When A Horse Is Not A Horse

Nephew and niece-in-law, Matt and Lindy, took us out for dinner Saturday night. I don’t know how to describe how I feel about this loving, generous, kind, interesting, funny, joyful, caring, adventurous duo. (And not just because they treated for dinner either.) 

Matt and Lindy will be here for coffee Tuesday morning and will then head off on more travels Wednesday. Málaga seems to be becoming a second home for them. I sure wish they would make it their first!

Anyway, just a bit of temporary public art at a construction site. Seen Saturday night in Málaga on Calle Álamo, across the street from the excellent restaurant, El Meson de Cervantes.

(Click the images for a better look.)

Mr. Ed, television’s talking horse (1961–1966). 
Of course, of course…