Heat of the moment / Calor del momento

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I won’t complain about the actual temperature, nor the humidity. Maybe Mediterranean heat and humidity just feel worse. Or maybe, as I mentioned the other day, we’re spoiled. But it’s not very pleasant today. We went out for second breakfast at Mesón Salvador while Isabel cleaned. It took us an hour there in the air-conditioning before we finally cooled down after our 3-minute walk. We were supposed to meet Nick and Alyson for lunch in Málaga, but decided it was too hot for San Geraldo and my mind was too scattered. They had gone early to shop and were already melting when I wrote from Mesón Salvador.

I used to have a favorite fragrance called Royal Copenhagen Musk. Like other fragrances, it smelled different on everyone who used it. I love it and was always complimented on it. Others who bought said it never smelled the same. They stopped making it several years ago and I have never found another fragrance that suits me. Our nephew Matt recommended a company he found in Granada called Patio de los Perfumes. My bottle of “Habana,” Matt’s favorite, arrived today. So far I love it. It starts off with a very woody fragrance but mellows to something clean and slightly spicy. The company describes it this way:

“The eau de parfum HABANA takes its essence from the most festive of the Caribbean islands: Cuba. Like an aperitif before the heat of a torrid Cuban night, the green citrus opens the dance on a sparkling and refreshing note. Then the jasmin, green and velvety, lightly scents the water, accompanied by a new extract of Cuban tobacco: a majestic blend in all of its floral and scented duality. Gourmet notes of vanilla and benzoin join the dance to offer an oriental and musical harmony. Between exotic freshness and sensual vibrations, HABANA will plunge you into the flamboyant intoxication of the Buena Vista.”

I stuck my wrist (the test spot) in front of Moose’s nose and he seemed to like it. He sniffed and sniffed. Dudo saw me coming and threw a paw over his face.

We had another great dinner at Tapa y Tai last night. We all had great dishes, but I love my tofu starter. The best and tastiest tofu dish I’ve ever had. The chef had told me a couple of weeks ago about her special sticky rice and mango dessert. When she saw us last night, she told me she had just made some and I had to try it. We four shared two orders. It turns out the sticky rice is made with coconut milk. San Geraldo hates coconut. So, I got to enjoy the entire dish by myself. It was delicious.

Tonight we’re back to Mesón Salvador for dinner and after 6:30 Friday morning, I can have no food or liquids. Maybe I’ll even have a gin and tonic tonight. Maybe I shouldn’t the night before surgery. However, there are no rules about dessert.


No me quejaré de la temperatura real, ni de la humedad. Tal vez el calor y la humedad del Mediterráneo se sientan peor. O tal vez, como mencioné el otro día, estamos mimados. Pero no es muy agradable hoy. Salimos a tomar el segundo desayuno en Mesón Salvador mientras Isabel limpiaba. Nos tomó una hora allí en el aire acondicionado antes de que finalmente nos refrescáramos después de nuestra caminata de 3 minutos. Se suponía que nos encontraríamos con Nick y Alyson para almorzar en Málaga, pero decidimos que hacía demasiado calor para San Geraldo y mi mente estaba demasiado dispersa. Habían ido temprano a comprar y ya estaban derritiéndose cuando les escribí desde Mesón Salvador.

Solía tener una fragancia favorita llamada Royal Copenhagen Musk. Como otras fragancias, olía diferente en todos los que lo usaban. Me encanta y siempre me felicitaron por ello. Otros que compraron dijeron que nunca olía igual. Dejaron de fabricarlo hace varios años y nunca he encontrado otra fragancia que me vaya bien. Nuestro sobrino Matt nos recomendó una empresa que encontró en Granada llamada Patio de los Perfumes. Mi botella de “Habana”, el favorito de Matt, llegó hoy. Hasta ahora me encanta. Comienza con una fragancia muy amaderada pero se suaviza a algo limpio y ligeramente especiado. La compañía lo describe así:

“Eau de Parfum HABANA encuentra su esencia en la isla más festiva del caribe: Cuba. Como si de un aperitivo previo al calor de una noche tórrida cubana se tratase, el limón verde ofrece un toque chispeante y refrescante. También el jazmín, verde y aterciopelado, perfuma la piel con delicadeza, acompañado de un extracto inédito del tabaco cubano: un acorde de corazón majestuoso en toda su dualidad floral y ahumada. Las notas golosas de vainilla y benjuí se unen para ofrecer un acorde oriental y almizclero. Con un frescor exótico con toques carnales, HABANA te sumergirá en la embriaguez extravagante de la Buena Vista.”

Puse mi muñeca (el punto de prueba) frente a la nariz de Moose y pareció gustarle. Olisqueó y olfateó. Dudo me vio venir y se pasó una pata por la cara.

Anoche tuvimos otra gran cena en Tapa y Tai. Todos tuvimos excelentes platos, pero me encanta mi entrada de tofu. El mejor y más sabroso plato de tofu que he probado. El chef me había hablado hace un par de semanas sobre su postre especial de arroz glutinoso y mango. Cuando nos vio anoche, me dijo que acababa de hacer unos y que tenía que probarlos. Los cuatro compartimos dos pedidos. Resulta que el arroz glutinoso está hecho con leche de coco. San Geraldo odia el coco. Entonces, pude disfrutar todo el plato solo. Estaba delicioso.

Esta noche volvemos a Mesón Salvador para cenar y después de las 6:30 del viernes, no puedo comer ni beber. Tal vez incluso me tome un gin-tonic esta noche. Tal vez no debería hacerlo la noche antes de la cirugía. Sin embargo, no hay reglas sobre el postre.

Tapa y Tai tofu
• Stick rice and mango.
• Arroz meloso y mango.
• I rotated the euphorbia. It didn’t attack Isabel today.
• Roté los euforbios. No atacó a Isabel hoy.
• Even San Geraldo thought he got carried away with the butter.
• Incluso San Geraldo pensó que se había dejado llevar por la mantequilla.


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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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34 thoughts on “Heat of the moment / Calor del momento”

  1. Carlos used to butter his bread like that which is why his doctor now calls me The Guard Dog because I won’t let him do that any more.

    We’ll be thinking of you and sending all kinds of positive vibes for your procedure tomorrow!

  2. That is a bit heavy on the butter. Long ago we went out to dinner with a professor who loved his butter. He would take a cracker, put an entire pat of butter on it, salt the butter, and eat it. The crackers were not very big. I guess he and SG would have made good dining companions with a few pounds of butter on the table. I’ll be thinking about you, as you know, and worrying. I can’t help it. I know everything will be fine, but someone has to worry. It’s my job. I’ll be happy when everything is over and I know you’ll feel so much better and get rid of the pain. I wish I were there to fuss over you a bit. Not too much. Just a bit.

    Extra big love and love again and then love some more,

    1. janiejunebug:
      He did scrape most of it off. Thanks for all the love. Stop all the worrying!

  3. Hope all goes well with your surgery. The worst part is no food or liquids for HOURS!
    I can’t tolerate perfumes or colognes at all, however, years ago my doctor at the time prescribed a testosterone lotion that I had to apply to my shoulders daily due to a supposedly low testosterone level (a subsequent MD ordered me to stop using this Rx and would not prescribe any more). Anyway, I used to get many compliments about the “cologne” or “fragrance” I was wearing!

    1. Frank:
      I agree about the no food or liquids. I’m already hungry and will be guaranteed to have a hunger headache by this afternoon.

  4. Sounds oppressive there….the weather that is!
    Humid and warm here as well…..must be a Northern Hemisphere thing.
    Sending healing and positive energy your way……never too early to store-up on this.

    1. Jim:
      Dudo is so far heavily overcast and oppressive. Last night was a pleasure. Thanks for the healing and positivity!

  5. What a description! I hope the scent is as lovely as it sounds. I never like any of the scents I try out, once I put them on my skin, so I just don’t bother anymore.
    Enjoy your afternoon and evening and all of that. I’m actually surprised that they let you drink anything as late as 6:30 a.m. Friday… you’re sure that’s not 6:30 pm tonight? It seems like midnight the night before, is the usual cut off before surgery… but I’m just causing confusion, sorry!

    1. Judy C:
      I do like the new scent. Yes, I’m not allowed food or drink for just 8 hours before the surgery. I had sips of water throughout the night (it was a long night) but nothing solid since around 10 last night. Feed me. Feed me!

  6. Why am I not surprised that your fragrance-for-discerning-gentlemen consultant is a cat?

    Best wishes for tomorrow’s procedure and a speedy recovery! Will be thinking of you.

    1. Debra:
      Moose definitely approved. Thanks for the good thoughts! They’re appreciated. Do you have a Shwannoma Shrine? As Shrinenoma?

  7. Well it’s starting to get hot as hell here. Last night at midnight it was still 85°. For years I have been wearing Hermes and Tom Ford fragrance, but lately I’ve gotten rid of the Tom Ford and have switched to something my uncle used to wear called royal that I think I’ve told you about. If I ever get your address I’ll have to order you a bottle and send it. Loved the picture of the pussies today!

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Uf, 85 at midnight. It usually cools off significantly at night here, but hasn’t been doing so. Last night was actually pleasant, but this morning is a bit oppressive. I liked Hermes on Tom Ford on test strips. Not on me.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Thanks! I will write as soon as I’m able… and hopefully not while I’m still drugged.

      1. A drugged-up post could be completely fill of hilarity!!!!!!!

  8. The tofu looks very tasty! I’m curious about that dessert, too. I hope you’ll be able to give us a report soon, even if it’s just an “it’s over!” post via your phone. (do you use the Jetpack app?)

  9. I bought a Givenchy eau de toilette when I was in college, and that’s the only cologne I’ve ever really liked. And even that I stopped wearing after a while. It just seemed too much trouble. Nowadays, it’s Sure deodorant and nothing else!

    1. Steve:
      I don’t use deodorant. Two spritzes of cologne under my arms and whenever I sweat I smell like the cologne. It works for me.

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      Did you use Royal Copenhagen Musk or the original without the musk. I loved the original, but it didn’t settle well on me. The musk was wonderful.

  10. Scents work on a peculiar level on my skin, too – I can sniff a gorgeous cologne on someone else, ask what it is, try it out myself with a tester in Boots or another shop… and it either disappears or smells “off”. The only one that I have found that works is Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey.

    Bread and butter? Yay! Tofu, sticky rice or coconut? Yuk.

    Best of luck for tomorrow. You’ll not have another gin for a while, so go for it tonight! Jx

    1. Jon:
      I’ve never tested Issey Miyake. Will check it out some time. I tend to like spicy, woodsy fragrances. So many people don’t appreciate how fragrances change from person to person. Everyone loved my Royal Copenhagen Musk until they tried it themselves or on the person they gifted it to.

    2. Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Jon!!!! I LOVE that. It smells so clean and heavenly. I haven’t worn that in years. I always loved it in the summer months.

  11. Interesting how “festive”, “exotic”, “sensual” Cuba is used as a selling point for that fragrance. I’m not disputing that Cuba is any of those things, but it was only before Castro took over in 1959 that the island was commonly thought of that way by many Americans. Obviously, different adjectives may have and continue to come to mind in the decades since. Of course, you’re not in the United States but Spain so maybe Cuba’s still seen as an exotic land there.

    Good luck on your operation.

    1. Kirk:
      Cuba is a popular destination from here and I’ve met a number of people from Cuba living here. Thanks for the good wishes.

  12. Thai mango sticky rice was a favorite of mine back in CA. It sounds like the people who wrote that fragrance description used to work at J. Peterman.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I did love the mango sticky rice. And, yes, I almost mentioned J. Peterman myself. Hilarious.

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