A sesame toast / Tostadas de sesame

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We were back to see hunky surgeon Antonio yesterday afternoon. I’ve been cleared to get back to my “normal life”! Also, the tumor was in fact benign. That was 95% likely, but it was still nice to hear for certain. Antonio’s not calling my current sciatica “sciatica.” He says it’s in the tendons. He wasn’t around for the nerve pain from previous years, but I’ll take his word for it now and will just work out and stretch, which is what I would do anyway.

We had breakfast at Mesón Salvador with Maria and her parents yesterday. She gets more adorable all the time. Last night we all went out to our favorite Chinese restaurant. At 4-1/2 Maria has suddenly become a picky eater. She had “chicken tenders.”

The temperature today is supposed to be mid 30sC/90sF. I’ll do my workout at home. I’m already back to stretching. I need to reinflate my skin which used to be filled with muscle (to some degree). My goal is to fill my pecs as much as Alfonso’s (as if). He’s a hunky former rugby player and he can make his pecs dance. I used to be able to make mine move but never dance. I want them to do the conga.

Ayer por la tarde volvimos a ver al atractivo cirujano Antonio. ¡He sido autorizado para volver a mi “vida normal”! Además, el tumor era de hecho benigno. Eso era 95% probable, pero aun así fue bueno escucharlo con certeza. Antonio no está llamando a mi ciática actual “ciática”. Dice que está en los tendones. No estuvo presente por el dolor de nervios de años anteriores, pero ahora le creeré y simplemente haré ejercicio y estiramiento, que es lo que haría de todos modos.

Ayer desayunamos en el Mesón Salvador con María y sus padres. Ella se vuelve más adorable todo el tiempo. Anoche salimos todos a nuestro restaurante chino favorito. A los 4 años y medio, María de repente se ha vuelto quisquillosa con la comida. Ella tenía “nuggets de pollo”.

Se supone que la temperatura de hoy es de los 30+C/90+F. Haré mi entrenamiento en casa y vuelvo a estirarme tres veces al día. Necesito volver a inflar mi piel que solía estar llena de músculo (hasta cierto punto). Mi objetivo es llenar mis pectorales tanto como los de Alfonso (como si). Es un exjugador de rugby atractivo y puede hacer bailar a sus pectorales. Solía ​​hacer que los míos se movieran pero nunca bailar. Quiero que hagan la conga.

• Anderson gave Maria an orange lollypop. They’re now friends for life.
• Anderson le dio a María una paleta naranja. Ahora son amigos de por vida.
• Peking duck.
• Pato Pekín.
• We’ll get photos of the five of us another day.
• Tomaremos fotos de los cinco otro día.
• We found Moose sound asleep last night.
• Encontramos a Moose profundamente dormido anoche.
• The moment he heard me, he had to come running. A claw caught on the cushion and he dragged it out of the box with him.
• The moment he heard me, he had to come running. A claw caught on the cushion and he dragged it out of the box with him.

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32 thoughts on “A sesame toast / Tostadas de sesame”

    1. Jim:
      It’s slow to build the energy, and the heat and humidity don’t help. But exercise and stretching in the AC works.

  1. Excellent news! I’m so happy for you to be able to get back to stretching and exercising. Here’s to the Conga!

  2. Great health news — congrats! And what an adorable photo of you, SG and Maria! I know you both covet her tiara. But the most adorable thing of all is that bunny garnish cut out of carrot!

    1. Debra:
      Maria had a matching necklace. She played with the bunny garnish through most of dinner.

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      We both realized, although we said we weren’t at all concerned, we were still hold our breath.

  3. Good news! I love the photo of you, Maria, and SG. My youngest grandson is four and yes, all of a sudden a picky eater. It frustrates the hell out of my daughter because he use to try (and often enjoy) everything.

      1. Kelly:
        It’s really sesame prawn toast. And theirs was delicious. Usually a paste made with prawns, ginger, garlic, scallions, egg white, and seasonings. Spread on bread, cover in sesame seeds, and fry.

    1. Kelly:
      Maria was the same. And our pal Luke, who’s now 7 was the same when he was younger. He’s now so picky. I started off picky and it took me 20 years to lighten up.

  4. Gloria Estefan, the patron saint of Miami! Glad to hear the tumor was benign and that the pain might (?) be in the tendons. (Seems like they might heal more easily than nerves.) I would have demanded to wear that tiara. Maybe you need pec implants? That would be VERY Miami. 🙂

    1. Steve:
      One of the only things on which I agree with Miami lately. Pec implants and butt implants. So Miami.

  5. I think dancing the Macarena/Conga will be a fun way to exercise at home and get back into moving those muscles !

    1. Shirley:
      They know kids. Just about everyplace has a kids’ menu with chicken tenders and French fries. I had to look at the photo. Those are two earrings blending with the dragon sculpture on the wall.

    1. Claudia:
      Doing so much better. Long way to go, but (other than the heat and humidity) I’m not confined.

    1. Kirk:
      We love duck and this place does Peking duck really well. It’s served with thin pancakes. You spread them with plum sauce, scallions, and other stuff, roll them up … heaven.

  6. Peking “Beijing” Duck ~ LOL. Too much fat for me but do remember devouring some years ago. I have an inherited gastro/intestinal issue that affords me the opportunity to fall to the floor in pain when I ingest massive or even little amounts of fat. There I said. Now it’s time for you to continue with your “Happy Dance” which I see every time you visit people. Keep getting stronger!

    1. Ron:
      No wonder you always stay so fit! But not a very pleasant way to maintain it.

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