You-Know-Who / Tu-Sabés-Quién

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If you were a MAD magazine reader or collector (like I) you’ll remember the pages of stickers they regularly included. One especially sticks (no pun intended) in my mind. “Watch out. You-Know-Who’s in a bad mood today.” I was 11 and that was already me.

San Geraldo and I compare notes every morning. “How are you doing this morning?” “Eh. How about you?” “Eh.” We’re both tired of the humidity. 25˚C (77˚F) this morning feels to us like 35 (95). I want the rest of the summer people to go home. But most of all, I want a more consistently happy outlook. I’m sure I’m simply in recovery mode from the summer we’ve had. I’m getting back in shape but I have to force myself to get out of the house and to work out and stretch when I’m home. Also, I’ve been sneezy (one of the 7 drawfs to complement SG’s Grumpy) and drippy (not one of the 7 dwarfs). I took a Covid test yesterday. Negative. At least that’s a positive.

We went to Five Guys at Plaza Mayor the other day because San Geraldo was still in the mood for a burger. I don’t think they’re the best but they were more burger-like than what we had in Soho last week. But €35.95 for two burgers, shared fries, and two drinks? We get more for our money at Mesón Salvador, which we did last night for dinner as a matter of fact. Mine ended with a blondie (a white chocolate and pistachio brownie). It was exquisite and I enjoyed it without the toppings so I’d limit my sugar (cough, cough) intake. That was followed by a shot (or two) of Pionono (like Bailey’s Irish Cream, only better). OK, so despite our moods, we did have a wonderful evening.

While at Plaza Mayor, I picked up a new “eau de parfum.” I love what I bought from Patio in Córdoba (click here) but it’s a small bottle and more money than I like to spend. So, I’m giving Hugo Boss a try. I still have one of his suits in the closet.

The cats are now so used to us both being home that they think we’re at their beck and call. Although we are, I will never admit it — to them. Dudo is now at my door. It’s been exactly 3 hours since his last wet treat. I’m going to make him wait 15 minutes. Because I can.

Si fueras lector o coleccionista de la revista MAD (como yo), recordarás las páginas de pegatinas que incluían habitualmente. Uno especialmente se me queda grabado (sin juego de palabras). “Cuidado. Quien-tú-sabes está de mal humor hoy”. Tenía 11 años y ese ya era yo.

San Geraldo y yo comparamos notas todas las mañanas. “¿Cómo estás esta ” “Eh. ¿Y tú?” “Eh.” Ambos estamos cansados de la humedad. 25˚C (77˚F) esta mañana nos parecen 35 (95). Quiero que el resto de la gente del verano se vaya a casa. Pero, sobre todo, quiero una perspectiva más feliz y constante. Estoy seguro de que simplemente estoy en modo de recuperación del verano que hemos tenido. Estoy volviendo a estar en forma, pero tengo que esforzarme para salir de casa y hacer ejercicio y estirarme cuando estoy en casa. Además, he estado estornudando (uno de los 7 sorteos para complementar a Grumpy de SG) y goteando (no uno de los 7 enanos). Ayer me hice una prueba de Covid. Negativo. Al menos eso es positivo.

El otro día fuimos a Five Guys en la Plaza Mayor porque a San Geraldo todavía le apetecía una hamburguesa. No creo que sean los mejores, pero parecían más hamburguesas que las que comimos en el Soho la semana pasada. ¿Pero 35,95 € por dos hamburguesas, patatas fritas compartidas y dos bebidas? Obtenemos más por nuestro dinero en Mesón Salvador, lo cual hicimos anoche para cenar. El mío terminó con un blondie (un brownie de chocolate blanco y pistacho). Estaba exquisito y lo disfruté sin aderezos, así que limitaba mi consumo de azúcar (tos, tos). A esto le siguió un trago (o dos) de Pionono (like Bailey’s Irish Cream, solo que mejor). Bien, a pesar de nuestro estado de ánimo, pasamos una velada maravillosa.

Mientras estaba en la Plaza Mayor, compré un nuevo “eau de parfum”. Me encanta lo que compré en Patio en Córdoba (click aquí) pero es una botella pequeña y más dinero del que me gustaría gastar. Entonces, le daré una oportunidad a Hugo Boss. Todavía tengo uno de sus trajes en el armario.

Los gatos ahora están tan acostumbrados a que ambos estemos en casa que piensan que estamos a su entera disposición. Aunque lo somos, nunca lo admitiré ante ellos. Dudo está ahora en mi puerta. Han pasado exactamente 3 horas desde su último tratamiento húmedo. Voy a hacerlo esperar 10 minutos. Porque puedo.

• Five Guys burger.
• Hamburguesa de Five Guys.
• The yucca Wednesday.
• La yucca de miércoles.
• I found this online. I recycled my entire collection of Mad magazines after my mother died.
• Encontré esto en línea. Reciclé toda mi colección de revistas Mad después de la muerte de mi madre.

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27 thoughts on “You-Know-Who / Tu-Sabés-Quién”

  1. Alfred E Neuman! Back in the 60s, I went with some friends (one of whom was an old Mad friend) to see a movie. As the credits rolled and the director’s name came up….Alfred Neuman, Jim and I jumped up and cried “All hail Alfred E Neuman!”

  2. The burger business must be profitable, on the five guys, build a house on the river a couple of years ago, the pool house is something like 10,000 sq. ft., the main house is so large it has a structural steel frame. I am usually pretty good at covering up my moods, so when J tells me to chill before my head explodes, I know it is bad.

    1. David:
      The explosiveness of my head varies by mood. The worst of my moods are those when I’m silent and seemingly calm. I know two sisters who, when one’s head is clearly about to explode, the other says ”oh chill,” which of course sets off the explosion.

  3. Moose, the face of an angel … cuz he’s sleeping.
    Dudo, the face of a troublemaker … cuz he’s awake.
    We are just now starting a decline in temperature and humidity; low 80s for the next week or so and I am so ready for it.

    PS I’d balk at paying that much for a burger!

    1. Bob:
      We’ve been promised severe rain and thunderstorms several times in the past week. We’ve had nothing but clouds, lightning in the distance, and higher surf. It’s not even raining men.

      I didn’t know Five Guys was known for higher prices.

      I know you understand how much I adore Dudo and Moose.

  4. Oh I SO enjoyed Mad mag back in the day………what a great escape!
    That yucca is beautiful.
    We have had it with the humidity as well…..time for the ‘snow to fly’ I’d say.

    1. Jim:
      I do enjoy seeing snow on the mountains… and not down here. But I would be so grateful for a good downpour.

  5. That picture of moose just made my whole morning! Look at that cute little sleeping creature. It’s hard to believe any Mischief he would get in or any fights he’d start!!!

    I give you guys kudos for one to Five Guys. I can’t do it, one – the price and two- the damn burgers or the size of my head. I was there once and only finish half of everything.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Moose in that blissful sleep immediately got up when he heard me leave the room. He follows us everywhere. Last night I heard howling, opened the terrace door to find Moose with his jaws clamped around the back of Dudo’s neck. Such an angel.

      I made the mistake of ordering two patties on each bacon cheeseburger. At least I thought it was a mistake. SG said it was the right decision. the first time we were there we got the works. THAT was the size of my head.

  6. I subscribed to MAD Magazine for decades and my favorite feature was “MAD’s snappy answers to stupid questions”. I think I’ll support Alfred E. Neuman in the next presidential election. He’s better than any other option out there.

    1. Kelly:
      Oh, I forgot about Snappy Answers. I loved those. Alfred did run for president. His slogan was: “You could do worse… and always have!” He would have had my vote.

  7. Wow. MAD magazine was a fave of mine when I was a kid, too! Remarkably, the legendary Al Jaffee – who created their “fold-in” covers – only died in April this year, aged 102… Jx

    PS My other half “The Madam” always reckons that place got the name “Five Guys” because that all you see in there any time you go past.

  8. Rebecca Solnit, on FB, was thinking of you this morning: “You’re allowed to feel fortunate and grateful and miserable all at the same time.”

  9. Oh, gracious… Mad magazine. I didn’t remember that they had stickers. I do remember two stories. One was about a big Tsunami (I think one had maybe just happened in Asia somewhere, in the mid-60s?)… it was the first time I had ever heard of a Tsunami, and I was left pretty shaken and worried that we’d all be killed by a Tsunami next time we went to the shore. The other was a parody on Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, and I just remember that there was a scene where she was kneeling in front of him while he was in the bathtub —ha! I didn’t know what that was all about, but I had a feeling it was something I wasn’t supposed to see … what a hoot.

    1. J Chabot:
      I couldn’t wait for the sticker issues. I also loved their send-offs of Hollywood musicals and rewrites of popular songs. I could sing the entire “Oh You Funny, Iodine” to the tune of “Oh My Darling, Clementine.” You don’t taste good with a cookie but for boo boos, you’re just fine.

  10. I was a big MAD Magazine fan too in my adolescent and teen years. I went from reading comic books, to reading MAD (and its competitor CRACKED), to reading National Lampoon. To this day, I credit MAD for my off-beat sense of humour and appreciation of satire.

    1. Debra She Who Seeks:
      Or maybe you loved Mad Magazine because you already had an off-beat sense of humour. Some kids just didn’t get it.

  11. We’ve had a couple of big thunderstorms recently, followed by air full of water and heat. I can hardly bear to step outside with the dogs. No MAD for me. Mother would have said, What’s that crap? the way she did about every TV show I ever watched.


    1. janiejunebug:
      Interestingly, my mother didn’t limit anything of the “crap” as long as it kept us out of her hair. STILL no rain here in town. Florida in summer… ugh!

  12. Hurricane Lee is barreling towards the south of our province. Yesterday the precursor to huricanes ~ a huge rain down pour that sent us out in the backyard to dig trenches because the basement began to fill again (2nd time this summer 🙁 ) ~ irony: we have a professional booked for Monday to put in a sump pump ~ too late Oh well. Rain has been constant all summer since the fires ~ Armageddon has arrived.

    1. Ron:
      I keep checking the forecast for Lee. So sorry about the basement (and climate change). We could have used a sump pump in our basement in Connecticut.

  13. I loved Mad magazine when I was a kid. I specifically remember the one with the “Exorcist” spoof in it. I was in third grade or so and I can still picture the cartoons!

    1. Steve:
      I saw The Exorcist edition in later years. I was well into college then and was no longer getting my monthly Mad. So many excellent spoofs though.

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