Figs, flowers, a drone, and a tantrum / Higos, fores, un dron, y una rabieta

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Monday, Dudo wanted his evening treat at 5 p.m. I try to delay the evening treat until 8 or at least 7. So I ignored him (which is what I often try to do in this situation). No matter how many times he stared at me and mewed softly. No matter how many times he meowed loudly. No matter how many times he attacked his paper bag in my office. He even has a short, loud, angry meow that sounds like he’s barking. Still, I ignored him. At one point, at nearly 7, I heard a big to-do from the living room. I peaked out and saw that Dudo was having a temper tantrum. He threw all his toys onto the floor from the cat tree and stormed out onto the terrace. I waited another 15 minutes so he wouldn’t think that tantrum was what finally did the trick. We’re best friends again.

Old friends Lina and Raúl (click here), who moved to Ireland about 4 years ago, are in town for a wedding and called us to have coffee (and second breakfast this morning). It was as if no time had passed — and it reminded us how much we miss them. The glass curtain was washed yesterday afternoon. It started raining during the night.


El lunes, Dudo quería su aperetivo de la noche a las 17:00. Trato de retrasar el regalo de la noche hasta las 20:00 o al menos las 19:00. Así que lo ignoré (que es lo que trato de hacer a menudo en esta situación). No importa cuántas veces me miró y maulló suavemente. No importa cuántas veces maulló en voz alta. No importa cuántas veces atacó su bolsa de papel en mi oficina. Incluso tiene un maullido corto, fuerte y enojado que suena como si estuviera ladrando. Aún así, lo ignoré. En un momento, casi a las 19:00, escuché un gran alboroto desde la sala de estar. Me asomé y vi que Dudo estaba teniendo una rabieta. Arrojó todos sus juguetes al suelo desde el árbol para gatos y salió furioso a la terraza. Esperé otros 15 minutos para que no pensara que la rabieta fue lo que finalmente funcionó. Somos mejores amigos otra vez.

Los viejos amigos Lina y Raúl (haz clic aquí), que se mudaron a Irlanda hace unos 4 años, están en la ciudad para una boda y nos llamaron para tomar un café (y un segundo desayuno esta mañana). Fue como si no hubiera pasado el tiempo, y nos recordó cuánto los extrañamos. La cortina de cristal fue lavada ayer por la tarde. Empezó a llover durante la noche.

• A fig-laden tree (Ficus carica) on the beach. Fig is “higo”; fig tree is “higuera.”
• Una higuera cargada de higos en la playa.
• The first (now gone) of the last four blooms on the second desert rose.
• La primera (ya desaparecida) de las últimas cuatro flores de la segunda rosa del desierto.
• I did the annual “artful” trim of the first desert rose (background).
• Realicé el recorte “artístico” anual de la primera rosa del desierto (fondo).
• Clean windows. Happy plants.
• Ventanas limpias. Plantas felices.
• Regulation lifeguard uniforms.
• Uniformes reglamentarios de socorristas.
• I don’t think the helmet will be good for swimming. It’s not even red.
• No creo que el casco sea bueno para nadar. Ni siquiera es rojo.
• Waiting to send off the drone to monitor the beach. Rescue jet ski at the ready.
• Esperando a que despegue el dron para monitorear la playa. Moto acuática de rescate lista.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

30 thoughts on “Figs, flowers, a drone, and a tantrum / Higos, fores, un dron, y una rabieta”

  1. Oops, just read the last post, and see that you mentioned that Dudo and Moose are enjoying their cat trees 😉

    1. Judy C:
      Dudo and Moose are ecstatic. All I need to do is give them treats every hour and life would be perfect.

    1. David:
      I haven’t had one of those in a very long time, and then I would simply throw a ballpoint pen against the wall (I have no idea how I chose a pen) and scream into a pillow.

  2. Toys scattered around are a common occurrence here, but not usually scattered in anger. 😂

    Can anyone pick the figs when they’re ripe? I love fresh figs!

    1. Kelly:
      The fig tree was planted by the beach bar. I’ll have to keep on eye on the tree and see what happens.

  3. Dudo is obviously still a toddler. We’re surrounded by little monsters, and tantrums are a regular occurrence. I am often tempted to get a water-cannon… Jx

  4. Good job holding the line against Dudo’s tantrums! Never give in!

    Hey, I meant to ask you — you mentioned in a comment on my blog that you put something in the desert rose’s soil to fight scale. What do you use?

    1. Steve:
      Yeah, Dudo knows who’s in charge… ahem. The product is called insecticide-miticide concentrate. (The specific product I buy is Neudorff Insecticida-Acaricida Concentrado.)

    1. Going Gently:
      And it does smell good. With the recent rains, the smell of the sea has been glorious. I even took The Kid Brother (mobile) out on the terrace to smell it Tuesday night. He called me a wiseguy.

  5. Oh for a fig tree in our garden!
    You are an excellent teacher! Dudo is a somewhat reluctant learner. Keep tough! Good luck!
    Beautiful desert rose.

    1. Jim:
      Dudo thinks he’s teaching me. Yes, a fig tree in the garden. I actually thought of planting one on the terrace.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I don’t know. The tree was planted by the chiringuito. I’ll keep an eye on things. Maybe they share.

  6. I can see Dudo putting his white-furred foot down in that very first picture. He wants what he wants and he wants it now!

    1. Kirk:
      The temper trantrums only began in recent years. This was the biggest one he’s had. And he’s so sweet and gentle. It’s hilarious.

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