Pre-op perfection / Perfección preoperatoria

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We arrived this morning at the medical center for my 8:00 appointment at 7:15. Our parking gate opener wouldn’t work so we had to take a taxi. The medical center doors were still locked. As soon as they opened we went inside and took a number, the first of the day. It was so exciting. At 7:45 my number was called, I was logged in, and was then given another number and told which waiting area to go to. I was quickly called for an EKG, and was weighed and measured. The nurse had to climb on a stool for that (188cm/6’2″). I was given five pages of forms to complete for the anesthesiologist who I would see at 11, and I was told to wait again to be called for the blood draw. I barely had a moment before that was done. Then I was given a piece of paper that told me to go down to Radiology, press the button for Anesthesia, take that number and wait to be called for my chest X-ray. I didn’t even have time to sit down before I was called.

At 8:23, I was walking back upstairs to join San Geraldo in the cafeteria. We came home and then returned at 11 for my appointment with the anesthesiologist who was kind, efficient, and had a line-up of patients in the waiting room. By 12:30, we were home again and now there’s nothing but fun until Friday. The pre-op process was phenomenal.

We had a wonderful dinner with Alyson and Nick last night at Primavera. Tonight will be Tapa y Tai. In an hour, San Geraldo and I will have lunch at home and watch another episode of Season 9 of “Shameless.” Then I’ll take a walk in the heat (everything’s relative), humidity (ditto), and sunshine.

I spoke with The Kid Brother last night. Still no video. I told him I had appointments today for tests. I’ll tell him about my surgery next week. The office manager that I didn’t think much of has left. The newish assistant manager has taken her place. As The Kid Brother expressed so perfectly, “Good riddance to bad rubbish!”

The top photo is what I snapped as I jumped in the taxi this morning. I have received so many kind messages and comments and I’m so grateful. Friends and family have even offered to travel from the United States and other parts of Spain to help out. Thank you to all.


Llegamos esta mañana al centro médico para mi cita de las 8:00 a las 7:15. Nuestro abridor de estacionamiento no funcionaba, así que tuvimos que tomar un taxi. Las puertas del centro médico todavía estaban cerradas. En cuanto abrieron entramos y cogimos un número, el primero del día. Fue tan emocionante. A las 7:45 me llamaron a mi número, me conecté y luego me dieron otro número y me dijeron a qué área de espera ir. Rápidamente me llamaron para un electrocardiograma, me pesaron y midieron. La enfermera tuvo que subirse a un taburete para eso (188 cm/6’2″). Me dieron cinco páginas de formularios para completar para el anestesiólogo a quien vería a las 11, y me dijeron que esperara nuevamente para que me llamaran para el extracción de sangre. Apenas tuve un momento antes de que se hiciera eso. Luego me dieron un papel que me decía que bajara a Radiología, presione el botón de Anestesia, tome ese número y espere a que me llamen para mi radiografía de tórax. Ni siquiera tuve tiempo de sentarme antes de que me llamaran.

A las 8:23, estaba subiendo las escaleras para reunirme con San Geraldo en la cafetería. Llegamos a casa y luego regresamos a las 11 para mi cita con el anestesiólogo que fue amable, eficiente y tenía una fila de pacientes en la sala de espera. A las 12:30 estábamos de nuevo en casa y ahora no hay nada más que diversión hasta el viernes. El proceso preoperatorio fue fenomenal.

Tuvimos una cena maravillosa con Alyson y Nick anoche en Primavera. Esta noche será Tapa y Tai. En una hora, San Geraldo y yo almorzaremos en casa y veremos otro episodio de la Temporada 9 de “Shameless”. Luego daré un paseo en el calor (todo es relativo), la humedad (ídem) y el sol.

Hablé con El Hermanito anoche. Todavía no hay video. Le dije que tenía citas hoy para pruebas. Le contaré sobre mi cirugía la próxima semana. El gerente de la oficina en el que no pensaba mucho se ha ido. El subgerente newish ha tomado su lugar. Como The Kid Brother expresó tan perfectamente, “¡Buen viaje a la mala basura!

La foto de arriba es la que tomé mientras subía al taxi esta mañana. He recibido tantos mensajes amables y comentarios y estoy muy agradecida. Amigos y familiares incluso se han ofrecido a viajar desde Estados Unidos y otras partes de España para ayudar. Gracias a todos.

We’re Number One! We’re Number One!

¡Somos el número uno! ¡Somos el número uno!

• San Geraldo, Nick, Alyson. San Geraldo’s Norwegian grandmother called him Jerry. With her accent, it sounded like Yeti (Bigfoot). Apt. He wears size 50. 15-1/2 American.
• San Geraldo, Nick, Alyson. La abuela noruega de San Geraldo lo llamó Jerry. Con su acento, sonaba como Yeti (“PieGrande”). Apto. Lleva talla 50.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

37 thoughts on “Pre-op perfection / Perfección preoperatoria”

    1. David,
      Thanks. It was a good, relaxing afternoon and a great time out last night.

  1. Now THAT doesn’t happen on a regular basis in any health care system! A good sign indeed……all the stars and planets are lining up for you, Mitch!
    What a stunning photo at the top! You must live in the of Oz….
    ‘Shameless’ is one heck of a series.
    KB knows ‘rubbish’ when he sees it.
    Enjoy the peace and quiet.

    1. Jim,
      I was stunned by the exceptional efficiency, team work, and kindness. Off to a great start. The taxi driver waited while I quickly snapped that photo. I was awe-struck when I walked out the front door. I’m always careful with KB with what I say about the office staff. But that manager was truly awful. When I would ask if he had spoken to “the office” about something, he would say “They get on my nerves!” She got on mine, too.

    1. Bob,
      Well, I already love the surgeon and the anesthesiologist. Nursing and administrative staff are always wonderful. And the facility is beautiful. I’m heading in with confidence. (I hope i head out that way, too!)

  2. That’s a beautiful photo and a very big foot. I am not comforted by your good cheer but I appreciate your efforts.


    1. Janiejunebug,
      You make me laugh. Glad you’re not here for moral support!

    1. Debra,
      And Danish Vikings at that. Hard to find his size even in Norway. One shoe store manager told him he’d have better luck in Denmark.

    1. Judy C,
      Seriously impressive. Efficient, pleasant, teamwork. Instills me with confidence.

  3. The skill and efficiency shown at your pre-op is a very good omen. Thinking of you and wishing you the best possible outcome.

  4. What a positive and efficient pre-op experience! That bodes well for the next step. Hopefully you don’t mind if I say a few prayers for you. (as my atheist son would say, it can’t hurt)

    That first photo is a stunner!

    1. Kelly,
      Like your atheist son, I say it can’t hurt and I’m grateful for the kind thoughts. Wasn’t that view amazing? Walking out our front door at a perfect moment. There are a lot of those moments here.

  5. Good to hear how efficient the pre-op process was for you. Rare to be able to get all pre-op stuff done in one place on this side of the Pond. Will be holding you (and SG) in my thoughts and ❤️ on Friday…and in the weeks to follow. XO

    1. Mary,
      Thanks so much. When our medical center gets it right, they get it right brilliantly.

    1. Steve,
      I was thinking we could offer his shoes as summer rental studio apartments.

  6. I’m glad to hear that the preparation went smoothly. It sounds like you are receiving the best of care. We’re sending positive vibes to the surgical team, you and SG. Warm hugs.

    1. Willy’s,
      Many thanks. So far, it’s going smoothly. Hope it continues. But tomorrow I’ll be knocked out and won’t care.

  7. Well it all sounds good and efficient, I am sure it will all be good and done as it should. I had operations while on postings in Poland and in Italy in a foreign language and I am still here years later to talk about it. I wish you the same and you will dine out for years on your adventures in the Spanish health system

    1. Laurent:
      We’ve had 12 years of good experience with the Spanish public and private health are system. I think I’m in very good hands.

  8. Had not read my email in at least two weeks, so I didn’t know about this. Wishing you all the best with your surgery and recovery.

  9. Given the efficiency of your pre-op procedures, I’m sure your spinal surgery and recovery will be fine too!

  10. I imagine you’ll have quite the time explaining all this to the Kid Brother, and that will in turn make quite an interesting post.

    1. Kirk,
      I haven’t decided yet exactly what I’ll tell KB, but it won’t be all the gory details. With myntiny metal plates in my spine, I WILL tell him I’m the Milllion-Dollar Man. He’ll like that.

  11. We loved Shameless, it snagged us so quickly and wouldn’t let us go. I like the look of San Geraldo’s runner/sneakers! How does he find them? I need a new pair of something, Hoka is every where here too!

    1. Ron:
      SG’s sneakers are made by Hoka. He bought them in Bergen, Norway (and a pair of hiking boots, as well). Haven’t seen them in shops here yet, but they’re available for us online. I bought a pair in Bergen, too.

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