All in the family / Todo en la familia

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I’m not quite sure what’s going on with my previous post (from Thursday). I don’t write for the comments, but I do enjoy reading what you have to say. It’s unusual for a post to have only 7 comments, so I’m wondering if there’s been a problem with commenting. Frances had to comment three times to finally be identified as “Frances” and not “Anonymous.” Oh well, as long as I know you’re out there, I’m happy.

My cousin Evan in Oregon sent me a couple of photos of his fashion choices that made him think of me. You can see them both below. Not to be outdone, I’ve followed with my look this morning. One thing I feel it’s important to point out is that our plaids align. We may not have taste but we do have standards. Nothing but high quality fashion among cousins. Honestly though, these looks have grown on me — for around the house.

The photo above is of the two fashion plates Thanksgiving 1978. I remember my shirt in the picture. I bought it at Saks Fifth Avenue. And check out Evan in his jumpsuit. I’ll bet he wishes he still had that.

No estoy muy seguro de qué está pasando con mi post anterior (del jueves). No escribo para los comentarios, pero disfruto leyendo lo que tienes que decir. Es inusual que una publicación tenga solo 7 comentarios, por lo que me pregunto si ha habido algún problema con los comentarios. Frances tuvo que comentar tres veces para finalmente ser identificada como “Frances” y no “Anónimo”. Bueno, mientras sepa que estás ahí, soy feliz.

Mi primo Evan en Oregon me envió un par de fotos de sus elecciones de moda que le hicieron pensar en mí. Puedes verlos a ambos a continuación. Para no quedarme atrás, compartí mi look esta mañana. Una cosa que creo que es importante señalar es que nuestros cuadros se alinean. Puede que no tengamos gusto pero sí tenemos estándares. Nada más que moda de alta calidad entre primas. Honestamente, estas miradas me han gustado mucho, en toda la casa.

La foto de arriba es de nosotros dos modelos de moda del Día de Acción de Gracias de 1978. Recuerdo mi camisa en la foto. Lo compré en la tienda Saks Fifth Avenue . Y mira a Evan con su mono. Apuesto a que desearía tenerlo todavía.

· Evan has more than one pair of plaid slippers.
• · Evan tiene más de un par de zapatillas a cuadros.
• I’m updating my packing list for London. I think I’ll include this combo.
• Estoy actualizando mi lista de equipaje para Londres. Creo que incluiré este combo.
• And here’s a recent shot of Evan with his classy wife, Sarah, as Wayne and Garth of Wayne’s World. Did I mention Evan’s a drummer? Seriously. By the way, Sarah is a blonde; Evan is not. Also, he has a lot of plaid flannel shirts.
• Y aquí hay una toma reciente de Evan con su elegante esposa, Sarah, como Wayne y Garth de Wayne’s World. ¿Mencioné que Evan es baterista? En serio. Por cierto, Sarah es rubia; Evan no lo es. Además, él tiene muchas camisas de franela a cuadros.

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41 thoughts on “All in the family / Todo en la familia”

  1. Cousin Evan looks to be quite the character! Wayne’s World to the ‘t’!
    Re your comments… I type this I see 3 choices one can take below to where one’s comment will be sent and through which media……Wordpress, FB and Email. It is easy to miss. One has to choose one. If not it will be anon.

    1. I have 2 avenues of choice ~ either 1st through this gmail link or 2nd through the WordPress blog . I prefer the latter personally.

    2. Jim:
      Evan and Sarah have great friends are often doing theme parties. They also love camping and hiking and the great outdoors. Hence, all that plaid flannel.

  2. Using iPhone (as I am now) I cannot login to WordPress with a click as the interface is different. Sometimes I just don’t comment at all when using my phone. It’s just too cumbersome for this old gay.

    1. Frank:
      For a while I was unable to comment using my iPad. By changing the settings, that works fine (usually). The phone is a crap shoot.

    1. Debra:
      Evan is very funny if a bit more subtle and dry. And what a collection of plaids.

    1. Raybeard:
      I can’t remember a thing about that film except the title … and that I didn’t love it but didn’t hate it.

      1. I only recall it being not as funny as I’d expected/hoped. But I’d really like to see it again now as we all change over what for me is something like 40 years.

  3. I think plaid flannel is pretty much a requirement in Oregon, isn’t it? One of the reasons I don’t live there. That is a WHOLE lot of plaid!

    I didn’t comment yesterday because I haven’t gotten to that post yet, but I’m going there now! 🙂

    1. Steve:
      Evan and Sarah are big into camping, so I guess plaid flannel comes in handy. But, yes, I think it’s a requirement in Oregon.

    1. I didn’t know till now that what we Brits call ‘tartan’ Americans term ‘plaid’. I was, of course, familiar with the latter word but had associated it with an entirely different material. Must be another of those ‘lift/elevator’ thingies.

      1. Raybeard:
        I didn’t know Brits didn’t use the word plaid until this year when I mentioned plaid and our friend Nick asked “What?” I knew tartan but only as a term for specific clan “plaids.”

  4. People can wear whatever the hell they want to at home, preferably behind closed doors, LOL! I’ve worn my share of plaid flannel shirts over the years, but only during frigid Canadian winters when extra cozy warmth is a plus.

    My commenting rate on the blogs I follow has dropped off in recent weeks, not due to the bloggers or their topics, but rather, to my own my lack of energy/fatigue with world events/flattened mood. Time to change up my routines, get outside more and try a new craft hobby or two!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      I completely get where you’re coming from. The world is not an easy place to exist. If it’s any consolation, your visits perk ME up. Can’t wait to read about the new hobby.

  5. I’m having trouble with WordPress blogs showing me as anonymous instead of Jennifer. It’s a pain! But I am here. xx

  6. Pack plenty of warm clothes for your trip, it is getting chilly here!

    Yesterday I commented and it appeared saying anonymous, so I did a PS which didn’t appear. So I tried another PS, and that didn’t appear either so I gave up! In case this is ” anonymous” I think you will have guessed that it is I, Frances !

    1. Hi Frances:
      Your two PSs did arrive yesterday. We’ve been monitoring the forecast and the packing lists are prepared accordingly. Highs of 10-12 don’t sound TOO bad.

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