Marfil Soap? / ¿Jabón Marfil?

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

In 2016, Fuengirola installed a long line of old photos on the Paseo (and around town) to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the city (we had been part of the City of Mijas before that time). Click here if you’re interested. Since then, the city paints the frames once a year (or more) and displays something of interest. I don’t know how interesting the current display will be to many visitors (or to you). It’s the 400-year history of the Consulate of Málaga.

Each panel tells about a specific partner country and the history of their consulate. The text is in Spanish and then in the language of that country. I at first recognized all the countries, even in Spanish. However, I came upon one that threw me for a loop. The República de Costa de Marfil. Where is Marfil? I looked it up and learned another Spanish word. Marfil means Ivory. The Republic of the Ivory Coast. Ivory Soap however, is still called Ivory here. I wonder how many Spaniards know it means Marfil. The rest of the walk that day in the sun was quite nice. There are wisteria planted on an arbor near the port. They’re in all their glory.

We had a 2-hour breakfast at Mesón Salvador with Nick and Alyson today and then said good-bye until next time, lunch at home, and now I’m trying to decide what to do with the rest of my day. It’s almost 5:30 p.m., so I don’t feel like heading out on a 2-hour walk and shop (I still need a couple of pairs of shoes). Maybe I’ll water and feed the plants in need. It’s been sunny and hot on the terrace and in the hall.

My ear is still making its own kind of music as a result of Saturday’s MRI, but it’s not as high pitched. My energy is almost back to full power, which means I’ll hit the gym tomorrow.

Didn’t some famous old-time singer say “I’m tryin’ honey”? Maybe I’m thinking of Sophie Tucker who said, “You’re gonna miss me, honey.” Anyway, I AM tryin’. Honey.


En 2016, Fuengirola instaló una larga fila de fotos antiguas en el Paseo (y alrededor del pueblo) para celebrar el 175 aniversario de la ciudad (ya habíamos formado parte del Ayuntamiento de Mijas antes de esa fecha). Haz clic aquí si está interesado. Desde entonces, la ciudad pinta los marcos una vez al año (o más) y exhibe algo de interés. No sé qué tan interesante será la exhibición actual para muchos visitantes (o para usted). Son los 400 años de historia del Consulado de Málaga.

Cada panel habla sobre un país socio específico y la historia de su consulado. El texto está en español y luego en el idioma de ese país. Al principio reconocí todos los países, incluso en español. Sin embargo, me encontré con uno que me hizo perder el control. La República de Costa de Marfil. ¿Dónde está Marfil? Lo busqué y aprendí otra palabra en español. Costa de Marfil significa Ivory Coast. Sin embargo, Ivory Soap todavía se llama Ivory aquí. Me pregunto cuántos españoles saben que Jabón Ivory significa Jabón Marfil. El resto de la caminata ese día bajo el sol fue bastante agradable. Hay glicinias plantadas en un cenador cerca del puerto. Están en todo su esplendor.

Desayunamos 2 horas en Mesón Salvador con Nick y Alyson hoy y luego nos despedimos hasta la próxima, almuerzo en casa, y ahora estoy tratando de decidir qué hacer con el resto de mi día. Son casí las 17:30, sí que no tengo ganas de salir a caminar por 2 horas y comprar (todavía necesito un par de pares de zapatos). Tal vez voy a regar y alimentar a las plantas que lo necesitan. Ha estado soleado y caluroso en la terraza y en el pasillo.

Mi oreja izquierda sigue produciendo su propio tipo de música como resultado de la resonancia magnética del sábado, pero no es tan aguda. Mi energía casi ha vuelto a su máxima potencia, lo que significa que mañana iré al gimnasio.

¿No dijo un famoso cantante de antaño “Lo estoy intentando cariño”? Tal vez estoy pensando en Sophie Tucker, quien dijo: “Me vas a extrañar, cariño”. De todos modos, lo estoy intentando. Cariño.

• Unlike Melania De Vil, Moose really cares. (Just not today.) Do you?
• A diferencia de Melania De Vil, a Moose le importa mucho. (Simplemente no hoy.) ¿Y tú?

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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28 thoughts on “Marfil Soap? / ¿Jabón Marfil?”

  1. I should try reading your Spanish portions to see what I can remember from school. I was thinking jabón was ham until I remembered that’s with an “m”! Which reminds me… you used “lobo” for sea dog. I thought dog was “perro” and “lobo” was wolf. Are they interchangeable? (not that I’m going to be attempting to speak Spanish with anyone anytime soon!)

    Beautiful wisteria!

    1. Kelly:
      I sometimes combine jabón and jamón, get jambón and that’s what I call soap (hambone?). I was surprised to learn that “sea dog,” as in “old sailor” translates to “sea wolf” in Spanish. I looked it up for this post wondering if Spanish even used the term. So, no, lobo and perro are not interchangeable. Sea wolf is simply the term in Spanish. I love these kinds of things.

    1. Debra:
      He doesn’t snore often and he wasn’t then. But when he does, it’s adorable.

  2. Love the wisteria! Mine are looking quite scraggly right now. They always seem to come back though. The geraniums are reanimating also.
    Moose is always a pleasure. So’s Dudo.
    I’m glad you’re feeling better. There is a song (country) by Trace Adkins called I’m Tryin’. I like it, maybe you would too.

    1. Deedles:
      These wisteria always look spectacular in spring. There are two huge structures in a main plaza filled with wisteria. They bloom a bit later than these, however. I hope to catch them in their glory this year. Just “I’m Tryin’” video. I do like the lyrics. But one of the reasons I don’t easily take to male country singers and their macho presentation and delivery. Add to that the fact that Trace Adkins is another die-hard Republican in these times, and I’d rather hear a cover version of the song. But, like I said, I DO like the lyrics.

  3. When City and towns do things like this I think it’s very interesting as an outsider. New Hope did a series of these ones and it showed how the town changed since it’s Inception.

    I’m not sure what y’all like better the picture of the beach.. or Moose’s cute little tootsies! I’m thinking I like the tootsies.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      After some years of the vintage photos, the city replaced them with stunning and angering photos of the dangers of plastics in the sea. During the summer, it’s all the performers who’ll be appearing in our summer concert series. The most recent was a Málaga photographers showcase. Very cool. I like Moose’s tootsies best.

  4. So good to see the wisteria…..ours was pulverized by Tropical Storm Fiona this past September. We are hoping it has some life in its roots.
    I WANT TO BE Moose!! lol

    1. Jim:
      Moose can be a bit neurotic, so, like me, doesn’t always appreciate how good he has it. Those wisteria roots are strong.

  5. Languages and the nuances thereof are always perplexing – just ask anyone who’s trying to learn English! [My favourite observation on that subject is “how many different pronunciations are there for words containing ‘ough’?”]

    Wisteria is a truly joyful plant, and we in the UK have all that to look forward to, probably next month. Spring’s here with a vengeance! Jx

    1. Jon:
      So glad spring has confirmed its arrival for you. My last English student was always asking “why?”. She was exasperated when I shared her with all those ough words. And then there was bough, take a bow, tie a bow, and he’s my beau.

  6. Your photos of the beach (how I envision most seaside beaches to be) and the wisteria blooms are nice, but Moose’s paws are joy inducing! He can be quite photogenic when he wants to be, although that’s usually when he’s asleep, LOL!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      The cats are not always cooperative when they see the camera. So, yeah, alseep! I love that paw photo.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Dudo does it often and always elegantly. I love catching Moose like that.

  7. What a peculiar display. It doesn’t seem like it would interest many people, except maybe diplomats. I would not have known “Costa de Marfil” either!

    1. Steve:
      I agree about it being a peculiar display. I certainly haven’t seen anyone standing there reading. Maybe it won’t be there long. Usually, they post who’s appearing during the concert series at the castle during the summer.

    1. Sassybear:
      Oh, I hope it never comes to that. They do publicize who’ll be here for summer performances by the castle. But that’s actually helpful and fun for people.

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