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I began yesterday’s post with the words “The big news of the week.” That was kind of absurd considering I told you Monday about the tumor on my spine. But, now the big news of the week is I received the call from the hospital. The surgery is Friday, 7 of July. The call came in just as I was getting out of the shower. I dripped my way into my office. The prep (blood work, chest X-ray, and meeting with anesthesiologist) is Wednesday morning. Still dripping and naked, I shuffled into San Geraldo’s office drying myself as I went. We were so excited, one would think we had won the lottery. I then had to calm myself down, dry off, and dress for our lunch with two exceptional friends and their charming 4-year-old.

By the time we arrived at the restaurant about 20 minutes after the call, I was calm. Sofia (the 4-year-old) and I immediately unpacked the bag of goodies I had brought and we two spent the next hour or so placing stickers in the sticker and coloring book I had brought her. I also bought a container of color markers and my favorite Dr. Seuss book, “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish,” which her father promised to read to her that night (he did and she loved it).

While Sofia and I played, SG filled them in on my surgery news — which helped to keep me calm, since I couldn’t even hear most of that conversation. We had a perfect lunch at Tapa y Tai in the most perfect company.

Our weekend dinner plans got changed from Sunday to Saturday. We’ve got that to look forward to tonight. I had no idea how long it would take before I heard back from the hospital. So I’m delighted to no longer feel the need to jump when the phone rings (damned marketing calls). By this time next week, if all goes well, I’ll be in the middle of my first full day of recovery. Besides that, our wonderful friends Nick and Alyson will be here Monday thru Friday, so it will be a great week. I know the first days after surgery will not be very pleasant, but I’m truly excited to get this party started.

Comencé el post de ayer con las palabras “La gran noticia de la semana”. Eso fue un poco absurdo teniendo en cuenta que te conté el lunes sobre el tumor en mi columna. Pero, la verdadera gran noticia de la semana es que recibí la llamada del hospital. La cirugía es el viernes 7 de julio. La llamada entró justo cuando salía de la ducha. Goteé mi camino a mi oficina. La preparación (análisis de sangre, radiografía de tórax y reunión con el anestesiólogo) es el miércoles por la mañana. Todavía chorreando y desnudo, entré arrastrando los pies en la oficina de San Geraldo secándome a medida que avanzaba. Estábamos tan emocionados que uno pensaría que habíamos ganado la lotería. Luego tuve que calmarme, secarme y vestirme para nuestro almuerzo con dos amigos excepcionales y su encantador hijo de 4 años.

Cuando llegamos al restaurante, unos 20 minutos después de la llamada, estaba tranquilo. Sofia (la niña de 4 años) y yo desempacamos inmediatamente la bolsa de regalos que había traído y pasamos la siguiente hora colocando calcomanías en el libro de calcomanías y colorear que le había traído. También compré un bote de marcadores de colores y mi libro favorito de Dr. Seuss, “Un pez, dos peces, pez rojo, pez azul”, que su padre prometió leerle esa noche (lo hizo y a ella le encantó).

Mientras Sofía y yo jugábamos, SG les puso al tanto de las noticias de mi cirugía, lo que me ayudó a mantener la calma, ya que ni siquiera podía escuchar la mayor parte de esa conversación. Tuvimos un almuerzo perfecto en Tapa y Tai en la compañía más perfecta.

Nuestros planes de cena de fin de semana cambiaron de domingo a sábado. Tenemos que esperar esta noche. No tenía idea de cuánto tiempo pasaría antes de recibir noticias del hospital. Así que estoy encantado de no sentir más la necesidad de saltar cuando suena el teléfono (malditas llamadas de marketing). A estas alturas de la próxima semana, si todo va bien, estaré en medio de mi primer día completo de recuperación. Además de eso, nuestros maravillosos amigos Nick y Alyson estarán aquí de lunes a viernes, así que será una gran semana. Sé que los primeros días después de la cirugía no serán muy agradables, pero estoy realmente emocionada de comenzar esta fiesta.

• In the cathedral gardens, Málaga.
• En los jardines del catedral, Málaga.
• In the Soho Neighborhood, Málaga. Enormous.
• En el barrio Soho, Málaga. Enorme.
• She sticks to black and white streets and clothing.
• Se adhiere a calles y ropa de blanco y negro.

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26 thoughts on “I’m coming up / Estoy viniendo”

  1. Good that you have a date now. That was quick! No waiting at all.
    Think of how much better you will feel. Positive energy coming your way, Mitch.
    You have such an good ‘eye’! Love that ‘red head’ photo. POP!!

    1. Jim:
      I thought I’d have to wait a couple more weeks. I’m so relieved. 5 more days!

  2. I hope you mean 7. og July and not June ? (You wrote that) I am so happy on your behalf that you can get rid of the pain.🥰

  3. What a relief to finally solve the mystery of what caused so much back pain and then to have it taken care of so quickly. Mitchell will be moving with ease after the 7th.

    1. Shirley:
      I sure hope to be moving with ease, but I’ll give it a few extra days (or weeks).

    1. Wicked Hamster:
      I have it on good authority that it’s hibiscus. I want the fish hat, too… not that I would ever wear it in public.

    1. Debra:
      Sofia is so outgoing. Very refreshing in one so young. Would you wear the fish guy’s hat in public?

  4. Excellent news!!!
    Love your sticker heads.
    I don’t mind that first mixed plaid look [go figure] because the colors are similar, but the others and the fish hat??? Oh for the love of the Baby Cheeses.

    1. Bob:
      Whenever I see a mixed plaid look my first thought is: “What will Bob think of that?” In this case, I thought: ”Bob will think that’s fine.”

    1. Judy C:
      I have a feeling this week will fly by. Not today, but the rest of the week.

  5. I’m impressed how quickly things are moving!

    You and Sophia are really cute in your photo, but my favorite is the yellow hibiscus (?). It’s beautiful. Also… great choice of books. I still have my childhood copy.

    1. Kelly:
      I’m so pleased at the speed. That yellow hibiscus was amazing… and enormous. I wish I had all my childhood books to share with the kids I know now. I gave them to Goodwill when we downsized to move to Spain.

  6. I’m afraid I missed the post about the back tumor, so this is the first I’m hearing of it. Hope everything goes very, very well for you!

    1. Kirk:
      Thanks. It wasn’t a pleasant surprise, but I’m pleased everything is happening quickly now.

  7. Best wishes to you for a successful surgery and that it may solve that problem for you once and for all. Will be thinking of you on the 7th.

    1. Laurent:
      Thanks so much. I hope to be able to share good news from the hospital within days of the surgery.

  8. I have been off the computer To hard to read…. so I missed your news. Successful surgery for you also !
    cheers, parsnip

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