encontrarnos en el auto en unos 10 minutos. Nick y yo llegamos al auto y no vimos a SG. Pensamos que tal vez había reclinado el asiento para una siesta. Pero luego sonó mi teléfono con el tono de llamada de SG (“Seasons of Love”). ‘Se ha perdido,’ pensé.


“¡Estoy perdido!”

“¿Dónde estás?”

“¡No sé! ¡Estoy perdido!”

Yo sé eso. Quise decir, ¿de qué tiendas estás cerca?”

“Estoy frente a Block House. Y está Foster’s Hollywood”.

“¡Estás en el extremo opuesto!”

Luego le di instrucciones que comenzaban: “Con Foster’s Hollywood a su derecha, continúe recto… Cuando vea Calvin Klein Underwear, gire a la derecha… En Lagerfeld, gire a la izquierda. Si miras hacia adelante, pronto verás Starbucks”.

Recuerdo haberle dicho que también buscara Under Armour y Adidas. Fue un poco aterrador lo bien que conocía los espacios comerciales. Cuando vio a Five Guys, supo dónde estaba. Lo hizo a través del laberinto.

Tuve mi propio buen paseo esta mañana. Incluso vi algunas etiquetas de diseñador. Anoche volvimos a Tapa y Tai con Nick y Alyson. SG y yo hemos estado viendo “Maestro in Blue” en Netflix y nos encanta. Estamos a más de la mitad y podría hacer un maratón hasta el final. Tengo ropa en marcha. Esta noche es Primavera con Nick y Alyson antes de que regresen a casa y al trabajo. Ojalá vivieran aquí. Mi nivel de energía está regresando. Mi oído todavía no está del todo bien después de la resonancia magnética de ayer. Los tapones para los oídos eran inútiles. Pero mi actitud está mejorando.

• Found!
• ¡Encontrado!

• From Tynan and Elena.
• De Tynan y Elena.

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“A” was where we had left SG. “C” was the car. “B” was where he was when he phoned. The red line is the bread crumb trail I created. The green line is the path Nick and I had taken.
• “A” era donde habíamos dejado SG. “C” era el coche. “B” era donde estaba cuando me llamó. La línea roja es el rastro de migas de pan que creé. La línea verde es el camino que tomamos Nick y yo.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

30 thoughts on “He musta got lost / Debe haberse perdido”

  1. Glad someone has a sense of direction. SG could have been lost for hours in “retail hell” 😁 Jx

    PS Clothing mismatches beyond comprehension!
    PPS Why do people use “of” instead of “have” [“Must of”]? It drives me potty!

    1. Jon:
      Oh, I nearly wrote about that “must of.” I found more of that than I did the correct or intentionally slang versions. It made me crazy!

    1. Wicked Hamster:
      That was where SG came out of hiding and did a little wave (I turned it into a large pirouette). Did you notice the little green pirouette? That’s Rituals.

  2. Sounds like a prestigious neighborhood to be lost in and a fun game of hide and seek to play with San Geraldo OR Where in the World is San G. LOL.

      1. Shirley:
        I had such a good time with the Where’s the Duchess art… although not with not being able to reach the real one.

    1. Kelly:
      SG’s mother did the same. She once drove for hours when she was only supposed to drive for minutes. She knew to turn right at the yellow farmhouse. But someone had painted it green!

  3. I feel SG’s pain! I have no sense of direction myself. You guys make me feel happy. Take care.

    1. Deedles:
      You do know by know how happy you make me feel. SG claims to have a very good sense of direction. He didn’t bring it to Spain. Also, just being in a shopping mall guarantees an anxiety attack.

    1. Debra:
      The pair were wearing sunglasses, so it seemed appropriate, and their identities are protected.

    1. Judy C:
      It’s not as if he was wandering in the wilderness. Next step would have been to ask for directions. Gasp!

  4. We loved Maestro in Blue as well, hoping they will have at least another season! Fingers crossed. Do you have tinnitus in your ears? Just wondered I have been plagued for 20 years with it. Your excursion helps to put alot into perspective, what that would be I have no idea.LOL

    1. Ron:
      I never did have tinnitus and I’m hoping this is not the start of the permanent condition. My left ear is still not back to normal but it’s more just white noise now as opposed to a high-pitched ringing. What an unpleasant thing to live with for so long. Are you constantly aware of it? Right now, if the fan is going or I’m listening to music, I’m not aware of the ear “noise.”

      1. As I type this comment, my high pitched white noise has increased. I noticed the change a couple weeks ago. Usually I can wake up in the morning with ‘what I believe to be a ring free moment’ but alas the sound rushes in. If I am distracted ~ TV, discussion with someone, listening to music then the sound isn’t noticeable. I use Youtube to play meditation music and sounds which helps when I’m sitting here quietly. Now, outdoors the sounds are not very noticeable at all, unless I think about it. Something I am going to have to live with I guess. Jim’s sister sent us a video on one way to handle tinnitus ~ place spred out hands on the back of your cranium with the 5 fingers on each hand almost touching. Then flick the index fingers on a count of 5 X 10 sets. I started to do this but see I need to work on it some more.

      2. ron troke:
        Ooh, those splayed hands and tapping are what I do when SG is sharing another one of his distasteful TMI stories with friends. I’m an old pro. I’m so sorry for what you have to live with. Mine is currently not so high-pitched, which does make a huge difference.

  5. Looks like these ‘fashionistas’ need a lesson or two on visual presentation. Or not!
    Happy SG was found! Malls can be zoos of sort.
    Good that you are returning to ‘normal’.

  6. SG and I are kindred spirits. Jeffrey has many tales of me calling because I was lost, and asking me where I was. His favorite was when I actually got lost WALKING. When he told me to describe where I was, I said I was “near some trees and a telephone pole.” He calmly explained to me why that was not, in fact, helpful.

    1. Sassybear:
      I knew SG was inside the shopping centre so there would be better visuals than trees and telephone pole. Still, “I don’t know! I’m lost!” He once told friends who were visiting that when they were coming back to us from downtown walking along the water, all they had to do was aim for the mountains. I pointed out mountains were in three directions and it was probably easier to just keep the sea on the right. He’s got an overly complicated brain.

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