Spooning toward the apocalypse / Acurrucándonos hacia el apocalipsis

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San Geraldo was having a siesta yesterday afternoon and, although I was a bit late, I decided to join him. He was already awake and, instead of sleeping, we ended up spooning. Just an innocent, loving cuddle. It was heavenly. During that moment of bliss I thought: ‘Now would be a good time for the apocalypse.’ And then I wondered if I meant global annihilation. Cataclysm? Armageddon? And when I couldn’t decide the correct one word for the end of the world, I went to sleep. Is that weird?

San Geraldo estaba ayer por la tarde durmiendo la siesta y, aunque llegué un poco tarde, decidí unirme a él. Él ya estaba despierto y, en lugar de dormir, terminamos acurrucándonos. Sólo un abrazo inocente y amoroso. Fue celestial. Durante ese momento de felicidad pensé: ‘Ahora sería un buen momento para el apocalipsis.’ Y luego me pregunté si me refería a la aniquilación global. ¿Cataclismo? ¿Armagedón? Y cuando no pude decidir la palabra correcta para el fin del mundo, me fui a dormir. ¿Eso es raro?

• An exercise group or a social group. Either way, you wouldn’t catch me joining. Dodge ball? I had enough of that cruel activity in grade school. With bigger balls. And just see below what the leader came up with the next day. “I’ve got an idea. Let’s all throw up!”
• Un grupo de ejercicio o un grupo social. De cualquier manera, no me verías uniéndome. ¿Esquivar la pelota? Ya tuve suficiente de esa cruel actividad en la escuela primaria. Con bolas más grandes. Y vea a continuación lo que se le ocurrió al líder al día siguiente. “Tengo una idea. ¡Vomitemos todos!”

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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26 thoughts on “Spooning toward the apocalypse / Acurrucándonos hacia el apocalipsis”

    1. Jim:
      I had been recently feeling not at peace with the world and, having that moment of bliss I thought Oh let’s just get it over with.

    1. Bob:
      Two separate games. The still photo was dodge ball. No spinning; just dodging. The video was the spinning game where they then had to toss a smaller ball in one of several little plastic pails. I thought it was ridiculous and a few of the “spinners” looked unwell for a long time after their turns.

      1. Bob:
        One woman did. I had stopped recording by then. Just a dumb game for adults to play (IMO).

  1. Beautiful photo of the apocalypse! Well, I guess it wasn’t really the apocalypse because I think I would have heard a noise.

  2. Hard to tell what’s going on in that video. Looks like one person threw up, a couple more people are throwing sand at each other, and one person spinning around for no reason at all. Everything but dodge ball.

    1. Kirk:
      The still photo was dodge ball. The video was a game where they spun themselves until they were ill and then they tried to toss two small balls, one at a time, into plastic pails. Is that supposed to be fun for an adult?

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